38Geneva, United States
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My self-summary
if TL;DR then
....your prob. rite, don't worry bout it
....goto next profile
end if
if still some curiosity then
....evaluate the 400x400 pixel summary ver.
....but still abort this profile instance, proceed to next
....attempt to show that i might be capable of stringing _
......semi-coherent words
....oh, maybe different
end if
return (geek;)

do you allow the stereotypes, inadequacies, shortcomings, speculations, presumptions, and assumptions to persist... or do you take chances and see what happens ?
(no promises, though)

want to meet someone that appreciates small things in life, spend time with, actually doing things, going places (parks, travel), or just stay in and enjoy the company... together. not quite a stage 5 clinger here, maybe just 3.14. hope that you're at least 2.72, but not below 1.41. if you're not catching on, then finishing off the geeky streak by putting a 10 bits signal blip, in an attempt to make it stand some 3db above the noise floor.

not entirely sure about the questions system, that's thrown off by not choosing to answer questions with a hard yes or a no when both/all of the options are acceptable. think about it this way, most of the items on the 'less' side are incorrect (not all). unless you buy into an order of magnitude of skepticism for the rating system, beyond a 6σ inclusion zone.

spending most of time outside, on a bicycle along the lake, kayaking, walk on the lake when it's 10+ feet of ice cover, and some travel. otherwise, might be playing with hobby projects, or lazily relaxing in the sun, on a beach, or in a park.

-------- -------- -------- --------
On a suggestion from someone, and to file this in a missing section 'What do I want'

To be at that point, that when you wake up next to someone, 1st thing that you do is touch and hold that person, and when you notice that they are waking up too, greet them into the day with kisses. That you get a reply of a kiss, to be pulled by the hand, to snuggle up closer, and hold on tighter... Nothing else matters, and maybe you just don't want to get out of bed kind of a feeling. Just stay there like that the whole day. Too cheesy ??? Then, when all of the fun activities and the hassles of the day are over with, you look forward to going to go to bed with that same person, to fall to asleep, holding on to them, snuggled up, with some more kisses... Is that too much to ask for ?

When you get to that part, you know that everything else is in some agreement, understanding and desired outlook on life. Just content...
What I’m doing with my life
things that i like, see above.
I’m really good at
tinker with stuff, try a little bit of anything that's of interest. a variety... mostly with technology, crafts/diy, and attempts at culinary and artwork.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music: from classical and new age, instrumental to techno and some country.

(not necesarily tv but) watching: interesting and informative shows, not interested in reality stuff. technology related topics, ted shows, anime, scifi, action and comedy movies (space balls, down periscope, chicken ranch, history of the world pt.1, office space, short circuit, gis, b5, st).
xkcd, dilbert, hackaday
Six things I could never do without
only 6???
let me borrow that box next to you...

probably in order of importance:
oh, yeah, my mind (keep on forgetting that one sometimes)...

ok, here, you can have the box back now

can you really live without the oxygen, the modern conveniences of the energy distribution system(s), indoor plumbing, sanitized water, heat, comfortable bed, roof over your head, machines such as washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, a mode of transportation, near instantaneous world wide communications networks (that you impatiently take for granted) ?

maybe, but do you want to ?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
lots of things, don't limit to just a few thoughts. always questioning the perception and interpretation of this reality...

are strings really unified, or do they go together theoretically...
oh, what happens if you tie them in a knot ?
how does one go about changing a gravitational constant ?

attempting to manage stringing a coherent profile without utilizing too many "I" "like" "you" "because"...

or was that supposed to be 'to many', or wait, was it 'two much' ? :)
while hope that I passed ur's, 2's and theire's.

npr term: context collapse.

haven't read 'for dummies guide to selling yourself online, without selling out your soul'.

one can assume, or they may ask, in order to confirm or correct the assumption. i'm choosing to do the latter.

having come across this one a lot. why do some tend to relegate 'what if' merely to the past tense. what's preventing you from utilizing it in the future tense ?

does only a dreamer dream to dream a dream ?

look at all the lonely people, where do they all belong

why do we, as arguably most advanced creatures on this rock, like to box our selves in. say, a house, a room, car, elevator... description text field

who's having a blast with the questions, conducting their own pet pseudo psych analysis. the data might be a bit biased... just saying :p

some seem to wonder if 42 is really it. i wonder if spice must flow...
On a typical Friday night I am
plenty of free time, any day that ends in 'day'.
and i thought that i gave you your box back!
anyways, see other sections...

on that note, why don't some of the names of the days in a week end in something else, like 'night' or 'week', or 'moon' ?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
you want more ?
there's enough information sprinkled throughout as is...
You should message me if
I didn't go to school for sales/business, but for engineering. Instead of making it an outright full blown sales pitch, you will get a somewhat logical approach, for the most part. Despite being a guy, I read profiles. After a while, one may tend to observe some commonly repeating themes and statements. So to qualify this section from my perspective, here's a wild idea for a consideration.

Everyone seems to be tired of receiving the same reused messages. Everyone wants something/someone different, the one, to prove them wrong about this form of a tool. Many are tired of the pickups at the bars. Everyone is skeptical of actually finding a nice guy. And naturally, everyone is on the defense when a new message piles up in the mailbox, probably not giving it its own merit. I mean, what are the odds that it actually is someone different this time around. Don't get me wrong, if you're not that everyone, you probably enjoy the attention, and how you're going about it. Nothing wrong with that, to each their own.

Naturally, joining into that game, one of the options is that I keep on randomly sending messages, just like everyone else, in some hope that someone is actually interested equally into me, as I'm into them (as in you). I mean, that's why I have sent the message in the first place.

Or, if you have read this far, prescribe to the principle that the communications is a two way tool, feel like cutting through some of the wasted time with missed hints and opportunities, and meeting in a middle, here's another compelling option. A Simple statement that there's actually interest in me, would probably be better use of the effort, on both parts. A simple 'hey dumb ass, you're supposed to be chasing me' would suffice. Just copy and paste it, I dare you to. At worst, the conversation runs dry, and it had been merely a curiosity. On the other end, well, you can use your imagination. If you are looking for a conversation, beyond trivial topics, feel free to engage me. Naturally, I'm looking to meet in person, if feasible. What a concept, I know, and even on a dating site. Who would have thought of that one ? Bottom line, kind of pointless trying to chase someone that doesn't want you.

Would say that I don't bite, unless you want me to. Sarcasm, intellect and creativity challenges welcome. have fun...
The two of us