35Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
A mountain girl from Asheville, NC living in and loving Atlanta...
Top things I like to do (in no particular order)
1. Dance (when no one is watching and when everyone is watching)
2. Sit on my screened in porch and watch the neighborhood (this usually ends up with a small party of neighbors drinking wine, listening to music and talking trash)
3. Teach! (it's great fun to empower my little scholars through writing and self-expression)
4. Watch the steelers
5. Explore Atlanta. I've lived here for years, and I still find new places, new people, and new things to do every weekend. If you want me, you can find me in The A!
6. Volunteer (particularly with the homeless, in the arts, and in my community - Inman Park/Reynoldstown/Little Five Points/)
7. Drink spirits
8. Write (anything, from notes to short stories, to letters to lesson plans)
9. Read books
What I’m doing with my life
empowering youth...turning my rental into a nice little home...trying my hand at gardening...listening to lots of live music...trying to keep my check book in check...playing ping-pong and darts and horseshoes...reading scientific american...organizing the community...traveling...being a bad ass...contemplating if I am too young to go to bed at 9 p.m...formulating meaningful ways to teach.
I’m really good at
Copy editing
Hard work
Cooking what I like to eat
Helping people solve problems
Memorizing raps
Bringing random groups of friends together for backyard parties
Being loyal
Meeting people for the first time (lucky you!)
Executing / making ideas come to life
The first things people usually notice about me
My mermaid hair? I'm guessing here.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Somerset Maugham, Zelda Fitzgerald, Charlotte Bronte, Ralph Ellison, Haruki Murakami, Tom Robbins, John Steinbeck, Gloria Naylor, Toni Morrison, William Burroughs, Franz Kafka, William Blake, T.S Elliot and a bunch of others.

Movies: Roger Rabbit, Wizard of Oz, Death to Smoochy, Life is Beautiful, Some Like It Hot, Adventures in Babysitting, La Vie En Rose

Music: So, I can't begin to list all the music I like, but here is the first few pages of my CD case (remember those?!): Dead Prez, Dwight Yoakum, Rolling Stones, Kisses, Suzanne Vega, Belle & Sebastian, Young Jeezy, Sarah Harmer, Dvorak, Erik Satie, Rilo Kiley, Beach House, Sioux and the Banshees, The Smiths

Food: yes, I am a vegetarian...don't hate! I don't care if you eat pork butt, and I will gladly go to a BBQ restaurant...I'll just have a big plate of collards and mac and cheese. All that's to say, I love food and can eat at any table happily.
Six things I could never do without
Alcohol (I'm just being real. I like a good drink every now and then)
My family
Music collection
Home library
Rainy afternoons
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Grammar and language to best prepare a squash...local politics...urban education policy...why Ellison isn't in the cannon...this is a stupid question. Right now I am thinking whether this lipstick is too dark. Now I am wondering what class to take at the YMCA. I just spend a lot of time thinking. Sometimes it's insanely beign, sometimes it's insanely serious.
On a typical Friday night I am
Bebopping around Atlanta...usually close to home so Little Five Points, Cabbagetown, East Atlanta, Old Forth Ward...honestly though, Fridays find me a bit exhausted, so I usually sit on my screened-in porch and have beers with neighbors and friends. Saturdays and Sundays are typically filled with the debauchery that comes from good friends holding fireworks, spraypaint and whiskey.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
lame question. Um, I voted for George W. in 2000. I was 18 and completely ignorant. If it's any consolation, I voted for Kerry twice in 2004. (They sent me two absentee ballots...obviously, it didn't do him any good)
You should message me if know the difference between an indirect and direct object (ha! just kidding).

If you want to get drunk and go to a play on Saturday night, and waste the day away watching football on Sunday (unless you are a Patriots or Ravens fan. Then we should probably watch football separately and talk shit about it later).

If you like to hang out in the woods & go camping.

If you like to talk about things we are suppose to ignore.

If you want to find someone who, if push came to shove and we were poor and destitute, would still be laughing.
The two of us