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My self-summary
--- SHORT PROFILE --- (for one line readers )
"I am OK, you are allowed to seduce me"

--- ANOTHER SHORT PROFILE --- (for "practical" women)
"I am not a one night standing guy, but if it happens to you to be in Milan and it's a long time you don't have a "drink" with a guy, and it happens to me not to have a "drink" with a woman for a very long time, MAY BE (if we find each other really very special) we could have a "drink" together".

(For books readers. If you already finished the "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of Rings" collections)

GO AWAY!!!!! More over, if you wrote in your profile not to bore you with sex, go away! It means that you're not anymore interested since you already had much more than all the guys who still need it !!!!

ahahahhaahhah (kidding of course... but not really sure of it...)

ok... you've been warned... if you go on, it's your own choice, at your risk and danger...

..a short disclaimer to undersign "virtually" in your mind ;-)
Hate unkind women... if you cannot play the "internet dating game", if you're not flexible and you only apply your rules to the others, if you don't want to listen or if you expect that everybody looks like Prince Charming... you're probably 15yo and you should not be here. So please avoid messaging me.... and avoid being unkind when you realize that I'm human and not a cartoon.
Done? Ok, you can go on!

P.S.: "..I am trying to do my best to make you not read my profile ahahahhahah but if you will go on..."


FOR THOSE WHO ARE ADULT AND FLEXIBLE (in this case "flexible" means "intelligent"):

Life is strange... sometime we get what we want, other times we just like what happens to us... So..let's see what will happen to me being here!

Just a few premises: a dating site is like a poker game. You decide to unveal your cards when you want, when you go on in the game an you can bluff, check, bet , call or fold. The games can go online till the final hand, the real date, in which there shouldn't be anymore hidden cards and all che bluffes will disappear because checked. So don't expect to see all the cards since the first moment, althought you could understand what's in my hands from how I'm playing....

Let's start to give the cards and play!

Now...This is a test for you, just read this short story and you will know if we will match:

In the first day God created the light and said “the light is something beautiful”
In the second day God created the water and said “the water is something beautiful”
In the third day God created the Earth and the plants and said “the earth and the plants are really beautiful”
In the fourth day God created the Sun and the Moon and said “the Sun and the moons are so beautiful too!”
In the fifth day God created the animals and said “oh.. animals are so beautiful!”
In the sixth day God created the man… and said “the man is really beautiful”… then he created the woman… looked at her and told her “Hey you… it’s better if you use some make-up”
:-D Ok.. if you loughed, you can go on reading my profile… I love joking about everybody and about myself too.. but it would be much better if you could do the same.

Please notice that although I'm from Rome, for working reasons I will spend my next months in I have to change my town in my profile. .
Before you read my profile. I DON'T DO ONE NIGHT STANDS!
...what about 2 ? :-D LOL... kidding of course! :-) I need at least 3!!!
..then...are you looking for something serious? ...I'm not.. You will never find a too serious expression on my face... I love kidding!!! :-D It's plenty of serious guys around here... look for them!!!! I'm not!!!
Warning!!!! When you read my profile, it's better you read among the lines more than the lines.... In my profile too, the dark parts have more meaning than the rest of the face. :-D
SEX SEX SEX... on OkCupid guys are looking for sex (and those who say they don't are liars...) Sex is what men need because of their nature.. So, if you're looking for a man, you should accept as a rule, that any real man is looking mainly (not only) for sex.

SEX SEX SEX... on OkCupid women say.. "DON'T BOTHER ME WITH SEX REQUESTS... NUDE PICS.. CYBER OR CASUALSEX OR ONE NIGHT STANDINGS". Women need someone to talk to (men should listen more than talk), to share time with, to be cared by, to receive emotions from. This is very complicated for a man at the very beginning, but every man can do it in the right situation... so it should not be a starting point to evaluate a man, but a goal to reach with a good strategy.

HOW SHOULD IT BE ? less demanding and more open to understand the women they are in touch with. The sexy poses that women show on their profile (very often) should not be considered like an offer to everybody but something that is reachable in case of winning this hard competition...
...women closer to mens psychology: men are hunters, when they see a woman they like, they want her! It's up to women to drive the situation from the hunter point of view to the situation women want. Just find the man you like...then make him feel comfortable, and then you will realize (100%) that what he was looking for was you !!!!

I know that this is a simple description of a complicated mechanism... but sometime, recalling simple principles to explain the complexity is a good solution for understanding the reality.


IF YOU THINK that men are not here just FOR ONE THING, but at least FOR TWO, then you can go on reading my profile.

HATE VIRTUAL.... It's so beautiful meeting someone new... :-) !!!! Not just online!

HATE HYPOCRISY...more over those women who say that size is not important. No woman ever bought a 4 inches dildo! So, please, when not hypocryte, ask for more information...

BEFORE... you read all my profile (too long ),If you get bored like I did (i never read it..) just message me ! May be we'll find out more just talking to each other!

MORE OVER..and if you're going to visit Italy, please don't esitate to message me! I'm always so happy to meet new people for a nice conversation and a good drink! (but the after-drink will make me much happier!!! ;-) )

Hey.. I'm ok! Nice, open minded, I'm comfortable with your situation, and your sex needs, whichever they are, because I accept it normally as part of you! When I don't like something... I just tell you normally. Tall, clever, smiling and positive. I'm straight and love women for what they are and not for their race, colour, religion, politics or else. Anyway...I don't like women close-minded. If you like to know more about me... just ask, because I can chat with you...

RECENTLY A WOMAN WROTE ME A FEW MESSAGES not to enter in touch with me but to criticize how she felt I am... I will not copy here her messages because she intended to write to me and not to everybody... (I am really respectful of the privacy of everybody) but I can decide to copy here my answer to her messages. Here it is...:
"Dear X, you decided your one was the last message but we live in a free world and each one of us can decide when to quit... so I will quit after my message; obviously you're free to read it or not. You found me disgusting on the base of my profile, but the only disgusting thing is that you started a conversation with someone different from how you are, just to express your critical opinion on how you think that I am and give me unrequested suggestions based on an "ethical world" as it is configured in your brain.
Since you felt free to tell me critically that I took too many dirty tests, that I'm scaring for women, that I'm not respecting myself and I'm not portraying myself a human dignity, that there's something that I should do to improve (in your unrequested opinion), that you suppose my way of life is not that rich... well... as a result of your unkindness, I feel free to give you a kind advice: I suggest you to read a book: "Eye in the Sky", a science fiction novel written by Philip K. Dick ... this will make you think... But I believe, like the main character of the book, that a closed mind is something hard to win... quite impossible to change a life characterized by a narrow view of the world ... The only way to change is reaching a moment of crysis or dying...
I wish you a moment of crysis, of course, that will help you not to change your believes, but to understand that people can be different and will help you in appreciating how good they are in the their being different from your schemes, and more over, that is possible to live all together and have a conversation not being disgusted at the point to feel that is impossible to message anymore...
P.S. I know Meditation, I know religions, I know how I am, I understand that people can be different from me and I accept them all.... believe me: I accept you too!

Well.. it just happened and I don't know what she will write me back. But please, just considering that our lifetime is our only richness, if you feel that I disgust you and you're not compatible with me, don't waste your and my time :-) ok?
Thank you in advance!
What I’m doing with my life
Learning English better and better... my first experience in the US was horrible!!! I will try to explain to you what happened to me in few lines:

One day I ma gonna Houston to bigga hotel. I go down to breakfast. I tella the waitress I wanna two pissis toast. She bring me only one piss. I tell her I wanna two pisses. She say go to the toilet. I say you no understand, I wanna two piss onna my plate. She say you better no piss onna plate, you sonna va bitch. I don't even know the lady and she calls me a sonna va bitch! Later I go to eat at the bigga restaurant. The waitress she bring me a spoon and knife but no fock I tell her I wanna fock. She tell me everyone wanna fock. I tell her you no understand, I wanna fock onna table. She say you better no fock onna table, you sonna va bitch. So I go back to my room inna hotel and there isa no shit onna ma bed. I call the manager and I tella him I wanna shit. He tell me to go to the toilet. I say you no understand, I wanna shit onna my bed. He say you better no shit onna bed, you sonna va bitch. I go to the check-out and the man at the desk say, ,,Peace on you". I say, ,,Piss onna you too, you sonna va bitch. I gonna back to Italy"
When back in Italy I started studying english and I improved a lot.. as you can see from my profile. :-) the moment I'm working a lot, but I love many things ! Travelling, sports, taking pictures and taking movies. I love going out with friends.. .. whatever nice the life can offer is interesting to me. Why not museums and art... movies... theater... good books... sometime TV (few times)

Sometime a good activity is wasting my time. Only who has too much of something is supposed not to care of that thing. So wasting time, gives to me a sense of freedom and more over the so pleasant illusion of eternity !, I'm planning a very good activity for my next holiday...

(ehm I should not tell it here but in the "The most private thing I’m willing to admit" section.... when naked and horny I 我喜歡她的陰部他媽的自慰舔口交和肛交暨很多 very much!!!!)
I’m really good at wise suggestions. For example: did you fill correctly your profile ? ahahah It's incredible how people fill them!!!
Sometime it looks they subscribe a dating site because they wanna date, but then they fill their profile like if they don't want to date. For example..."I'm a normal person, I am looking for a honest guy. You should message me if you want to know more"... NO!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER!!! I ALREADY KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOT NORMAL, BUT RATHER STUPID :-D
- of course 99,99% straight women here are looking for an honest guy ..who ever would look for someone who is not honest? ...and, just in case, you should know that a not honest guy will tell you to be an honest guy because telling the countrary he'd be honest ahahahah
- never write "message me if you want to know more about me".... who ever do you think would message you to know more about the owner of another profile? ahahahahhahaha
....and this is just the beginning... message me for more.. ahahahahah

Like most people, I love the music! Every kind of music.. from classical to jazz, from country music to Rhythm and Blues, from Opera to Disco, from Reggae to Rock. The only things i care is if the musicians are good ones and the music is interesting !

This is a really interesting music:
I wonder, since I play the piano, if I can get a piano based on a similar concept of these drums!

I'm very good in other things..:
- not judging the actions of other people because It's hard to know deeply the situation of someone else (...until the actions aren't crimes, of course!)
- respecting the privacy of a woman... until I'm not requested expressly act in a different way (she may want to hide the relation with me for her reasons and she is not obliged to tell me why. Reasons could be: kids, colleagues, relatives and more... ); this means keeping the communication here or by email till wanted.
- being patient... (also when interested, I never try to force situations..)
- being flexible.....when a woman tells me her rules... when reasonable, I can change my ones...; I am ready to learn other cultures, other lifestyles, other behaviours.. and why not, other kinds of sex ... (but only straight things please!!!)
- open to any ethnicity... I care about the person, not the colour of your skin, of the shape of your eyes or how tall or slim you're... that's why I dream about Neytiri..(as you will read below)

I'm really good in reading women profiles.... that could be very interesting for you to read too... :-D then go back and check your profile.

The pictures... most men look only at pics, we're very visual, remember it!!! But we're not looking for only breasts legs or else... we learn a lot by the set of pics chosen ...
if you're playful, serious, sober, casual, strictminded, easy, companionable, sloppy, sophisticated, intellectual, coarse, classy... and sometime also info about your social status. This before reading a line of your profile. Usually when pictures are sexy, in the profile there's the price... "I'm not looking for what you can think watching my pics... but for.... (the list of the Charming Pince's requirements...)" .... ahaha... that's not a joke... many profiles are like this..
Anyway I'm one of those who really read profiles...
I look for women with some fantasy and humour:
. if the "the most private thing I'm willing to admitt.." section is filled with an answer similar to one of those (private is private; I will tell you privately; a secret when told is not anymore a secret) or similar're probably a very boring woman. That section is made for those intelligente brilliant women who know that men will read that section and will use it to intrigue their minds without answering to the question...

About "The first things people notice in me"...probably you've already shown in your pics what people notice in you... then please, don't remark legs, breasts, shapes.... tell us instead something funny, sexy, wondering... you're able to do!

....will complete this analysis soon... (thanks for reading)
The first things people usually notice about me
Easy.... people, when on the beach, sometime smile at me... I still don't know why... ;-)
When paying at the supermarket, the women at the cashier always smile to me when passing my XXXXL-size condoms box.


...kind and respectful. I never obsess women with requests, I rather wait to understand better what a woman wants.

Hey... I must fill my profile with 500 words.. and that's not easy..ahaha.. may be I'm filling writing unuseful things.. but may be you will notice about me somehow that I can find the way to do hard things in an easy way. after all...with those stupid words.. I reached my 500 words !!!!! oops... sorry... I reached my 500000 words!!!! ;-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
...several kinds of books, comedies, musicals... and italian food.
Oh...I like whatever gives pleasure to my body or to my mind... Women included ! .. And the words I like most in a song are the following:

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

(to be sincere, the older I get I hope there will be an heaven full of people to be with and have fun together)

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

(that's really Ok...)

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

(to be sincere... I hope you'll join me... and I hope that "someday" will be very soon too)

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

(what is your is mine too... and what is mine it's mine.. ahahah;
did J.Lennon shared with someone all his money?)

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one (but please...each one at his own place!!!)

Six things I could never do without
Life ! Love ! Food ! Nature ! Art ! Health !
....what about sex....?!?!?!
Speaking about sex is considered "not classy"... and this is somehow true... but classy people need as much sex as the others... So, also if my profile is not "sex" based, you just have to know that I will XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXX you XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX and XXXXXX XXXX in XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XX XX your imagination XXXXXXX XXX till XXXX XXX XX XXX more XX X XXXX XX XXX over XX X XXXX XX XXX XX aloud !!!! XXXX XX XXX XX X XXXX all XXX XXX XXX :-)))))) OK ?

FOR THOSE WHO ARE ADULT AND FLEXIBLE (in this case "flexible" means "FOLD YOUR BODY 90° DEGREES"): i LIKE THIS POINT OF VIEW ;-) when in this position you can ask me whatever you want. :-D

...what about an intelligent beautiful woman?
When a man talk with friends about his new GF, the friends often ask how is she . Here's the point: if he says "she is very intelligent", friends understand "she looks bad", if he says "she's beautiful", friends understand "another pretty stupid doll". Which is the truth in their opinion? Is there a reason for which they think so?
Yes... but of course with lots of exceptions and grades of truthness. The reason is that an intelligent born beautiful woman finds out rather soon in her life that socially she can get more from her beauty than from her intelligence... Then very often it happens that she decides to care more of her beauty than of her culture and intelligence; the result is that her brain is not very often trained in culture and reasonaments....
At the opposite, intelligent women who are not really attractive, very often want to distinguish among other women for their culture and intelligence, so they work and study and most of the times learn how to be interesting and nice in conversation and in relations.
Intelligent and beautiful women are rare but they exist too.
They happen when they got a old fashioned education in their family or when they don't realize too soon to be beautiful (when teen), develop cultural interests and when they realize to be beautiful, have already decided to follow their cultural and career ambitions rather than their beauty. For those women beauty is something that just happened to themselves and".... well.... thanks, better to have than not to... " but they are proud of their brain more than of their sexy body.
I appreciate all of them of course.. :-)
I appreciate beautiful stupid women, because I realized that their brain exists and it's interesting to train them in brain use...
I appreciate nice and intelligent women, because they know very well how to make you forget they do not look perfect..
I appreciate beautiful and intelligent women because... they're perfect...
Sorry ... if you are not intelligent and look ugly, I want to be sincere and I am sorry to be unpolite, I'm not interested! .... The nature has been cruel with you but not 100%.... it's plenty of non intelligent and ugly men around... just choose among them! :-)
They will love you!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to do things I'm not doing actually...

I'm a mature man... not old yet.. ;-) I should change my pic... but it looks women like this pic so much... I don't consider myself wise (otherwise I'd change my pic now) but I do pay attention more than most people my age. Obviously none of you online know me, but I am what you call mouthy. I love to tell stories, jokes, and in general my life is an open book. I love to have fun and tell those around me exactly what I'm thinking. Believe it or not when I am not talking I am doing something even more important, listening. I truly enjoy a good conversation and especially with those older. Everyday I look at older people and think, what have they done right and what did they do wrong? Here is the list of what I have learned from people 70 and older in relation to finance. I have gathered it all from talking to seniors about what they did right and what they wish they had done.

1. Be patient
Money must be saved over a long period of time. Don't take high risks for quick returns. Investing is a marathon not a sprint. But is you really want to invest your money in sprint... come to visit me!!!

2. Take the risks while you are young.
It is ok to take calculated high risks occasionally, but do them when you have time to make it up... So if you're pretty and still young... come to visit me!

3. Don't gamble
Gambling is for the desperate and the poor. If you must, do small amounts and view it as pure entertainment. You will never make money in the long run gambling. So, if you're desperate...I suggest you to have a drink with me.. a big smile will come back on your face!

4. Stay healthy.
Good health keeps your mind sharp, your doctor bills low, you lifespan long, and lets you work more to make more money. Healthy people make more money...
It looks that health people have more sex, and if you have more sex you're more healthy and live longer...
What about if I help you to live longer?

5. Laugh and Smile
See above. Happy people make more money. Sex... makes people so happy and smiling... (well.. I will hold a camera and request you to smile also when inexpected and very difficult to do... (IMAGINE!!!!)... ;-)...)

6. Buy and car a keep it for many years or if you need a new one buy one a few years old. A car is one of the biggest waste of money in our lives. People spend too much on new one. Should be buying newer used ones...But it should be better if you come on my one...isn't it?

7. Everything in moderation.
I learned this from an older customer that used this as his mantra. He said he did everything in moderation from drinking to working. He said it was the key to life... Ehm...but you can always ask me it again please!

8. Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty
The key to a happy marriage. A good marriage will help you save money or cost you a fortune if it goes bad. People stayed together longer in years past. They were a savings team. So if you get problems in keeping the fights clean, then you have to keep the sex very dirty!

9. Don't spend your money on worthless things.
Don't buy anything at the checkout counter, don't buy collectibles, don't buy all the worthless junk sold around you at the box stores... If you really need to spend money...BUY ME! (to be sincere I'm not on sale... and I don't accept money...but it was just a way to tell you that spending money on worthless things is not a good idea and there's something better to do in life!)

10. Move
Stay active. The more you see the more you learn. The more learn the more ideas you have. The more ideas you have, the more chance you come up with something that will earn or save you money. And if you move a lot... ahahahhahah I'm sure you already know what I'm thinking about.. You got 9 items to learn a bit more about my fun-mind)

These are all my opinions as gathered by my ears. Some people may agree some may not but it's how I live my life. Enjoy be really sincere, I'm very good in giving advices... for myself I just apply items 3,4,5,6,10
I'm training for a long time, I'd say I'm a professional in it, althought not in a marriage, in point 8 !
On a typical Friday night I am
In this Austrian Village you get great sex!
...kidding of course!....
So..On a typical Friday night I am.....
Busy... better friday morning ! I'm reading OkCupid profiles...and thinking. For example, I read on a profile :
"I spend a lot of time thinking about: Why so many guys on here are only after one thing."
The answer is: Because women give less sex then they need.
It's a market rule... Demand Vs. Supply.
The following question should be...
"Are men too demanding or women less supplying?"
Give me your opinion please!

....sometime I update my OkCupid profile.....
or may be I try new searches; the last one I did:
ok, I love oralsex... but women rarely type this word in their profile not to be searched for this; so I had to think to imagine how a woman could show such and interest not writing clearly "oralsex"... and I thought that eating a banana is often showed like a similar action to giving a head... then I looked as keyword "BANANA". Which was the result?
OK...only my pervert mind intended "banana" as oralsex...
all the women who mentioned banana in OkCupid, were dreaming about "banana and ice-cream", "banana and chocolate", "banana in fruit salad", "banana as a diet", "banana is the best fruit to eat",.... ok......
I understood that women love food... so....
I bought a yellow paint, some chocolate and some icecream..
and will try a camouflage for banana eaters to cheat them all !!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

...ehm... cheating wives seeking for discreet encounters are looks like they have many reasons and many things to tell.

I hide very often my culture and intelligence and try to be easy, normal, less-exclusive, sometime a little bit stupid... I found out that "average" people has better social-relations than sophisticated minds. And I give much value to every person... so I need social relations :-)

I'm looking for Neytiri, I'm in love with that Avatar's movie Princess. So, if you're Neytiri and you are reading this profile, please message me. If you're not Neytiri, but you agree in glueing a tail to your back, painting your ass deep blue and shaking your back on my face... please date me!

I like women who don't hide their sex will... somehow, I like to be demanded for sex instead always demanding...
If you will look for sex from me... I will always be ready in any moment of the day.. just do it in a way I can't say no.. ;-)

One more thing... it happened several time that a woman, while chatting, asked me "which is your favourite position?"....
I thought about it quite a lot, and after a lot of energies spent in my mind exploration, I finally decided which is my favourite position while having sex... :-)
I have to admitt this very private thing.. I love to be INSIDE! :-D

...and if you like to be spanked, I love to do it. I'm not obsessed, but upon request I will for sure :-D
You should message me if
The negative items are the reasons for which you should not message me....if you don't want to read negative items just jump to item 0 that is considered an appendix to the list.

-8) You are or behave like a under 18yo girl. I'm a
mature man and I like women. ...not immature girls.

-7) You....didn't read my profile, but in this case how could it be possible for you to read this statement?

-6) You're a man; I don't care if handsome or not or well endowed...I already have one penis! (mine)

-5) if you think that there must be always a reason "first" for something... ; (I am very good in giving you all the reasons "after")

-4) if you're looking for a new pet

-3) if you're looking for a brainless stallion; (I've got brain)

-2) if you are married and cheating with someone that could be angry for this and kill me; (if he's calm, it's ok :-) )

-1) if you have STD... I'm in health and would like to be forever (this is a serious point, sorry)

0) because no one starts with the reason n° 0... everybody starts with reason n° 1 !!!

0b) because I added a reason 0b that is "you should message me if you have no reasons not to message";

now, the normal items....

1) because I canceled "casual sex" because sex is never casual... I just want it with someone that is particular to me.. so it's particular sex. May be a short term situation or another term.. or better (my favourite) a good friendship with good benefits...

2) because if you like to send me a nice or naughty or stupid or horny or intelligent to message me... you will get a nice or naughty or stupid or horny or intelligent answer too;

3) because I am how I write in whatever I do...
IMAGINE !!!!!! ;-)

4)...because I got more than 1000 preferences and I didn't find someone yet...
The two of us