48Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking for good soulful connection, either short or long term. I am mostly non-monogamous, but I do really focus on people that I am feeling a connection with. So I can be monogamish if that's what develops!

I also generally identify as straight, but only because up to now I have only really slept with women. I would rather identify as queer with hetero tendencies since I often find men extremely attractive, I just don't quite wanna sleep with them. And I hate to limit myself. In anything. I really love to hug tall, somewhat broad men. Just a thing, I don't know if it's relevant to anything.

I love games. Not the emotional kind, but the kind you willingly play with friends. Celebrities, Mao, Poker, Cards Against Humanity, Anomia, Funemployed, Pit, Cranium, Trivia...Splendor, Seven Wonders, Smallworld, Lindisfarne...Pool, Shuffleboard, Darts, Ping Pong... This leads to my love of Improv, both Short and Long Form. I perform with a couple of different Improv troupes in SF Bay Area and I think I'm pretty damn good at it. I am an actor, and have the fortune to be able to eke out a living as such in a very slim market. I work on stage almost exclusively but would love to get more into screen work.

I am generally liked by almost everyone who knows me. At this point I don't actually know of anyone who dislikes me. I'll let you know if this changes. I am funny, honest, genuine, and loyal. I am not a douchebag. (Ask me about the differences between asshole, douchebag, SOB, and truly mean people) People believe me to be hard-working and generous, though I think I am sometimes lazy and stingy.

I am very outgoing and extroverted when it comes to social situations and even flirting, but desperately shy when it comes to actually “hooking up”. I am always afraid of coming off as an aggressive lecherous asshole who has misread the cues. Women have to lead me by the hand into romantic situations. Once I am given the green light I can be very bold and forward, and I think I am really good at respecting boundaries.

I am very close with my family. That matters a lot to me.

I know this sounds very serious and unfunny. I am actually a fuckin' riot to hang out with, except when I'm not. I have an obsession with being clear and not wanting to confuse the truth with clever repartee. But get me going on a riff and I will rant with the best of them.

I really enjoy being drunk sometimes, but have never been puke drunk or pass-out drunk, or "I didn't know what I was doing"-drunk. I like that fact about me.

I've never been to Burning Man. I mean, I'd really love to go, but I keep being in shows that run during that time. And I can't turn down a good gig. That's my job, you know?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an actor. Managing to actually survive as a Bay Area stage actor, and also being a landlord to my wonderful community of family and friends who live in our house.

When I'm not being paid to act, I improvise on a few Bay Area stages. email me to find out when...

I also get to use the skills of improv to teach people in tech and corporate worlds how to feel and be empathetic humans.

I am learning to play the ukulele. Don't hate. This is taking a long time...
I’m really good at
Swing and Lindy Hop Dancing. Juggling. Improv Comedy. Party Games. Deep philosophical discussions. Political/social rants when I get fired up. Cooking with someone else. Challenging un-well-thought-out opinions and beliefs. Admiring the person I am with.

Laughing until it hurts.

Not too bad at ping pong. Pretty rockin' at Crossword Puzzles. Pretty mean Scrabble player (Cassidy Jamahl Brown on facebook, challenge me!)
The first things people usually notice about me
I look a bit like Gene Wilder.

Here are the awards I received when OKC had awards:

digitalutopia gave me: Makes Me Laugh
“This is one of the funniest, sweetest, easy going people I know. He's been an amazing friend and will make you laugh when you think you just can't. :)”
againstjealousy gave me: The Great Date
“I have dragged this man on too many ill-planned excursions to count, but somehow they all ended up being amazing hangouts. He's magic like that. Also, dude knows people and theater and food. He'll hook you up. And make you feel good too.”
Mollena gave me: Friends In Real Life
“This dood is the bomb. I will vouch for everything in his profile, add that he and his wife are among the most upstanding and responsible and caring people I've seen do an open relationship thang. Nothin' but love!” (this one was from a time when I was still in a primary relationship!)
GreatKate73 gave me: Makes Me Laugh
“I know cjbrown13 IRL and he always makes me giggle. He's a super great person and an above average friend. :)”
indrigirl2 gave me: Friends In Real Life
“He's all that and a side of fries; charming, smart, funny, compassionate, and a most excellent actor. Go ahead, message him!”
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books by Neil Stephenson and Jonathan Lethem and Jonathan Carroll. George RR Martin. Robert Parker. Octavia Butler. Harlan Ellison. China Mieville. That doesn't even scratch the surface of my voracious fiction appetite. Mostly fantasy/sci fi/speculative/magical realism stuff. I've read almost everything Orson Scott Card ever wrote. UPDATE: I am very sad and disappointed in Mr. Card. His recent ravings on Equality and his position on the Board of Directors of NOM make him persona non grata with me. I wish I could separate the man from his books, but I can't.

I love Chabon and Eggers too.

I have read a few Murakamis and liked them a lot. He's the japanese Jonathan Carroll. Or Carroll is the American Murakami.

UPDATE: For some reason, I have temporarily lost my taste for fiction. Currently devouring all of Mary Roach's amazing hilarious explorations. Stiff, Bonk, Gulp.

I love Heist Movies in general. I love all movies in general. Love them. Love to watch them. Discuss them. Oddly, I don't usually like to watch movies more than once, with many exceptions.

I've never seen Gone With the Wind.

Netflix: Luther, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Longmire, but really all I ever want to watch is Bob's Burgers. It gives me all my joy. Guilty pleasure is/are FBI procedurals like Numbers and Criminal Minds and The Blacklist.

Musically I am all over the place from Bob Wills to Outkast to Melissa Etheridge to Neutral Milk Hotel to the Gluey Brothers to Mountain Goats to Prophets of Rage to Squeeze to Digital Underground to Belle and Sebastian to Erik Satie to Elvis Costello to old REM to Dar Williams to Ozomatli to Big Band Jazz to funky 70's shit to whatever...Lately enjoying recommendations of local conscious hip-hop.

I love NPR, especially This American Life and Snap Judgement. I love The Moth Podcast. Fresh Air often. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me most of the time. Risk Podcast. Any storytelling podcast. Reply All. A Way With Words.

Food, wow, don't get me started. I love food of all kinds, types, and origins. Cooking it and eating it. Though I sadly can't eat Indian food or Jalapenos. Green Chile Enchiladas from New Mexico are my obsession, being a New Mexican expat. I was a vegetarian for 15 years but I returned to omnivorism about 8 years ago. I try to eat organic and local as much as possible.
Six things I could never do without
My family (both Kin and Kith). Books. Water. A place to perform. Occasional or frequent hard laughter. Occasional or frequent sex.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The unjust disenfranchisement of people.

White, straight (seeming), middle class, male privilege. How to wield it for good. BTW, if you respond to Black Lives Matter with "but ALL lives matter!" we're probably going to have some issues. Read a little.

How to get more creative passion flowing in myself.

If they still like me.

Consent. I'm kinda obsessed with this conversation.

Whether I am doing something the "right way"

How to get a regular game night together with friends or strangers.
On a typical Friday night I am
In a show. At a show. Out for drinks after a show. Looking for something to do when I am not in a show.

If it's Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, there's an even chance I'll be at Nick's singing Karaoke. If you like Karaoke, or are at least open to the possibility, that's a good start. If you are a hater of Karaoke, that might be an issue.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Compared to my vanilla friends, I am pretty kinky, but compared to my kinky friends I am pretty damn vanilla.

I have a weakness for cute pale redheads. They can pretty much order me around. I am powerless. But I am definitely not exclusive in my attraction, that's just one of my weaknesses.

I have herpes 2, the down below kind. I know how to take the most precautions, and I have not passed it on to any of my partners, that I know of. I am on suppressive anti-virals and haven't had any kind of outbreak in about 3 years. I'm very pro- condom. So add it up and my risk factor is pretty damn near zero. But, you know, ethics. One in four people are believed to have this. The main difference between me and a significant portion of the population is that I know I have it and take precautions. Because of this I always disclose it to potential partners and now to you as well. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I have yet to figure it all out, but as I am quickly becoming an educator on the subject, I welcome all inquiries, they help me learn more myself.

I recently read this fascinating article on the subject...which basically argues that it's pretty likely that 75% of us have it, we just don't suffer from it...

AND THIS! So good.
You should message me if
You have read the message at the top in my "about me" section.

(note: you do not have to fit all of the criteria, they are just suggestions!)

You work odd hours and would like to have a playmate to fill your other odd hours...like me.

You like to play. (Take this as innocently or as naughtily as you want to)

You want to invite me to your already existing game night.

You think we might hit it off.

You want to have an online or offline flirtation.

You are looking for amazing connection (varying degrees of commitment are welcome) but not for marriage and babies.

You want a ping-pong or racquetball partner and have access to either of those games.

You "liked" my profile. I don't have the kind of subscription where I can see who you are, so identify yourself! I love getting messages, even if we don't decide to meet.
The two of us