31London, Canada
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My self-summary
Well, yes its true Christine officially is dating someone... and yes I even met them online (mind you he lives like 5 minutes from me, and works as a cook at the bar I drink at OH and his brother works with me) so I am assuming I probably would have eventually ran into him but whatever I met him online. Anyways, yes I should probably delete this profile but after reading all the messages I got from people enjoying reading my profile, I really don't have the heart to remove it. So feel free to take a read, you can never have too many friends so don't hesitate to send me a message. (Jan 19th, 9am) ***OH and for you guys that actually read my details or stalk my profile waiting for an update I quit smoking been 19 days :D

I am currently working as a kitchen supervisor and planning on writing my red seal later this year. So this has nothing to do with anything just random gibberish so feel free to read or just move on to the next part. So its 2am on well i guess its Wednesday now I just got home from work and I am pretty damn bored so I am skimming through the people online and cant help wondering whether they are like me and are really just that bored OR if they are completely creepers.. I know that sounds rude but guarantee before you click on "message this person" you wonder whether or not this person is "sane".. Well here is a hit for those that want to message me, first, not entirely sane, I mean I won't kill you with an ax in the middle of the night while you are sleeping but definitely would laugh if I read the headline " Man killed by OKCupid Girl - is the internet really a safe place to meet people" LOL Ok so if u just chuckled at that message me, cause trust me, we'd get along well.. If u think I sound absolutely nuts, you know what, I am, 100%, if I was sane Id probably still be dating my highschool sweetheart. Anyways, its 2:06 am now, and yes I am still bored. Welcome to my life :D

I am down to earth, funny, and quirky
What I’m doing with my life
wow, this question reminds me of an exam question that you know is probably super easy to bullshit but for some reason you just keep reading the question over and over and no matter how hard you try you cant form a sentence.. but seriously, I do work, and I love my job, and hopefully one day Ill make it to the top, but really right now, I enjoy just working and hanging out and enjoying being young enough to do stupid shit.
I’m really good at
well the obvious thing is cooking - it being my job and all.. BUT I guess i am really good at acting like I care about sports, and no guys dont think I am doing this to get you to like me cause Im not that desperate but I work with all guys and well not saying I want to fit in but when guys start talking about sports with me assuming I am just like "one of the guys" I must give them some sort of look that says "YES IM INTERESTED" because they just dont shut up about it. Now mind you, mention curling and im all ears but basketball??? really?? OH also good at writing profiles that will probably scare away any potential guys that could be interested. lol
The first things people usually notice about me
that I don't wear makeup. Yes, its true, I am 25 and the only time I put on makeup is out of boredom and usually I wipe it all off before I even leave my bedroom. What can I say, I figure if you feel the need to wear make up then it means you arent fully comfortable with your appearance. Myself I love the way I look, and I am not cocky , I dont think I am hot shit or anything like that, just when I look in the mirror I can't think of one thing that I would change or attempt to improve. I guess this makes me "confident" but really at times I think it would be nice to be one of those girls that spend an hour in front of the mirror making herself look "perfect" for some dude that probably doesnt notice. It would be nice to get dressed up at times and actually care what someone thinks about you... but unfortunately that is not me. If someone doesnt like me for me then well first off your insane, and secondly just remember that I could have set you up with these really hot girls that I talk about :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a hard time picking my favorite for anything. I feel like if I pick a favorite then I am limiting myself of something that may be better. However, for the sake of this profile I will give out my favorite of the week...
Favorite book - Wicked (currently reading it and I love it)
Favorite movie - He's just not that into you (i know girly, but its just SOOOO true to all girls)
Music- right now I am listening to a lot of Rise Against
Food - I will never have a favorite food, not even of the week, I love it all!!
Six things I could never do without
My Family.. they keep me partially sane... or drunk either or..
My cat Pickles
My dog Olive
Wine.. if this world ever runs out of wine and jesus hasnt retuned to make water into wine then please just kill me
Food. And not just for the purpose of survival the day I have to live off canned food please just let me starve.. or kill me and eat me.. either or.
Oh I guess I should mention my friends... they are cool.. some replaceable but for the most part I love them and well a couple of them I have tried to replace but then I just end up with more friends...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) What did I do last night?
2) Where did I put my cell phone?
3) Why did I drink so much last night?
4) When is the next time I can go out?
LOL just kidding... or kind of kidding.. I really do ask myself all those questions every day but you know.. it doesnt consume me.. I also think about why I decided to be a fulltime babysitter when all the kids are playing with knifes..???
On a typical Friday night I am
Ok so my previous answer was working, but I am going to change this to either working or drinking or sleeping all depending on my work schedule as for anyone who works in restaurants they dont really mean anything except that you work when the big guy tells you to work.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well figuring IM REALLY OPEN! I will probably admit anything but the thing is... As crazy as my life is.. I dont really have any 6th toes or 3rd nipples.. And I guess if you want to know about my sex life well I guess that would mean I had a sex life... so here is it.. the most private thing I will admit is that I am a complete nutcase :) but atleast im cute :P
You should message me if
Alright, this is where people that think Id be super fun to talk to should read carefully, if it takes me longer than 2 hours to get to where ever you live, don`t message me, I am not that nice of a person that I feel the need to chat with every guys that says something witty to me. Remember how I mentioned that I wonder who is a creeper and who is just like me, well I really do think about that before I message someone back... So if you don`t fit that criteria, I am super glad my profile could entertain you but really me writing all this was to entertain myself. It is now 2:49am and I have killed almost a full hour writing whatever comes to my mind.
The two of us