40Denver, United States
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My self-summary
My pup in the pictures has passed away, but i still love'em (him and the pictures). I also think they speak to my personality, so i've decided to keep them up.

I give a lot, and I'm looking for a lot: laughter, caring, intelligence, thoughtfulness, fun, confidence, humility, creativity, compassion, one who takes care of her body and general well-being, communication- why do so many positive descriptors start with 'c?' Google the 5 Love Languages; they're very basic with brief descriptions (or you apparently can read a whole book on it i guess, but if you don't "get it" from just the paragraphs, then we're not a longterm match.) Figure out which apply to you. I believe i use all 5. If we're just dating, you may not use or speak with all 5; but if we're in a relationship, i want someone who uses all 5 with regularity- as do i. We're all very busy, but i want someone who puts in effort, as do i.

I pay a fair amount of attention to current events, issues and politics. I've got some thoughts on a lot of'em and am open to more. I'm pretty progressive, or liberal, in my leanings; and if you're truly grounded in conservatism (and i used to be), then talking will definitely precede anything romantic. If we can't reach common ground, then it may preclude any other potential. I have spoken with some people who labeled themselves conservative without much consideration, but turns out we agreed on basic issues.

I'll make light fun of you if you deserve it, and sometimes even if you don't. But i'll only continue if you jab as well. My digs will be in good balance though, i promise.

Today it's sunny but a little windy. I want to like the wind, but i'm really not a fan- even though i grew up with some sailing- loved it- and even taught the sailing class to little kids at a summer camp. Make sense? probably not. But neither does the duck-billed platypus.

If you're often smiling and laughing, and not at other people's expense, then we're at a good start. If you could recommend some insightful and fun reads, and plan some travel trip- or go spontaneously on a small-scale, then we're gettin somewhere. If you're open to hearing other people's experiences and perspectives, but have some well-developed opinions yourself, then i'll appreciate your point of view. If you've got it on the brain to stay fit, slim and slender, but also enjoy your curves and lazy days here and there, then i might challenge you physically while enjoy relaxin with you. Beer? Wine? Margarita? Occasional cigar (about twice a year only)? If you still enjoy altering your state of consciousness, then i'll probably leave the room while you do so. It doesn't interest me. If you're into organic food and sustainability- seriously- i'll help feed you. If you eat cookies, i'll steal a few. Equally serious. ;) If we go hiking/camping, i'll offer to carry the tent. If we stay at a hotel, i'll carry your bags or draw a bath for you. If you say your dog is the cutest, handsomest, greatest dog in the world ever, i'll introduce you to mine. hehehe. Then i'll tell you you're right- but secretly will think mine is. If you've had a rough day, i'll rub your back or your feet. If you're ticklish, i'll tickle you, but not a lot. If you're feeling randy i'll... i'll save that one for later. haha. If i think you're hot, i'll tell you how gorgeous you are. If you think you're hot, best you pretend you are confident yet humble with me. If you're a genius, i'll still be able to teach you things, but you might teach me more. And if you're psychic, how many fingers am i holding up?

Addendum- if your dog can fit in a handbag, i'm not going to bond with that dog as much. Doesn't mean i won't like him/her- just means i won't bond the way you have to him/her. I'm not positive on why, i just know i'm more of a medium-large dog person. And i loves me a woman who regularly goes sans makeup (sshhhhh... loud makeup colors and/or lots of it actually turns me off quite a bit.), and looks slender and svelte in a sundress, her little black dress, or jeans and a tee. Hell, i even find those little tank tops and sweats you wear at night kinda sexy. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Being fit is important to me, and has long been strongly connected to my sense of identity. It has been a challenge for me to allow that to be placed on the backburner in order to attain success in my current professional pursuit- to which i dedicate a lot of time.

I often prioritize my time now to invest in my future professional well-being and financial security. The growth of my professional endeavor is bringing this goal nearer, and i look forward to reaching that balance once again of professional success and personal freedoms and pursuits. Ultimately, I look forward to, once again, volunteering my time to my community, and getting back into amazing shape, climbing, maybe racing, and lots of relaxation, as well.
I’m really good at
...and ping pong!
The first things people usually notice about me
I strive to be thoughtful of issues, aware of context, and considerate of people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
South Park, Daily Show, Boston Legal, The Wire. And poking fun at that "Finding Bigfoot" show because they're always talking loudly in the forest, scaring sasquatch away and never seeing anything. duh.

Anchorman, The Abyss, Seven Pounds, Fight Club, Big Lebowski, The Dark Knight (batman with Heath Ledger as Joker)...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What shapes people to be who they are today: their interests, passions, skills, circumstances and perspectives.

I also think a lot about the micro and macro impacts, applications and meanings to various goings-on in the world. I care about being a responsible, dutiful citizen; and transparency in government- which leads to responsible governing.
You should message me if
you're a charitable, humorous, bikini model activist physicist, who smiles often, laughs easily, with bedroom eyes, long hair, and a kind face.
The two of us