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My self-summary
:: Life is short! Play more!


:: No Regrets! Live Full-Throttle!



I folded several versions of my "Bio" text body into a single body.
Right now, it has some redundant sections, which I will eventually
get around to eliminating.

While some sections are redundant, it's still better than having
multiple versions in different places.

Please note: Since I wrote these Bios in various moods and
with different sides of my personality showing, the tone of the text
will vary wildly. Reading it will be like riding a roller coaster.

It may contain triggers for trauma flashbacks, so do not read this
if you are emotionally sensitive to certain triggers.

Also: This is clearly a work in progress, and may be updated
many times before becoming stable. Some of these passages are clearly
out of date by YEARS. So if there's some internal inconsistency,
that is why.

As of January 2015, I eliminated a lot of the more abrasive portions
and redundant paragraphs and combined some elements as well as added
some clarifications and nuances. This clarification and elimination of
redundancy is not complete.

Coyotama, (Alex Maurin) is a digital rights/information freedom
activist, a youth and animal rights activist, and a budding

The human Alex regularly interacts with a close-knit clique
of friends, and is currently putting together paperwork for
the multigigabit active ethernet FTTP broadband ISP known as

(This is dated.)

They say I'm really hard to miss if I'm in my element, since
I radiate enthusiasm like a corona of iridescent light.
I tend to glow when at my best, and everyone feels it,
whether they like it or not.

I am a turbulent firestorm of emotion and ideas, and I draw people
to me with an irresistible compelling will. My passion, empathy,
joy and suffering affect everyone around me.

I am also known to be a very sweet, empathic and caring person,
possibly overly concerned with others, since I have a bad tendency
to pile my plate too high, and run myself into the ground.
I tend to drag cuties out of loneliness and depression.
I've saved countless cute guys from suicide.

When excited, I'll literally bounce on my toes, grinning
from ear to ear, and my enthusiasm is infectious, billowing from me
like a thrumming tidal wave of kinetic force, pounding
into your bones. You can usually get me in this mode by prompting me
for some of my better ideas and inventions.

My friends say that I am:

"bouncy, cute, charismatic, overwhelming,
charming, funny, beautiful, interesting, entertaining, expressive,
extroverted, dramatic, silly, smart, gifted, intelligent, and

My enemies say that I am:

"stubborn, idealistic, unrealistic, unstable,
flighty, shallow, irresponsible, insecure, manipulative, arrogant,
and slutty."

skype: coyotama3

steam: coyotama

okcupid: codora

fetlife: coyotama

facebook: coyotama

twitter: coyotama

deviantart: coyotama

:: Dogs are Man's Best Friend.

I am, first and foremost, a Dog Person. I love dogs more than any human.
If you walk into my house, the very first decision I will make about you
is whether my dogs like you.

If my dogs decide they like you, you are halfway to winning over my heart.
My dogs are my life. Any human pets I have, I treat with the same
unconditional love, protection, responsibility and honor
as I treat the rest of My Pack.

My Pack is My Life.

:: Happiness is Marrying your Best Friend.

The health of any relationship is defined SOLELY by whether or not
the parties to that relationship are better off for it,
or worse off for it. A large part is whether they "get off" to begin with.

See what did I did there? Teehee.

I do not see any difference between the relationship with a dog,
and the relationship with a human. You are both people. In fact, dogs
are people by default, humans are monsters by default.

Some humans are different.

These humans are my friends, and I see them the same as dogs.


Dogs are very smart. They don't think like humans, that's exactly why
I love dogs. Dogs know what they want. Dogs know their priorities.
Dogs are not batshit insane, like ALL humans are. Some of you
will immediately think, "all humans, doesn't that include you,
Mr. Totally-Not-A-Human?" Well, duh, Smart Aleck.
I never said I was sane. No one is. Everyone has issues, it's just
a matter of degree, and how gracefully you deal with it.

A word of advice: If you think there's nothing wrong with your mind,
you are wrong. Period. If you really don't have anything wrong with you,
that's exactly what's wrong with you.

Unless you are a dog.

Then you are a dog.

I'm not saying dogs don't need therapy. Dogs have issues, everyone does.

Nature is a fucked up bitch, in case you missed that particular memo.
Why do you think the canine therapy industry is a thing? However,
as a general rule, dogs know what they want, and they don't
overcomplicate shit. Either they love you, unconditionally, or they don't.

My ultimate dream is to build Storm Eye, an intentional art community
with a wolfpack motif as an art theme, a strong and safe community,
a home for strays and lone wolfs, a shelter, a calm island of peace
in the center of a devastating storm that rips homes and families apart,
chaos that ends careers, futures and lives.

Storm Eye would be managed by responsible and powerful Dominants
who would form an hierarchy of delegated Switches in order to care for
all of the strays, unwanted or abandoned slaves and pets who have
nowhere else to go. It is not intended as a universal solution
to everything, ever.

Just a citidel of strength in a fucked up world. It's not perfect,
just safe. Sometimes, a safe place is all anyone can ask for.

Some say that such an ambitious vision will never come to pass,
but that's because they don't know me. I can do anything.
Everyone who knows me well says so. My friends are ALWAYS right.
If my friends say I can do anything, then I will move
mountains, seas, moons and stars to live up to their expectations.

It is who I am.

I love egg nog, stuffed jalepenos, chips and queso, and taramisu!

I practically live in a diet of rich cream, fresh berries,
extra virgin olive oil, fresh pure fruit juice, dark green salads,
golden honey, and succulent juicy chicken. I'll occasionally have
caramel chews, butter pecan ice cream, or ghost pepper salsa,
but I usually stick to my milk, honey, and berry diet because
my overclocked brain requires the uncompromising best diet possible.

I may eventually migrate over to a vegetarian diet. I don't like
killing animals, even for food. I'll miss chicken, but that's what
Mushrooms and olives are for. They are very meaty without being meat.

My favorite foods are those that are NOT mass-produced,
made by skilled artisans, have never touched anything remotely
resembling a supermarket, have never been infected by a brand name,
or cursed with the praise of the status quo.

All of my favorite foods are made by skilled artisans by hand,
with either simple tools or no tools at all,
to a very high and PROUD standard of excellence of quality,
with the absolute UNCOMPROMISING quality and excellence expected
by the absolute greatest minds of skilled trade.

Everything is made by hand, grown by hand, and has not been cursed
with the praise of modern industry or modern civilization.

Keeping this in mind, these are my favorite foods.

I love tomato basil bisque, with extra melted cheese,
hand-ground artisan multigrain honey-wheat split-top bread
with rich extra virgin olive oil, hand-made artisan orange-rind
muenster-style cheese hand-sliced freshly upon preparation,
generous helpings of fine spices and herbs all grown locally
in greenhouses and bunkers, totally banning
all importation or logistics, nothing but the absolute best
intensive conservatory farming protected from all idiocy
further away than 10 miles.

I really need a diet of rich freshly-milked and freshly-seperated
goat cream, fresh greenhouse berries, extremely plump and juicy
with intensively enriched soils and growing environments,
Extra virgin olive oil grown in underground greenhouse orchards,
fresh pure fruit juice also grown in ideal
tightly-controlled underground greenhouses.

I also need dark green salads
of baby spinach and heart of romaine, ultra-rich golden honey
with a high percentage of royal jelly from our own
underground beehives, and all of this is held strictly to standards
far exceeding even the highest and most extreme interpretations
of Organic certification standards.

I push my brain very, VERY hard to be smart enough
to take down entire countries, and thus, my nutritional demands
are rather extreme, requiring the absolute utter best
for optimal neural, metabolic and cardiovascular performance.

To keep up with entire countries, you have to eat like
entire countries. It only stands to reason, right? Right.

I also like advocados, walnuts, pineapple juice and peanut butter,
as well as homegrown opium poppy, peyote cacti, cocaine coca trees,
just about every decent cultivar of marijuana in existance,
and anything else I can grow to piss off the government.

I love textual roleplay, and take it very seriously.

My online persona I use as my default character is a literal personified
natural disaster, a storm demon who can casually control the weather
and direct electrical discharges in anyone's general direction
on a whim. My character's eyes are an icy dramatic silver,
shifting and hypnotic, and has multiple shapeshifter morphs.

My default character is an artificial
life form created by a remote planet's mad science a long,
long time ago in a corner of the Milky Way a long way away.

These artificial beings were designed to save the native species
from extinction and plague, but ironically enough,
the native species were too busy emotionally comforting themselves
and ended up mating with the idealized biological robots
and didn't bother preserving their own species, and their genetics
have been slowly integrated into the artificial species of which
my character is a member.

lorako as they are called have been used for various purposes,
including warfare. They can shift form, including in size. They have
a storage-friendly tiny form. The extra mass is converted
into energy, or temporarily extruded into an empty plane in the
sense of multiple dimensions. lorako are extraplanar and have been
bred and cultivated in many planes and worlds.

My character arrived in the plotline's current setting
which is the primary setting for the core trilogy and spinoff novel
series by way of political intrigue and betrayal,
being forcibly and physically exiled through
an experimental wormhole during a climatic battle on the precipice
of the imperial court terrace.

My character's eyes are an icy dramatic stormcloud silver,
shifting and hypnotic, vaguely resembling the native-american god,
Coyote, and glimmering bioluminescent markings around his eyes
are vaguely reminiscent of the Eye of Ra, to indicate his authority
as one of the original creations and one
of the founders of the entire species.

His deceptively charming and somewhat aloof demeanor is the result
of millions of years of rough experiences, wars and lost loves.
He is immortal and VERY difficult to actually kill. He can be sealed,
and has been many times. It's not pleasant and wears on one's sanity.

My character has four major forms. The first and most portable is the
chibi-plush sized, very easy to carry, and charmingly disarming.

The second form is a gigantic sky demon, terrifying and godlike,
capable of devestating warfare. He can fire a planet-melting beam
of high-energy particles a long distance from his mouth and forepaws.

He can stir up devestating tornados, hurricanes and blizzards and use
them to direct destructive force in the direction of enemies. It's
very difficult to negate or avoid, without having a lorako of your own
to deflect it.

He can fire powerful ionizing lasers and then direct petajules of
alternating current down the ionized path and electricute foes. This
weapon is called the "lora cannon." This weapon also has a
non-biological equivalent, also called a lora gun. It requires a lot
of energy to fire, and nothing less than nuclear reactors can produce
enough elecricity to fire it.

Lorako have nuclear reactors internally, and in much smaller morphs,
these reactors are extruded into a nearby empty plane. As a result,
lorako exist on multiple dimensions at once. Most of their mass and
energy exist on nearby planes, so looking at a lorako with True Sight
can be like looking at an iceberg where the tiny tip has a gigantic
mass just underneath the surface.

The High lorako, the species of which he is a member and one
of the principle founders, are a proud servile race without a master
race to love and protect, knights without a king.
The High lorako are caninelike creatures with large fenneclike ears,
massive tails that seem to have a mind of their own, and
seem to defy gravity, drifting weightlessly.

High lorako are generally deceptively diminuative in size,
preserving energy consumption
by appearing the size of human children, easily mistaken
for a 6-8 year old child by untrained human eyes.

You'd imagine the fur, tails and ears would be a dead giveaway,
but whatever. The entire species is immortal,
can voluntarily shapeshift, do not need to eat much, sleep at all,
heal quickly with food, and have a near-perfect immune system.

The immune systems of High lorako are so powerful,
they eradicate disease and sickness that is merely in proximity
to a High lorako individual, since lorako immune systems
are highly proactive and do not limit themselves
to staying inside internal bodily fluids.

The High lorako protect each other and their protectorate
from illnesses and disease by sharing symbiotic viruses,
bacteria, microorganisms and funguses (fungii) that were originally
designed by the pregenitors to protect the native species from harm.

These symbiotic virii and fungii integrate with the host
of the person a High lorako shares intimacy and affection with,
and if the lorako's lucky interspecies mate is particularly fortunate,
is generously filled with warm semen laden with precious gifts
of immortality, immunity from illness and disease,
cures of nearly all existing naturally-occuring and
human-manufactured diseases such as HIV and cancer,
and the cure of sleep, hunger and tiredness.

lorako semen eradicates
human immune systems and unnecessary metabolic pathways, especially
most digestive subsystems, assuming the human actually
has an immune system, and conquers the human's body
at a microbiological level, replacing the human immune system,
digestive system and other subsystems with a set
of endosymbiotic organisms that collaboratively integrate with
the human metabolism and biology.

The story of the world from which my character originates
is a fascinating world, pregnant with its own history, languages,
society, species, conventions, norms, systems of politeness
and courtesy, societal values and principles,
religions and organizations.

I am in the process of planning out entire arcs across multiple
series in a shared universe. I am plotting out everything
far ahead of time, so that I'll never have to retcon anything,
rewrite or reboot anything, and will have a massive shared universe
to draw upon when the need arises to create a sequel or
even a new spinoff series.

I am also planning far ahead for movies, video games
and graphic novels based on the adventures of the
lorako Shared Universe. You never know, the franchise may be wildly
successful. No harm in planning ahead, right?

My personality is slowly refining and becoming more discreet
and layered, and as it does, I became a lot better at self-control,
self-discipline, seriousness and responsibility.

When I fully mature, I will be devastating and unstoppable,
like the living natural disaster my family and friends know me to be.
For now, I bide my time, learning and growing, waiting for my time
to shine.

My name is Coyo. My legal given name is Alex, but a name given to you
while you're a misshapen fat grubworm means nothing. A true name is
chosen by you for yourself, after developing a functional brain.

I like building things, and I'd rather be a starving sculptor that
builds awesome functional works of art, such as beautiful engines and
vacuum tubes, than a starving cartpusher for Walmart. I don't want to
be a wage-slave. I can't live on minimum wage, especially at part-time.

Anyway, I like building things, and I plan on building awesome things
for a living and selling them at conferences, conventions, festivals,
faires and concerts. Anywhere you can have a table, artist's alley or
dealer's den, you can offer beautiful steampunkish engines.

Unlike many creations you'll find on Etsy and the like, I do not
simply take a mass-manufacturered old vacuum tube and wrap metal
around it and call it a work of art.

I build the vacuum tube itself from scratch, crafting the metals,
glass bell and everything by hand, including etchings and cut glass to
decorate each vacuum tube, then include these handmade vacuum tubes in
a larger engine, such as a wood-fired steam engine that uses vacuum
tubes to rectify the generator's AC output into DC, to feed handmade
capacitors, and then invert from DC back into standard AC
which can be used to power standard appliances, including laptops,
phones and other fine electronics.

Tube rectifiers and inverters are awesome. How an inverter basically
works is that an oscillator generates a signal at the right frequency
for inversion, and then this signal is amplified greatly
using the DC current. This amplified signal becomes a sine wave
powerful enough to drive appliances.

This principle also works for awesome hardware music synthesizers.
I feel people rely on FL Studio and Garage Band too much.
People forgot how fun it can be to build your own musical instruments,
and this includes electronic synths. You can make some awesome sounds
with handmade hardware synths. If you really think about it,
anything you can stick an electrical pickup or mic on can be used
to sample sounds, which you can later compose with FL Studio
if you like. Honestly, I prefer live performances.

Records are for retards. The future is streaming and paying artists and
coders by the hour, going back to the pre-record commission model.

Big-ticket productions can also be based on the commission model, but
use crowdfunding to fund a production studio to produce a movie or game.

Once the movie or game is released, it's already been paid for. At that
point, "piracy" is impossible because it's already been paid for. Enjoy!

Since there's a limited market for steam engines, I'm thinking instead
of doing candles, soap and incense. I'm already good at the organic
chemistry involved, and work with essential and fragrance oils anyway,
and I have an incredible sense of smell. I'm told I should be a
wine-taster, since I'd be really good at it and be paid a ridiculous
amount for it. But I don't like wine.

I was considering going back to school, but then I remembered why I
hate colleges so much. They are cruel, greedy bastards, who want you
to dance to their tune, register and enroll well ahead of time, their
professors are assholes who merely teach you what's in their
ridiculously overpriced textbooks, defeating the purpose of having a
living professor do their job and profess to you what isn't in the

Books are ancient technology, anyway, and by the time
anything tech-related makes it to print,
they are as many as 5 years out of date, because
even without a centralized clearinghouse acting as gatekeeper, it
still takes a very long time to publish, distribute and deliver the

Even with self-publishing and ebook delivery, writing, editing,
compiling, the whole process of authoring and publishing still takes
a very long time. Why bother? Most people don't have the space, money
or time for books. In this modern day and age, rather than learning
from books, interactive games are the future. Games can be both art
and education, and can train real world skills and knowledge while
taking relatively little time and is competent at capturing limited
attention spans.

There is also the fact that most people don't even read.
If it isn't a TV show or video game, it isn't going to fly.
Kinda sucks for me, because I like to write,
as can be seen from this substantial bio.

Anyway, with the advent of things like Khan Academy, WikiBooks,
HackADay and online tutoring services such as TutorVista at affordable
prices, there is no need for colleges. These so-called "places of
higher learning," are as ancient and crumbling as the dusty
crumbling walls they are contained in.

I don't need to pander to and beg colleges to pass their stupid
torch to me. I don't need them. Besides, any true genius worth their
salt would be held back by formal curriculum anyway. All the truly
talented ones are all self-taught, or autodidacts. Why? Because
the formal education system is a complete failure. They only take up
valuable space.

I've considered seriously attempting to get a higher-paying job from
a company like Google, Starbucks, Walmart or McDonald's, but after
enduring an entry-level position, I have decided against it after all.

The system is a complete failure, every component is malengineered and
incompetent. The only viable path is to start my own organization and
let its obvious superiority in every imaginable way speak for itself.

Actions speak louder than words, and I am a man of action.

:: Heaven is not a place, it's being with people who love you.

After having lived a life that would have broken any lesser being,
I have learned the cardinal value and importance of real friends.

My friends are the cornerstone of my existence, and the only reason
I find any reason to bother with existing at all.

Though the vast masses of humanity are wretched and content to whine
about their misery without moving a single finger
to change their circumstances, I strive to DEFINE myself by doing
the impossible, seeing the invisible, touching the untouchable
and breaking the unbreakable.

I refuse to apologize for being the way I am. If you feel
you must blame someone, blame yourselves for being a bunch
of incompetent worthless scum without any redeeming qualities.

Since I'm stuck here in this worthless human body anyway, may as well
have some fun and see what experiences are worth having.

Everyone needs a hobby. Mine is insurrection in the name of Science.

My children will be guaranteed the utter best, and any female
lucky enough to earn my interest will be guaranteed to lead a happy,
satisfying, interesting and comfortable life.

I work very hard to refine myself, mind and body, to be the kind
of excellence only found in fantasy novels and children's storybooks,
so I strive to be a good and loving leader and master.
I work myself to the breaking point to be like a father to my men.

A good leader and master understands very deeply the social contract,
not unlike a BDSM contract, a very complex and intricate
dominance-submission relationship.

And it IS a relationship. A master and his subordinates share
a form of intimacy very few ever have the opportunity to experience.

Leadership is intimacy. Power breeds intimacy.

A good leader is a good parent, and his children, blood or not,
adore him unconditionally. If a leader is not adored by his people,
it is because he is incompetent.

:: Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Those among my fellow students and classmates who profess to have
intelligence are indeed gifted, but fail to use those gifts
to better the lot of their friends, family and community.

They may as well have been born without three neurons to rub together,
for all the good they have done those who love them.

Mensa does nothing, contributes nothing, thus Mensa is full
of worthless retards. These are not geniuses, this is a glorified
gay orgy (not that there's anything wrong with gay orgies...).
:: Action is the ONLY real measure of intelligence.

What defines a good man, is to protect and provide for his family.

What defines a great man, is to protect and provide for his community.

What defines a great man among men, is to protect and provide
for his species and his planet as well as any who rely upon him.

I am Coyo. The one and only.

:: No one wants to make mistakes, but we cannot learn enough
:: from successes to go beyond the state of the art.

I have little patience for a bunch of pathetic cowardly lemmings
who think that radical centrism, multiculturalism and postideologism
makes you any less wrong or stupid.

I have little patience for a bunch of disgusting hypocrites who claim
that having an opinion at all is extremism, and that
rejecting stupidity committed by the many is elitist at the face.

99.999% of the human population are complete idiots. It is not that they
are incapable of rational thought, it is that they choose not to use it.
If they really were incapable, I wouldn't blame them anymore than a runt
puppy that needs to be drowned.

Those that actually use the faculties nature has endowed us with are a
teeny tiny minority, a tiny flickering candle in a vast ocean of darkness.

I have little patience for a bunch of incompetent old men who think
traditional New English and Virginian polity has any worth whatsoever.
Rome fell, and every civilization based on Rome has failed
utterly without fail.

What makes you foolish old men think America
and Western Europe won't also fall? You are already in decline.
You have already failed.

I have little patience for norms and conventions of a people
that do not respect me, much less have done anything to earn MY
respect, or have any place for me within the system.

You don't even pretend to care about me or my people,
why should I give a flying cardboard box about you?

I have little patience for an education system that
fails the students who trust it and rely on it
for careers and futures.

I refuse to tolerate a worthless public school system
that wastes valuable taxpayer money only to crush
truly gifted students, utterly fail in their taxpayer-funded
obligation to teach students who have geniune gifts,
yet you worthless teachers accuse us, the truly gifted
and so much more smarter and more talented than you will ever be,
of having learning disabilities.


Bitch, we do not have learning disabilities,


The entire education system IS A FAILURE,
and anyone supporting it financially or benefiting from it
financially will ALSO go away to make room for a system that
doesn't suck in every concievable way.

I have little patience for universities and colleges
who take their students' money like a pirate's tribute,
then use that money to conduct research the public will never see,
research that only private corporations or military projects
will be permitted from which to derive any benefit.

:: If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts;
:: but if he will be content to begin with doubts,
:: he shall end in certainties.

Science is supposed to be about a handful of basic principles. Among
these is "peer review" and "data sharing."

When I try to look at the actual articles on specific scientific studies
on Wikipedia or other places, I hit a paywall almost immediately, and the
money involved is often in the hundreds of dollars. You call this data
sharing?! What the hell. THIS is pseudo-science. I'd rather practice
proto-science or "mad" science if THIS is the alternative, publishing
to a tiny handful of entirely corrupt and evil scientific journals, where
having work published here is the only measure of a scientist.

That is complete bullshit. And it gets worse when the other measure of a
scientist is the possession of a Ph.D. Bitch, please. Formal education
is a lie. Those degrees aren't worth the paper and ink they are printed
on. That goes for any degree, much less something like a music or
liberal arts degree. I'm not trying to be rude about it, but it's true.

Degrees do not give you jobs. They only give you student debt and
injured pride, and if you are lucky, a false sense of accomplishment.
A degree does not a scientist make. It's a mindset.

The human genome project belongs to the public! Our money funded it,
those are OUR GENOMES, you WILL give them to us!
This also goes for pay-only scientific archives and journals.
You WILL give us all of that scientific data, or else.

It rightfully belongs to the citizens, not you. Our tax money
and student debt funded ALL of that reseach, you deserve none of it,
and have no true claim to any of it.

Give me the pleasure of taking it by force.

I dare you.

I have little patience for a job market that fails both
potential employers and potential employees.

ANY unemployment rate whatsoever is an intolerable failure
of the system. If worthless multinational corporations cannot afford
to hire people, there IS NO EXCUSE.

You have failed.

There are vast unindustrialized and developing COUNTRIES,
entire continents, even, that you have UTTERLY FAILED to develop.

You aren't just Bad Guys, you are INCOMPETENT BAD GUYS!

If you do not realize that much of South America and South Africa
is crying out for stability and foreign investment,
you are an incomptent fool.

The people need true leadership, and I don't see you
doing a better job.

I have little patience for a job market that has consistently FAILED
to solve the problems that have existed for
the hiring/jobhunting process since before the American Revolution.

I have little patience for so-called policymakers and
so-called employers who are unwilling to take leadership
in the job market and change norms and conventions when
they so obviously fail to work.

Call me a tyrant or tinpot dictator if you like.

Disrespect me, I dare you.

Do a better job, or shut the fuck up.

I dare you to keep excusing your pathetic FAILURE and COWARDICE
with bullshit lines like

"Don't reinvent the wheel"


"We all build on the shoulders of giants."

Bitch, the only giant you have to worry about is my giant cock
in your mouth!

The standardization process and organizations are all a lie.

I have little patience for people who insinuate that I have little
to no worth because I REFUSE on MORAL PRINCIPLE to contribute
to a BROKEN system of broken systems,

when I am beyond intelligent
and capable enough to build an entirely NEW SYSTEM
(including an entire SUITE OF SUBSYSTEMS) all by myself,
successfully launch it, market it, and defeat the old corrupted
and broken system in fair competition,

start a one-man cultural and industrial revolution,
potentially full-scale nuclear civil war,
if necessary, sneering at my good-for-nothing critics the entire time.

I don't see ANY OF YOU doing anything CLOSE to better job.
If you have civil unrest, it's because you are a failure.
If you don't have the civil or human rights you think you deserve,
it's because you are a failure.

If your citizens constantly bitch about you, it's because you
are a failure. If your citizens do not approve of your rule,
it's because you are a failure.

If you are incapable of providing jobs and opportunities
to the people, it's because you are a failure.

If you take over 8 years to suppress a dumbass like Saddam,
it's because you are worthless and too incompetent
to do even that much.

:: Do what you love, and you will always excel.

Previously, I was doubting myself, questioning my own motivations
and resolve regarding how far I was willing to escalate
the conflict between myself and the institutions of
Western Civilization, but those issues have since been resolved.

As of August 2013, I'm committed to my resolve to obliterate
all institutions that stand in my way, trusting my own judgement
as a consenting mature human individual that my moral judgements
are correct at the expense of the obvious monsters currently
maintaining the status quo.

As of January 2015, I have decided to go full-throttle Anarchist.
The problems with society aren't socialism or capitalism. It's
a perfect storm of stupidity, incompetence and mega-organizations.

Any organization of individuals exceeding the hard-coded tribal limit of
200-500 individuals breaks something in the monkey brain and brings out
the worst in people. If organizations are strictly limited
in scale, the monkey brain would be better able to adapt to modern
society, assuming you're not dealing with incompetent morons.

I have a habit of somehow locating cute individuals
on the precipice of loneliness and depression.
I've saved countless cute guys and gals from suicide.
That may have something to do with why so many people like me,
though I can never be sure. I am unused to being a popular guy.
I am unsure I will ever get used to it.

My people love me, what about yours? Do your countrymen love you?

I didn't think so.

For those of you who were curious, the rumor that Vegans taste better
is 100% true, depending on the Vegan. REAL Vegans taste like candy.

Om nom nom!

As you can see, I'm a Humanitarian. Humans that bother
to take good care of themselves taste delicious. Unfortunately,
inferior individuals such as government employees working for the like
of HLS, ATF, TSA and DEA are only good
for feeding my cyberwolf army. The wolves are the only ones
that can tolerate their distasteful meat.

:: A character is not defined by what you can add to him,
:: but by what cannot be taken away from him, without changing who he is.

My personality is slowly refining and becoming more
discreet and layered, and as it does, I became a lot better
at self-control, self-discipline, seriousness and responsibility.

When I fully mature, I will be devastating and unstoppable,
like the living natural disaster my family and friends know me to be.
Lesser beings may claim me to be a tyrant, elitist or a vigilante,
but those people probably have some Freudian desire
to be dominated violently to begin with, so the best thing is
to ignore people like that.

Otherwise they would not give me such blush-inducing complements!

For now, I bide my time, learning and growing,
waiting for my time to show the world what I am capable of,
and the true extent of their ignorance and failure.

As for basic interests in the more mundane sense, I like making my
friends happy in whatever way is necessary. All my friendships
automatically come with benefits. I never really did learn to develop
boundries, and I don't think I ever will nor do I think I will ever
have to.

Sex is life. Sex is culture. Sex is a fundemental function of the human
body, and a fundemental factor in the human mind's experience of life.

The idea of saying sex, and by extension, love, is bad is like calling
the sky red and grass purple. Sex should not be some special thing
reserved for only one person, much less only for procreation one time
ever, without any joy or enjoyment.

I fail to comprehend why we're not supposed to have fun and enjoy life.
Why is having fun and feeling good bad? Why is it a bad thing to want to
be happy?

Is it really wrong to live a 420-friendly and sex-liberated life? I find
this concept rather disconcerting. I'll take my sex, drugs and rock and
roll, and you can keep your flag and bible.

As a final note, I am currently NOT looking for
additional slaves or pets. If you notify me as to your interest
in a very confident and responsible BDSM Master, I will add you
to the waiting list, but I have enough responsibilities as it is,
and cannot, in good conscience, take on any more responsibilities.

There is a draft PDF form to fill out if you want to apply for pet/slave
positions under my firm paw, but you'll have to ask for the URL.

This status is subject to change without warning.

Be prepared for my intensity, if you are not
too cowardly to contact me.
What I’m doing with my life
We are as mayflies, and life is fleeting.

There is much to be done.

I'm am working very hard every day, obtaining valuable and marketable skill-sets, and hiring tutors with my own personal funds to assist me in accomplishing the impossible.

In what little spare time is left, I enjoy writing short stories and preparing them for publication. Notify me of your interest in proofreading these manuscripts if you wish to puruse them.

In addition to my original creations for my own personal satisfaction, I provide freelance ghostwriting, editing, proofreading and transcription services for clients.

I am, at this present time (as of time of writing, May 2013), actively seeking new playmates and acquaintances in the immediate vicinity for such activities as performing at concerts, participating in structured tabletop roleplaying sessions, performing live-action roleplaying, performing improvised theatrics, conducting street performances, and in addition to these, I am interested in considering any proposed activities you wish to participate in with me.

I am in the process of preparing to qualify for the Prometheus Society, to register for and participate in a local Hackerspace, and to attend events hosted within a local BDSM club.
I’m really good at
I excel at pushing people to become the very best that they can become.

I have a gift for seeing the best in people, and the full extent of their potential; their true capacity to accomplish the impossible.

I excel at facilitating the organization and movement of people, ideas, and concepts, transforming ideas and idle chatter into reality.

I have a gift for synthesizing revolutionary and groundbreaking ideas at a breathtaking and terrifying rate. I have been described as a "fountain of ideas."

People unused to me tend to get hit with my ideas like a salvo of 24" naval artillery shells.

I excel at community building, transforming a disparate ragtag bunch of misfits into a proud nation of people who call this community their home.

Indeed, my greatest dream that I pursue is to build an elaborate and large-scale art community to be named Storm Eye, a refuge in the heart of calamity.

I am competent at tutoring, mentoring, writing, preventing suicide and providing helpful advice.

I am competent at financial management, and have been told that I possess a good "mind for business." I find that I consider a lot of supply-side logistical, infrastructural, financial and systems problems and solutions others do not consider.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, my energy, my presence.

I am a born warrior and a born leader. I have zero tolerance for incompetence, hypocrasy or failure.

If a so-called leader fails, my automatic reaction is to kill him and take his place.

War is the true measure of a man.

My willpower is palpable from a distance. It is akin to a suffocating wave of invisible pressure that can overwhelm individuals without inner strength or confidence.

They say one's eyes are windows to the soul, and if that is true, my soul is made of molten nuclear plasma.

When I am at my best, my will and personality drowns out others' emotions until it becomes nontrivial to discern which of the emotions they experience are actually theirs, and which are mine being reflected back to me like human tuning forks.

At my worst, my misery can induce suicide epidemics.

It is said that I have a habit of "happening to people" -- like natural disasters have a habit of happening to people.

People also notice things like how tall I am,
my trademark impish grin, and
my infectious enthusiasm for my passions, which compel others to share my zeal and joy.

People also tend to notice my total lack of patience for incompetence and failure.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books are:

Stranger in a Strange Land; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Codex Alera; Dresden Files; Sword of Truth series
Darwin's Radio; Coyote Rising, Marked Man Omnibus
Bleach; Death Note; Soul Eater
Ukiah Oregon series, especially Bitter Waters
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
Neuromancer; Snow Crash; Ghost in the Shell
Alpha and Omega series, especially Cry Wolf
Immortals series, especially Wolf Speaker
His Dark Materials, especially Subtle Knife
Wizard's Bane; Hunger Games; The Hobbit
Bartleby's Descent, Artemis Fowl, Series of Unfortunate Events
Six things I could never do without
1) My Friends.
2) My People.
3) My Books.
4) My Music.
5) My Harem
6) My Drug Lab
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What we think about every day, Pinky!

How to take over the world! :P

I think about a better civil architecture, better infrastructure, better military vehicles, better military aircraft, better naval vessels, better weapons and counterintelligence systems, sensor grids, medical information systems, counter-nuclear systems and radar jamming and counter-jamming systems.

I expend a great deal of my attention refining me blueprints for an automated job-assignment system to ensure everyone has a job they enjoy, and ensure they have the skills and capabilities to do it well, and feel good about it because they know they are competent and that it's a worthwhile job that makes a difference in something her or she cares about.

I much effort and attention on revolutionary counter-advertising systems to destroy the potency of advertising and persuasion models and theories, rendering all traditional advertising and pursuasion techniques useless and worthless, rendering entire industries jobless and starving to death.

I also spend a lot of time on designing the architecture of an alternative system of financing and funding projects, ensuring everyone I am responsible for homes, jobs, cars, computers, medical equipment, anything they could want.

I spend quite a bit of time on designing extremely sophisticated and efficient vacuum tube computation for house-wide host device and network routers, high-density housing and residence halls and nuclear bunkers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Studying and researching, conducting experiments in secret in my bedroom, and chatting on Skype.

For whatever reason, I tend to have all of my friend-stuffing funtimes on Fridays. I am not sure why.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love dogs! The cuter the better!
You should message me if
You have an IQ of at least 174 (99.999th percentile using a standard deviation of 15).

You are generally sweet, friendly, and giving, a selfless person.

You are generally shy, submissive, and quiet, an unassuming person.

You like food. I love to cook! I'm a kitchen chemist!

You like playing video games on Steam, going window shopping, movies, eating out, or strolling around parks, such as the Dallas Arboretum.

I am currently looking for playmates and partners in crime! If you want adventure, I need adventurers!
The two of us