36Nottingham, United States
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My self-summary
Oh, wow. Ok, we just... jump right into this, then... hmmm

I'm kinda tall. I do theatre for a living. I think a 'theater' is a building for performance while 'theatre' is an art-form. Really, though, they're just colloquialisms.

I am not looking for a relationship. I'll probably not sign on for months. But I DO love to people watch. And, if you read this, I may just check out your people self-summary as well. I like people. I hope you don't mind.

I have a pyro license. I used to blow fire in college. I probably still can, but haven't tried in a while. I build stages, teach students, and handle events for a living. I'm told I'm pretty good.

I write amazing okcupid bios. Laughter, tears, and introspection follow them. There's even a twist at the end. M Night Shyamallan calls me to discuss twists... Except for 'the mist'. I had nothing to do with that. But if you read this and feel 'meh' about my profile, I can give you Shel Silverstein's email address. Contact him and say "I just read this profile, and do not see the intrinsic beauty, though I know it's there. Please... Teach me".

I'm a transplant from NJ/Philly. I love the Eagles and Phillies.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working on making entertainment happen, and teaching others how to do it safely. It's fun.

I don't have many ok Cupid questions answered. I used to, but found that... Well, your answer to most of the questions wasn't something that would bother me. There weren't many questions that I felt were 'really important' let alone 'mandatory'. I answered the ones that were, and the others are great conversations, not deal-breakers. Whether you prefer the beach or the amusement park won't dictate what I think of you. Whether you think we should force others to be sterilized? That might, though.

Apparently I don't pose for many photos. Finding recent pics of me without a bunch of other people in them has been difficult. If you take photos, I humbly ask for your help to add some images to this page. Images of me. Preferably favorable ones.

And if those pictures are taken with a zoom lens without my knowledge... well, that's up to you. Probably creepy, but your call.
I’m really good at
Building sets, doing lighting, and teaching kids how to do those things safely.

I'm pretty happy in a kitchen, cooking stuff up. Italian food (thanks, Philly and NJ), but I'll grab something that looks good at the store and try something new a good bit. I made an awesome Thanksgiving turkey this past year.

Shamelessly flirting. :) Emoticons?

I can do tricks with my tongue. But is that a thing you can be 'good' at? It's more a 'do or do not' sort of thing...

I'm happy to find out if there are other things I could be good at. Maybe rock climbing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Jeez, I don't know. I'm not them. Typically my laugh, maybe? It's... potent. You may have already heard it, though you didn't know it was me.

It carries.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Honestly, I always find this part of profiles harder to read, and I never expect people to read mine. I'm just gonna prattle off the first things that pop into my head.

Movies: I love Fight Club, America's Sweethearts, Ink, Boondock Saints, most brainless comedies, Flatliners, Bottle Shock, Serenity, Feast... christ, I could just keep going... Honestly, I enjoy most movies. I did NOT like 'Kids' or 'Dr T and the Women'. I've never seen '2 Girls 1 Cup'. Judge me all you want.

Shows: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, How it's Made, anything on Food Network or HGTV, Daily Show... I don't think that much about it, to be honest.

Music: I used to be a HUGE music guy, but I haven't had the time for it, lately. I've worked running cameras for a bunch of bands when they came into town, or spotlights and such, so I don't... I don't know. Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Ninja Gun, fun., Pink Floyd, Metallica, Common... I really enjoy a LOT of music. There are bands I don't like, like Mumford and Sons or My Morning Jacket, but that actually has little to do with their music. They were a pain to shoot on camera. Bands that act like the cameraman is in the way as opposed to helping the lawn actually see the concert they paid for bother me.
Six things I could never do without
like, totally shoes and money and cars and bling and like stuff!

No, really, I can sometimes obsess about something new that I've tried, but I could go without it in a heartbeat.

The stuff I can't do without are character things. I'm a family guy, I'll die on the wall for my family. I've gone to bat for my friendships, countlessly. I can't do without the chance to make up words, like 'countlessly'. I need to talk my thoughts out sometimes, or my mind just keeps chugging, and I get a very odd writers block (it's frustrating as hell, and I'm not even a writer). I need to accomplish things, typically things that affect others. I need to have the time to appreciate everything I fight for.

Is that 6?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I like to people-think. Discuss questions that you traditionally shouldn't at a dinner table, like guns or gay rights or whether sex is shallow and carnal or deep and emotional. I like when people disagree with me and can defend their views reasonably. I like having my viewpoints improved.

I think too much, actually. There's a good bit of time where I try to not get stuck in my brain.
On a typical Friday night I am
Running lights or balancing microphones or getting paid to watch orchestras and the like perform.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can sing. I'll harmonize songs while driving.

Songs that don't have harmonies.
You should message me if
I've never met M Night, and if you really send Shel Silverstein an email, you will get an auto-reply saying "I died in 1999. Where did you get my email?"
The two of us