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My self-summary
(Submitting revised intro 2/25/17 cuz last edit dates back awhile.)

I may have participated in The Women's March 2/21/17 for totally unselfish motives, but there's post-March fences to mend here. Last time i met someone aligned & cool, i had a while to introduce her to my values & build trust. That's far less easy to do in this landscape. But there's always hope to trump fatalism. (Yes used lower case verb form just now)

Users on this site tried to age shame me, but real time dating showed me that if a woman my age says "You can't boink me like a young girl," then a quest or option for a younger partner is valid. If a lady my age is fit, fantastic.

I like bright social justice warrior women, cultural creatives. I keep running into dimwit meat cows thwarted by language. If i like intelligent women, why the bleep must we battle to get acquainted or gain trust? Twas ever thus. Hope springs eternal anyhow because you get back what you put out there. If im willing to march & fight FOR you, then i damn sure don't want to fight WITH you.

Sistas are still my hard limit. Should i modify that & become so totally Bay Area that any race will do? NO. For I submit that no other kind of woman can trigger the quickening of The Highlander, sparks, lightning, levitation & inspiration like a black woman can. If she's sensitized & stands down from RED ALERT at my approach, we have a fighting chance to be loving instead of hating or reenacting old traumas.

She'll find i have hospitality, culinary skills & vast curiosity & sagacity for one so young. (SMILE)

Finally, I've never married. No one has proven to be a lifetime bet. Still we seek love & liberation, empowerment & leisure. My gig offers infrequent time for those things, so a much needed infusion of a good person is essential.

Be Blessed.

words fail.

but here goes: The site managers have determined i'm Soylent Green, suitable to be mulched on a conveyor belt into a nutrition bar.

"From the arising of this comes the arising of that."
What I’m doing with my life
finding & restoring artifacts. returning them to their origin or source if needed.

"When you find a conscious man you have no choice but to face yourself."

i embrace every life affirming act that refutes my sands have run.

negotiating an ever changing sea of boundaries & identities in this magical mystery tour of life.

performing an agile kinetic job that requires concentration & stamina.

engage with clients at assigned events & venues.

accumulating an art stash.

staying the course & sticking to my guns even when my caliber is questioned.

(a lifelong bachelor does not a scoundrel make.)
(but still might be confused with a vampire.)
I’m really good at

lifelong autodidact, polymath
rotating book cache
self-taught delinquent before the word "Doogie" was uttered
"Preach" in Cooley High.
the life journey of a Kryptonian
reinvention is constant
stagehand in S.F.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anti-Love Song by Betty Davis.

"he's a complicated man & no one understands him but his woman" (true that.)

a site i discovered that resonates with me:
Six things I could never do without
any cool shoes that make my feet look smaller
the sawmill i use to cut through the bull
Occam's razor
Dr. Sagan's B.S. Detector
knowledge from wearing other hats in the past
1964 New York's World's Fair
black BDU's
electric juicer
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the times someone left me in charge & how it's been a revocable honor, efficiencies be hanged.

the times i've been honest & it invoked a fear factor.

black women: the sistas on this site all from over the world. (statistics are skewed for the pampered class & don't reflect your awesomeness.) i relate to a spectrum, but best to the literate, evolved & tolerant.

totally quit using blackpeoplemeet when a user said my profile should be written at sixth-grade level, whereas on this site simple bullet points & polysyllables can be upsetting (sigh!)

blondes can be fun, but women of color preferred. call it my hard limit.

if you don't find a free range non-lobotomized human dangerous & have protocols in place if a brotha is unconventional to your encounters things could be harmonious.

(The S.F. Bay area has been good to me professionally & for my art collecting & art practice. )

i'm not here to make anyone's head hurt or befuddle her. nor am i here to atone for the collective sins of the phallocrat patriarchs. if you like women, i don't care. but if you truly truly don't like men, i tend to notice lil stuff like dat. i also notice if i happen upon a random sista in public in yoga pants & she reacts as if threatened & exposed.
immediately seeks to cover up or change direction. (i see you don't do that on Sadie Hawkins' Day) it was hanging on ya when you left the house before you ever saw me. (another fear factor- sheesh!) what can i expect in a region saturated with feminist diatribes-either men got game to marshal as needed or they're "girly men" if they don't.
i need not suffer the wrath of Jocasta's brooch pin. Pygmalion envisioned the woman of his dreams-should that cost him his hands & eyes because it originated from the "male gaze?"

I'm artistic also & Lucian Freud totally snoozed on a demographic that's rich in texture. ya can't hide Gibraltar if ya got one ya feel me? Won't change my love of prominent fundament in the least.

so don't have or at least be working on body image issues. (& yes i noticed they can last for decades) celebration can be misconstrued as violation. also sharing the same sidewalk. "dat dere be dat bullshit" as the internet meme sez.

there's two sections of my profile that no longer appear. Snowden knows you can't really tell secrets. They're not received well by the unenlightened & the truth itself is sufficiently taxing.

that said, monogamy for me amounts to over-specialization. latitude to choose doesn't equal licentiousness. i don't slut-shame healthy expressions, polyamory, kink. i do take issue with "Don't Ask Me To Smile" "The End of Men" & other scowling divisive diatribes that alienate the sexes. i'm a good friend, a warm caring host, accepting of GBLQ but hold the" T." (ciswomen or bust. no compromise. ) it doesn't mean one is a rotten person for having principles. i'm old school-hot tubs & champagne are soothing with like-minded company. i like guy stuff-i fix great meals for guests. i'm proactive. if you can grasp that, there's a chance to be in sync. i'm low-key but intense when needed. i also know that euphoria can be fleeting so people value deeper stuff.

i celebrate black womynkind & value intelligence. If things were reciprocal, they'd be smoking.

"Gee Boss," said Rock Bottom, "why does that have to be an 'if'?"

(Oh yeah, i do impersonations)

i'm not one dimensional nor reduce you to same-i connect with personalities.

i am in sync with the untapped power of mature women though i find i must weather their cynicism. (what did they do to you? oh my...)

five dozen candlepower baby! just made sixty laps around the sun = a dream to some, a pariah to others. i still chase women with an eggbeater & maintain USMC fitness & versatility. yes i can be recklessly figurative with language.

Oh, deliver us from the predations of those awful cismen daring to hit on young stuff over thirty & under fifty-why we'll have to charge him to message that demographic as they clearly have excluded him from consideration. OKC be trippin'
(tantamount to pimping)
(fee will be a deterrent to contact=happy now?)
freaking diluted 95% of the joy of using the site!

The site Nazis think they know best & disable above messaging attempts altogether. let the users decide who's age-appropriate. hmmmmm?
Achtung: If you really wanna be useful site Nazis make sure there's no men in my search results after i type in looking for "women."

*(my favorite three stooges word)

Jack LaLanne towed boats with his teeth into his eighties. I survived several eras & am still banging. (Civil Rights Movement, Post-Vietnam, Discos & Danskins, a coke spoon for every neck, The "Me" Decade, The New World Order, Y2K, Carter, Reagan, Poppy Bush, Clinton, Dubya & a White House painted black.) The Last Poets said: "the men will look like the women & the women like the men" in 1973. So i have no use for ambiguity now that it's prevalent. I was never indiscriminate & seldom understood so it's fair to say there's untapped reserves under the hood.

I sing the Seven Dwarfs song with my sarcastic lyric:

"I'se old, i'se old. let's face the fact i'se old
on a fast track for a heart attack,
i'se old, i'se old!"

Then i go out & do amazing shit.

Don't think i just want a token, when all i crave is a peer. pulchritude keeps me young & corruption is forestalled. There should be reciprocity & feedback. there should be intellectual life, common ground and liberated boundaries with the right person. Men need more than tools & guns to play with.

& the clock isn't turning back but for an hour once a year.

if you feel me then deal with it. if you pass i will never know or care.
if you connect with me, you will notice a rare being & ask where my spaceship or time machine is parked cuz i'm clearly not from these parts.

(being called an anachronism is a high compliment)

i expect more from literate women besides vehement disdain with my self-description. check your issues at the door.
No, on second thought there's no growth unless one reckons with the psychic effluvia of others.

admit it when you check profiles it's to see if you can stand to look at that person from eyelash distance at some point.
On a typical Friday night I am

(First Fridays in Oaktown)

if not at above event, then i may likely be modifying an upcycled art piece, like finding a carved wood Masai then make his shield & weapons from mixed media. when a merchant from Africa saw the finished product, she exclaimed that it appeared as if an African made it. I told her, "well aren't we all s'posed to be from there, just a lil bit?" (insert wry grin)

there can be other uses for Fridays...
You should message me if
you've seen the error of your man-hating ways.

you see men as you wish to be seen, as allies, partners, friends.

(something has rendered women into skeptics & men into cynics & you buck the trend)

i show up on your page & you wish to investigate.

(you don't close your account after messaging me as certain women tend to do)

DO NOT message me if you started out life as a male or have been gender reassigned or in the docket for it-I'm not here to validate your feminine side.

(420-friendly if that helps you relax)

haunting flea markets & art galleries is a pastime

i end with an original verse:

i swear she was a Venus figurine
with the hips of life
on marble columns
sacred her to death when i told her
'i long to worship
the great earth mother.'
The two of us