36Brisbane, Australia
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My self-summary
..this profile is so ridiculously old..needs a revamp if I'm gonna use it again....31/12/14

"cloudface" is a psuedonym I came up with around 2000/01 for using on the Internet and signing artworks etc and it migrated IRL and now most cats that know me call me "cloudy" but my wageslave name is Ross...

I wish there was a button on these dating sites where you could click to go "simplified version" or "longer with some detail version" for someone's profile-some of the advice given to guys on women is to not ramble on about yourself when you first meet a girl but let her talk, but then maybe that only works IRL and it's better to post interesting things about yourself on your profile?

In my short version I'd put:
Hey, I live 7 minutes walk from The Valley, I'm pretty easy going, I like to make girls laugh; let's hangout sometime and decide where to go from there...

peep me on FB:

Now I'll do a longer one for a bit in case you do like to read profiles looking for things that seem interesting in another cut back on my proclivity to ramble let's go point form...

-ENFP Myers Briggs type

-Libran with Sagitarian rising

-Interested in all things philosophical, media, art etc, memes, concepts, how other people think, live etc

-Apparently I look "23 or 25 maybe"...I'm confused about how I'm 31-it doesn't feel like I am and I'm not sure how someone in their 30s is supposed to act...I've wasted a lot of time in my younger days tangled up in a swamp of depression-it kind of feels like I was in a coma for much of "my youth"

-I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness

-I was celibate-by choice-till I was 20 and have been playing ill-equiped latebloom catchup since

-I have two younger brothers; the middle one's got fairly severe brain damage-nappies, semi-constant care etc and I spent a lot of my younger years helping to care for him...I don't understand people that think looking after babies is more hard work than it is rewarding

-Diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and the before mentioned depression at 17...

-Have had a "stress induced psychotic episode" where I didn't hurt anyone but went a little 'off the rails' and after not being able to sleep for days trashed the house I was living in with the two girls that owed me $1000 each and weren't looking for work or getting the Dole...I ended up in the psych ward for a bit on an "involuntary treatment order" and they decided because I had one episode that I was bi-polar and had to be on lithium for a never want to be on lithium if you're not actually bipolar...shit will acid wash your me when I say that I'm never ever going to act in any manner that will get me back inside a psyche ward

-Have taken-at rough estimate 50 acid tabs (post psyche ward)

-I decided I wanted to make my pec muscles "dance" when I was in highschool so started developing the muscles...I have manboobs that I can make "dance" now..I often flex my manboobs as "something to do" throughout the day-like how some folks chew their nails

-Doctors and psychologists etc I've seen last few years have decided I'm cyclothymic-which is a cutdown version of Bipolar 2...I don't get the "I AM A GOLDEN GOD" highs but my brain can become very overactive

...meh....the realisation that I've putt in some facts about myself that will probably scare you off dear reader is washing over me like atomic fallout but you can't really change your past and you'd find out shit eventually if we did become friends or dated or had sex even since I'm one of those faggy post-coital talkers...none of the above is actually eplained properly nor could be without a proper conversation..

Many things have gone into making up who I am today and many more will go into who I am tomorrow...maybe I should just put a nice "I like stuff and people and things" profile...this site needs a proofreading service..
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly trying to work out what to do with it..

I work at a bottle shop if you need to know my day job..

I sometimes DJ/run a club nite...some people find that impressive so I'll mention that...

I should be doing a shiteload more music, art and writing than I am but things are changing in a more proactive direction as these are the kinda things I want to do with my life.
I’m really good at
Writing answers that don't really help describe me on Internerd profiles.

cunnilingus (LOL)

...but seriously? Well, I have that "Libran trait" of being able to see things from multiple angles-arguing with someone when you can see their POV is annoying; "non-linear" thinking; aparently fairly decent at giving back/foot massages; thinking of random quotes at random times; eating spaghetti..
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure, I never ask...I do meet a bunch of folks that've heard of me/read something I wrote online somewhere before they meet me IRL and they're usually disapointed I don't act like Gary Busey crossed with Dennis Hopper's character in Apocolypse Now.. least eight completely un-related people have said I look like Bam Margera...[EDIT-9 now]

I'm like a daggy version of punk maybe..

(this is all just a rouse to seem humble-truthfully ladies go weak at the knees wherever I pass by...I really should stop pushing them over)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a complete mediafiend so I dunno if I could list fact as I've just doubled my collection thanks to culture vulturing Trash Video so it'd "take a hundred thousand hours" to list them all...if you know what that quotes from we're probably 5x5..

The obvious ones that are obvious are stuff like Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, Big Lebowski, Catch-22, et al and then a whole bunch you've probably never heard of like Size of Watermelons and Altered States..
Six things I could never do without
tl;dr-->scroll down yo

Why six-like makemecare pointed out-for starters?..

A lot of people put "my friends and family here" or shallow day to day things like "my iPod!"...

I don't think I've had a particularly hard life-that is to say a lot of people have lived worse-but I do know what it's like to go'd be surprised what you can go without-at different times I've gone without family, friends and a lot of stuff people list here. It's not a badge of honour, I'm just saying it's stupid to say shit like "I could never live without my friends-those girls are the bestest in the world and we'll be friends forever and evers" 'cause one of 'em might get drunk and push you out of a moving car or sleep with your boyfriend/dad/dog-you might find yourself in some weird situation and then your friends severe ties rather than stick by you..or maybe they'll get hit by a bus while texting you or move can fucking live without, you can learn to cope...don't be such a OTT douche..

Again, I don't think I'm particularly strong of character-I get depressed from time to time-but I could probably go without limbs etc as well...and putting down that you couldn't "do without" your intellect is ridiculous cuz obvious you can have an IQ of below 80 and still become the most powerfull man* in the world-besides idiots have less neurosis so I'd probably be happier.

"Sex" is something people like to put as well to indicate they like sex a lot I guess...I like sex a lot-I'd have it in lieu of meals it were an either/or-and I really love food-but it does seem unless you're a girl and/or you're not always particularly picky you do have to go without sex, no matter how much you want/love/need it.

So without listing the obvious like "air, food, water" (and needlessly long winded Internet messages!)...I guessed I'd have to put:


*man puppet is still a man
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything but what I type on the Internet.
Ways to live 'off the grid'.
Nipples, vagoo, songs I'm making up to Entertain myself, girls
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on the Friday...going out to the Valley, staying home drinking and watching DVDs/practising DJing/playing vidjo games...I don't like to have set routines as such..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a grower not a shower and aparrently have decent girth...
You should message me if
You feel like it...I've had purely platonic girl mates in the past and enjoyed that and found the friendship was quite good and symbiotic and so forth but I'd also like a girlfriend or even casual sex as these are nice things to have obviously...message me if either category intrigues..
The two of us