48 Laurel, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a burly guy, sort of a gone-to-seed bar bouncer with a beard and a predilection for plaid flannel, and while I am steadily decreasing in overall burl, in gay taxonomy, I am mostly your average bear. Fortunately, I'm generally of the tao of Pooh variety, rather than a member of the leather harness set.

I am no social climber, nor accumulator of rare and distinguished artifacts, but I love manual typewriters, wooden spoons, three-speed bicycles, books, music of many varieties, machines to make music, and other small, but nifty, items. I prefer collecting adventures, affection, and stories over the amassing of signs of wealth.

I have a dingo named Daisy and half-custody of a tiny beagle named Lou. Cats are alien and unsettling to me, but then again I like people with dog personalities, so it makes sense.

I both bore easily and have a supernatural patience with repetition. I live for theatrical excesses, but have a low tolerance for drama. I live small, dream big, reach far, and would rather be fully present than fully in control.

I have an autographed photo of Geraldine Page on the wall, drive a huge old pickup with a six-liter V8 engine that I maintain myself, own three sewing machines, two motorcycles, a Vespa, and have an extremely shitty cabin out in the woods.

I prefer relationships, casual or more serious, to hook-ups by a huge margin, but got on a time-eating career path a decade ago and am consequently completely out of practice with dating. I'm fun, though, even if I do say so myself, though expensive dinners in fancy restaurants are nowhere near as joyous as just roaming the countryside, exploring, and seeing what's around us.
What I’m doing with my life
I worked in an office for twenty years, though it felt like a million. I hope never to spend another day stuck at a damn desk in a sterile, fluorescent-lit warren of cubicles, staring into the maw of despair as I tick off bullet points on list composed by a committee of lethargic middle-management drones and feeling the emptiness and exhaustion settling into my bones. Chairs are the tools of the devil, if you believe in such a thing. Nowadays, if I'm in front of a computer, it's because I'm writing.

I'm working towards a new career that suits me. Time will tell.
I’m really good at
I can fix anything, barring software disasters. I have an oddly precise awareness of measurement. I'm an excellent mechanic, a decent carpenter, an occasionally inspired plumber. I'm a great talker and a good listener. I'm good at finding adventure in unexpected places.

I write well, but that's a whole other story.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have absurd facial hair at times, because I like to mix it up and sport a funky mustache now and then, but it is not more interesting than I am, if that's what you're thinking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read. Favorite authors include Bradbury, John Waters, John Varley (adore The Opiuichi Hotline), Ursula Le Guin, Delacorta, Chuang Tzu, Maupin, Sedaris, Rakoff, John Kennedy Toole, Douglas Adams, Victor Hugo, and more. I read a lot of non-fiction on science, art, culture, architecture, design, astronomy and other similar lines.

My taste in movies is varied and esoteric, with a healthy dose of stupid. Love cinéma du look and French new wave, love David Lynch, Waters, and films featuring Marianne Sägebrecht. Like trashier delights as well, whether it's the arch comic horror of The Abominable Dr. Phibes or the glamorous excesses of The Fifth Element. I never get tired of Blade Runner, but I think Star Wars has increasingly worn out its welcome. Two films that catch me just right are The American Astronaut and Dark Star—just perfect, perfect films. I love Chris Marker and Earnest [does something] films with equal vigor. My favorite Waters is Desperate Living, because the dialogue is the best he's written. A recent addition to my favorites was Mysterious Skin, which was beautiful and had the best score anyone's written in decades.

I'm ambivalent about TV. I love science and travel shows, enjoy a bit of trashier stuff, though reality TV is wasted on me. I like Dr. Who, but that's a lifelong thing for my nerdly self. I find The Big Bang Theory overrated and unwatchable, can't deal with the gore porn of police procedurals, and don't really enjoy drawn-out drama. I like the concise arcs of British programs, which don't waste so much time in peripheral storytelling used to maximize advertising opportunities. I have a TiVo and a Roku and can't watch commercials without screeching at the screen.

Music is a big thing. It's hard to sum that up quickly, unless I run through my all-times—Eno, Czukay (Can), BofC, Björk before Matthew Barney ruined her, The High Llamas, The High Llamas, The High Llamas (that one needs repetition), Mouse on Mars, Prince, Parliament/Funkadelic, Ella Fitzgerald, Igor Stravinsky, Gershwin, Pharoah Sanders, Wendy Carlos, Telex, my darling darling Stereolab (the only band I ever saw on stage at every local performance), most of the Shibuya-Kei greats, Thomas Dolby, XTC, Fred Frith, Tricky, Steve Reich, Betty Hutton, Billie Holiday, Leon Thomas, Jah Wobble, Michael Jackson up to Off The Wall, R Stevie Moore, OMD, Thelonious Monk, Tricky, Queen, NEU!, obviously The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits, J.S. Bach, and weirdly, I am an enormous Steve Miller fan, but what can I say. The real list is as long as my collection of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and MP3/AAC music, so it's pretty long.

Favorite foods are easy. At home, I like elegant simplicity. I cook a fiendish breakfast, and am less interested in the other meals. Never leave the house without a cooked breakfast. I'm a good cook when I have the time. I love scrapple and a perfect fried egg sandwich, though I'm lately experimenting with going vegetarian again. Eating out, I could have phở for every meal, and I love Burmese food (Mandalay in Silver Spring is one of my favorites, even if they did desert me by leaving College Park for the yuppier depths of MoCo). Thai's also good stuff. My favorite fun meal out was always Indonesian from Sabang in Wheaton until they went away, and now I find myself in a colossal desert in which there is no Indonesian food to be found anywhere, and that's sad, just sad. I find Mexican food heartbreakingly dull, except for what you find at hole-in-the-wall joints where most people fear to tread, and have the same ambivalence about Chinese, which is just blah drenched in sugar and grease in most places.
The six things I could never do without
Security blanket, manual typewriter, music, books, synthesizer, computer.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Astronomy, philosophy, mechanical stuff, and writing in my head.
On a typical Friday night I am
Housekeeping with Astrud Gilberto on the hi-fi.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My misanthropy and my optimism about the human condition are in nearly perfect balance.
You should message me if
You want to.