38Newport News, United States
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My self-summary
I don't feel safe with girls who have false interest in me. Because they build your hopes up just to tear it down for kicks.I'm looking for a potential wife that don't believe in taking it slow.

Your enchanted Beauty is above me. But having a successful relationship, to be appreciative and loyal to a divine woman like you makes you beneath me. So if you think you deserve to be with a man like me then try strawberry. But if you think you deserve to be treated like crap, cheated on and use like fast food then go back to chocolate. Because once you try strawberry our love will be everlasting. I hope you pick me.because I can't wait to see what flavor are you.

( I never had a girlfriend and I never had in a long term relationship. I'm single because most girls only sees me as just a friend or brother and never a boyfriend.)

My name is gary.I like to build computers and write poetry. My favorite color is red, black,purple and blue. I always wanted to have a perfect romantic date with that special someone and I have never had a romantic date.i'm good at relationships.i have not had the chance to date a woman long enough to start a relationship with.I'm not desperate.I'm just looking for someone thats willing to take a chance on me.

i'm caring,loving,sweet,gentile,loyal,nice,giving,romantic and sensitive.but not fragile.

my favorite fruit is strawberries,peaches and pet peeves is cheaters,liars,
hypocrites and i can't stand it when a girl show's up at my place unannounced.

i don't know what size clothes do i wear.i mostly just try it on in the store or at home to see if it fit.i wear size 14 shoe.i know how to dance a favorite singer is donell jones.

(Most girls say that a nice guy like me is boring and predictable.If you think that outweighs a loyal good man.Let me know so i can block you.Because i am boring and predictable.But i'm also a loyal good man.)

List of Issues

1) abandonment issues(girls tend to abandon me when they no longer need me or their life is too busy to include me in it.)

2) trust issues(it's hard to trust someone that doesn't want to know you enough to be with you and only sees you as just a friend/Brother.

List of flaws

1) punctuality(I don't like to be late for anything. I'm always on time.

2) security checks(I have a habit of doing security checks just to make sure I didn't forget anything.

3) antisocial(i'm always antisocial at work. Because I'm more focused on my job. I'm always going to places by myself. because I don't have anybody to go with.

4) predictable(i'm always predictable because I'm always doing things in a pattern. Until something new comes into my life.

5) stuttering(I tend to stutter when I'm excited or nervous

6) spontaneous laughter(I tend to laugh when I've seen or think about something funny.

( I never had a girlfriend and I never had a long term relationship. I'm single because most girls only sees me as just a friend or brother and never a boyfriend.)

Romantic nice guy looking for a good woman.That's not afraid to take a chance on good man.To wine,dine and shower her with roses and poetry.

(I wish i had a girlfriend like melinda on ghost whisperer.because she is too nice,giving,caring,she is open minded,she is romantic,loving,she don't quit on her man,she is trusting,she is not afraid of nice guys and she is a good woman.i just wish more women out there was like her.if more women was like her. guys like me would not be single and lonely.)

[a good man and good woman comes once in a life time.if you don't open your eyes and claim that will take you years to find then it will be too late to start a new life with that person.because you would be too old to have kids.]

(Most girls say that a nice guy like me is boring and predictable.if you think that outweighs a loyal good man.let me know so i can block you.Because i am boring and predictable.But i'm also a loyal good man.)

Romantic Recommendation: Take time to remember that romance can be shown in many ways, however. Not just through champagne and grand gestures. Connect with your partner on the everyday stuff like favorite TV shows and household responsibilities. A great foundation will help keep your romance burning like the logs in your eternally lit fireplace.

(if your not interested in me.let me know so i can block you)
What I’m doing with my life
i'm looking for a soulmate to start a new life with.i finished school a few years tidewater major was computer electronic tech.i plan to find my soulmate and to start my new life with her.after that i plan to get married and have kids with my 5 years i see myself being with my wife geting ready to have some more kids.teaching my wife and kids how to fight.telling them they should only use this to defend themselves and the people they care about.then i would teach them how to be thinkers and how to control their emotions when their in a fight.

i would teach the boys about what girls they should stay away from and what girls they should get close to.i would teach them about romance and how to treat a woman right.i would also tell them to stay away from thugs,smoking,drinking and drugs.but they can be friends with a good guy.i would teach them how to write poetry and i would teach them about true love.

i would tell the girls everything about pick up lines,thugs,how to dress,act,love and what kind of friends they should stay close to.i would even teach the girls how to find a good man.i would also tell the girls to stay away from thugs,drinking,drugs and smoking.

i would spend all my free time with my taking them to concerts,movies,trips and anything fun.i would even throw a party for them.we would watch tv shows and talk about the show.we would play games,go to the mall and we would talk to each other about our feelings and we can learn and understand how to fix it together.

my mom is my favorite person in my life.because we fuss,fight and play brothers and sisters.
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes and smile.(it is really hard to find a girlfriend to start a relationship with)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
my favorite movie is claire danes romeo and juliet.i like rap,r&b,rock,pop and love songs.vegan foods.
Six things I could never do without
love,a girlfriend,soulmate,being affectionate,romance and a future wife.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to find my soulmate.

(never keep a nice guy waiting. If you do you'll never find a good man.) Most girls would claim a nice guy as a best friend or brother. So the reason why you can't find a good man is because you already labeled him as a best friend and brother. So take a chance and date a nice guy. Don't let your best friend or any other girl take your soulmate away from you.
On a typical Friday night I am
going to the movies,concerts or looking for a girlfriend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
the reason why i go out looking for a girlfriend on the weekends.because i don't want to be single for the rest of my might be fun for most people.but its not fun for people like me that always alone.when i go to the movies.i see every body with somebody.i see them all holding hands,kissing.holding each other and always happy to be together.when i see that i feel left i'm the only good man left on earth.its not fun going to the movies by yourself.its not fun going anywhere alone.

i remember i had a date for valentines day last year.something inside me told me to ask one of my friends to be my back up girl.just in case my date stood me the girl i asked out on a date was a church she told me that she will meet me there at i waited 2 hrs for her.she called me and told me.that she is not interested in me and she is not coming.she told me not to call her again.apart of me was sad.but i knew this was going to happen.

so i call one of my friends and told her i got stood up for valentines day.i asked her is she ready.she said yes she is i went by her house to pick her up.and we got there in time.the place was really romantic.we ate food,and she drinked champagne.i had a virgin fruit drink.i asked her to dance with me.but she said she can't.because she have a i danced alone.she just sat and watched me danced alone.when a slow song came up.i wanted to dance.but i know i didn't have a girlfriend to dance that night was going to be my first romantic date.but it begin and ended as a mistake on i gave the roses,candy and champagne to my friend.i kept the poem that i never got a chance to read.after that night i kept looking for a girlfriend.hoping that i would find one before the next valentines day.that way my new life will begin with her.
You should message me if
I'm single because girls always tell me that I'm too good for them to be with. If guys told you the same thing.We would be a perfect fit.

I'm looking for a good woman thats willing to take a chance on me.she have to be too determined to not give up on me,not let me give up on myself,not let me give up on her and can be a positive influence on me.She has to be loyal,dependable,generous,affectionate,honest and incorruptible enough to not let anyone or anything influence her to cheat on her man.

( if you are a good woman.then that's good enough for me.)
The two of us