42 San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
We are a very happy and well established couple who are looking to make new friends so we can develop some more sailing buddies! We have found over time that robust versions of the fairer sex often make for better sailing buddies, because they are usually more fun, reliable and better company! Of course, the most important thing is having enough in common to be interesting. (See below...)

Who are "we" (in 30 seconds or less)? Well, we're relatively "thoughtful," and relentlessly ponder "down to earth" intellectual pursuits; however, never without the whole-hearted interest and full consent of all of our companions. We try to have as few illusions as possible, and be as balanced, and wholesome as we can. And as you might have noted at this point, for us, some healthy sense of direction, combined with open-mindedness, is an important trait. As is humor, and an amiable disposition.

Most importantly, we place the highest value in honesty, integrity, trust, caring, and love; usually displayed by some degree of selfless consideration and kindness. It's also important to recognize that some of the most "difficult" and hardest to precisely "define" words in life, are also the most powerful, and really important ones!
What I’m doing with my life
What we really do, first and foremost, is to have fun while we dilgently seek the "truth, liberty and wholeness..." together.

We sail allot, and we live on a 47' sailboat.

Education/Occupation(s)/Background: She has dual degrees in applied math/computer science and graphic arts, and currently working on a BA in Nursing (Registered Nurse). (100% Native American Indian) He has 11 degrees (yes, really), and is an entrepreneur, a systems & infrastructure architect, and researcher and inventor in an R&D environment.
I’m really good at
Well one thing we really like to do is go on Sailing Adventures! And we are trying to get even better at it! So we go sailing at least weekly, starting sometime in May, through-out the summer - until September/October. On Sunday’s, we will usually leave around 10am or 11am, and are back by around 2pm.

We are looking for sailing buddies, and are looking for people who would like to try sailing out, and possibly join us regularily for sailing trips. The most important thing is having enough in common to be interesting for everyone. We usually find women to be better sailing companions, as they are often more fun, and more personable! And we find them to more comfortable to hang out with.

We have a specific goal in mind, in the longer term, although it is NOT required. We are looking to build up a crew of "Sailing-Buddies", who would be willing to join us for 4-day to 12-day "weekends" to Catalina Island and other SoCal oceanic destinations through-out the summer, we usually plan on going at least once, and often twice a month. And the Sunday sailing works out as a bit of a practice and training for these longer trips.

We really need at least one more person for these trips, because at least a 3rd, and even a 4th, crew member is required/strongly-preferred for docking, standing watches, and generally having fun on these trips! And many of our friends can't seem to find the time off from work for as many of the 4-to-12 day weekends as we like to take, although they always throughly enjoy them!

So if you are interested in joining us for these 4-to-12 day weekends to Catalina Island through-out the summer, we have a second stateroom, forward, with a queen size bed. If you would like to consider going on one of these trips, you would need to get to know us, get some sailing practice with us on Sunday's, and then make your intentions and reservation known early!
The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes, they'll notice the African Grey parrot on one of our shoulders, then they might notice that we live right next to “Humpherey’s by the Bay”, on our sailboat, and within direct view of Humphery’s outdoor concert stage. For most of the concert season we like to take full advantage of this circumstance, since we are “get” to participate in these concerts anyway.

So we often invite friends to share these experiences with us, when there's something good that they wish to see/hear:

[See the concert schedule here]:
And remember, Humpherey's usually fills-up the schedule as the season gets closer, and they keep updating their schedule throughout the season…

There is no cost; of course, but there are a few requirements. Friends who join us, usually bring the food and libations (drinks). Since this is our home, and it is a very intimate venue, we are comfortable with only a few people. And we like to meet people, before we invite them over for concerts, or sailing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Our favorite movie would probably be something like the 1993 version of the "Last of the Mohicans", because it is an amazing and timeless story about a fundamental circumstantial and cultural juxtaposition of a number of differing characters, from completely different backgrounds, each of which is at the top of their game. Who are thrown together into a complete dislocation. It is told reasonably well in this version, and we probably have an affinity for it because it comes very close to our own circumstances and how we met. And it somehow touched us in its' telling (the score is pretty cool too). BTW: If you haven't seen it, you might want to consider watching it - its a fairly accurate portrayal of the historical context within which it is set (1757).

We have many more potential "favorites". Some others would be “Castaway”, "Kingdom of Heaven", “American Beauty”, “Pulp Fiction”, "Amores Perros", “From Dusk till Dawn”, “Dancing at the Blue Iguana”, "The Bucket List", "Y tu mamá también", "Inglorious Bastards", “Black Snake Moan”, “Rain over Me”, "Shawshank Redemption", "Snatch", "Transformers...", "Avatar", "Zombieland", "Lucky Number Slevin", "Fracture", "Sin City", "Iron Man", "Crash", Disney stuff... like: "Shrek...", "Wall-E", "Toy Story...", "Despicable Me", "Lion King", "The Golden Compass", "King Arthur", "300", "13th Warrior", "Gladiator", "Braveheart", "Troy", "X-Men..." movies, “The Lord of the Rings...” movies, the “Star” Wars & Trek sagas, the "Terminator..." movies, and the "Matrix..." movies. We like movies, and watch them instead of watching TV.

We also read quite a bit, science, both technological and technical (they’re different), biblical, and philosophical kinds of titles.

Our music favorites have a wide spectrum, but it would probably be hard rock-and-roll-blues like Pink-Floyd, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Jimi Hendrix, among many others, and straight-up blues like BB King, among others, that we like the best. We also like a number of other styles that range from Classical to Peruvian and sometimes Salsa and Meringue to Gregorian Chants. We tend not to like country "Twang" or "Phht!" Rap, although there are even a few pieces in each that we like. We tend to dislike some of the repetitive "Pop" music, but others we like very much.

Basically, we don't watch TV, we don’t even have an active TV feed. However, when we did watch, our list of TV programs was pretty much exclusively things without commercials (using DVR’s exclusively). The girl of us (actually both of us to some degree, but the girl more) also loves to watch professional football games, if the games are a close match, and intensely played. We don't watch much other sports.

There is very little edible, that we would not try eating, so long as it was prepared in a reasonably safe, balanced and healthy way. And at the very "tip-top" of our list would probably be wild-caught sushi and sushimi, along with a juicy, range-fed, barbecued steak. But the majority of what we eat is organic vegetables, fruits and legumes. Our parrot's favorite food is unquestionably chicken! Really - and though it may sound cannibalistic to some, it is not . The difference between an African Grey and a chicken is as large as the difference between you and a cow!
The six things I could never do without
-God! (First and formost! Seek ye first the kingdom of God...), while being utterly non-religious, and wholly irreverant...
-Each other's company... (We are still "totally" in love)
-Our African Grey Parrot (he's the dog, and our friend)
-Our boat, or something like it.
-Our ability to explore...
-Our ability to play...
-Having FUN at what we do... (yes, we thought 7 was better!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, Liberty, Truth, Technology, the search for God, and how to live and bring into manifestation fuller and more abundant lives... However, we should make it clear that we are utterly non-religious, and wholly irreverant to any man-made authority, whenever, and wherever possible. In fact, we are inclined to believe that: "if it has a church, or a canon [], or a charter, it should probably be burnt down, just on principle!" (Oh-Wait! We also believe in free-will, freedom-of-speech, and self-determination too.) Ok, well then, that only leaves a semi-compassionate, semi-tolerance, for all those "religious" folks who have so throughly missed the main point. Simply put, we are NOT very religious at all - but we are actively seeking to "prove" God!
On a typical Friday night I am
Having dinner at one of the numerious excellent "happy-hours" around us, often with a band on the venue, and then hanging out with friends. Or sometimes after a particularily busy week, we'll just snuggle-in and watch a new-release Blue-ray movie, or two...

For our main activities, we tend to love sailing, anchoring out in quiet coves, long walks along the shore, hiking, camping, light mountain climbing (free climbing), scuba diving, swimming in the open ocean, traveling, sometimes dancing, and, to some degree, working out. We try to go explore exotic locations and take up an adventure whenever it is reasonable, and we can manage to come up with a good enough reason to justify doing it.

We regularly (twice a year – which we hope is the right balance) participate in whole long-weekends with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and Renaissance Faire kinds of events (medieval costumes, full-on sword fighting in 80 lbs of armor, belly dancing and wild parties around the camp fires.)

See: a CBS video profile on the SCA:
[ ]
and a VOA (Voice of America) profile story:
[ ]
if you are interested.

We like to play bridge and some other card games, chess, computer games, and sometimes board games; for the express purpose of facilitating regular social interactions with friends. Once in a while, we even participate in role-playing games like D&D (but not too often, as our time is limited, and there are often much better things to do with our time).

We are actively engaged in our boat's repairs and maintenance. So we do a fair amount of electrical/mechanical, composites-working, metal-working and canvas-working activities.

And we are extensively involved in inventing, robotics, and bringing new technologies to market. And sometimes in developing computer simulations, animations and digital objects/art. We also always have at least two or three serious R&D projects going on, often in collaboration with UCSD.

Most of all, we like each other's company, and try to have fun at whatever we are doing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes along the outer-coast, away from people, the touristy "cattle" boats , and the fishing boats, when a pod of whales is headed toward us, we'll "heave-to" [stop, in a way that holds the boat's position]. And then we'll jump into the ocean, and go swimming. Often, but not always, the whales will then come over and investigate us, and we'll get to go swimming with the whales! It is the only semi-safe, and legal, way to do it. Most experts would be adamantly opposed to this kind of encounter, and you do have to know what you are doing. But it IS truly AWESOME fun! And it sorta sums-up our notions of adventure, and risk-aversion. It's not usually too dangerous (we've done it many times); but, it's also not for the really timid or faint-of-heart!
You should message me if
When you read about going open-ocean sailing, is there that slightly exciting electric sensation all over, especially that tiny little tingly feeling in the bottom of your tummy? If so, then maybe you should go sailing! We might be the right kind of sailing buddies to help get you started? The only thing useful we can suggest is: don't let fear steal the opportunity from you, and understand that we are safe, comfortable, and nurturing. So if you are ever out of things to do while you're looking for "Mr. Right", or whatever you are searching for, please take a moment to look us up!