48 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
loafer. layabout. no-account ne'er-do-well. this is not the dating profile you are looking for. you can go about your business. move along, move along.

native New Yorker and inveterate Gen-Xer (and loving it) with only a modicum of snark. i am irreverent, curious, and resourceful—an urban survivalist of sorts but not in survival mode. self-employed for many years, i live in Brooklyn with a plush grey cat that sheds magic happy dust, and buy art from artist friends because ART.

i take long walks to look at old buildings. lately, many of these buildings have been replaced with soulless boxes of glass and steel or with huge pits to be filled with same. i own three bikes and three turntables, evincing where my priorities lie. i like when the streets are empty and the pie tin is full. i do not like when the streets are crowded and there is no pie.

Carl Sagan was my TV father figure, Racer X was the ideal big brother i never had, and MAD magazine was my secret schoolbook. i played my mom's Motown and Beatles albums, the soundtracks to Star Wars and Close Encounters, and my grandfather's scratchy old classical LPs on his 1960s console. the first album i ever bought with my own money was Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.
What I’m doing with my life
taking yoga selfies with a dead fish while zip-lining through a restroom at Machu Picchu.

at 47, i went back to grad school to study something often referred to as "Big Data," a field that can be exploited for either dominating the world or improving it. i'm going with the latter.

enjoying my alligator http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Muc4CzgHL.jpg

watching this guy: https://youtu.be/7i1k7_IrGg8
I’m really good at
working the angles, both acutely and obtusely.

finding ever-newer ways to lower expectations. (there was a research paper, i think from Norway, that claimed this is the key to happiness. there was another research paper that claimed the key to good sex is wearing socks while doing it, probably from the same researchers.)

typos on the internet.

not using the three turntables i have.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
lapsed vegetarian (it was bacon wut done it, your honor); vegan-friendly. i've been known to employ painstaking emergency surgery to salvage an overripe avocado. a really good cheeseburger is hard to resist. i don't see the point in lima beans. is there one?

books: in the pile are Lethem, Atwood, Murakami, DFW, PKD, Houellebecq, Dawkins, Hofstadter, Brookner, Vonnegut, Munro . . .
Blood Meridian is a favorite.

i go to local music/art venues, recitals, the symphony, or anything off the beaten path. my musical tastes range from early instrumental to post-modern experimental noise, with lots of fiddly bits in between. i think Joanna Newsom is a pixie genius. i was obsessed with David Sylvian for years, but i'm over it now. Debussy is my homeboy and various flavors of shoegaze are always welcome. if i invite you to a live music show, it's likely to be something unusual.

Indie film/theaters, WNYC, WFMU, podcasts—all that stuff you also like.

some favorite films: The Loved One; I Shot Andy Warhol; With a Friend Like Harry; Memento; Bicycle Thieves; A Night at the Opera; TRON (1982); Watership Down; nearly anything featuring Roddy McDowell.

independent bookstores are my happy places. i'm running out of happy places. (long live The Strand.) well, Fishs Eddy makes me kind of happy, too.
The six things I could never do without

  1. customary suits of solemn black
  2. windy suspiration of forced breath
  3. the fruitful river in the eye
  4. the dejected 'havior of the visage
  5. all forms, moods, shapes of grief
  6. the trappings and the suits of woe
I spend a lot of time thinking about
analog vs. digital; the individual vs. the state; Steve Austin vs. Bionic Bigfoot; baby bats; why baby boomers appointed millennials their go-to scapegoats; why smokers regard the city as their personal ashtray; why you and i are less than 80% match; why most of the text in online dating profiles reads as if auto-generated by the same algorithm.
On a typical Friday night I am
walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, eating pizza, avoiding homework.

sitting in my cubbyhole, waiting, waiting. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo5j8jWYsi1qbbla8o1_500.jpg
You should message me if
you want to share the special things (delusions, needles... ), take
long walks off short piers, romantic dinners at the abattoir, and so on. (if you've read this far, you might have noticed that sarcastic banter is attractive to me. i'm a sarcasexual.

you don't think homework sucks [http://i.imgur.com/W5n9x.gif]

you have more goof than guile (or equal measures).

you want to binge-watch Stranger Things with me.

you agree that this—minus the cheesy intro—is one of the greatest moments in TV history. [http://y2u.be/XTNGg0Tj5Aw]

or maybe you are just funny and sweet and ride your bike and stay up late. that's an excellent start.