26Laramie, United States
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My self-summary
I value knowledge most in my life.
I am a person mentally interested in many things. I like to talk about many things and learn about even more. Anything and everything is open to conversation. If it isn't something I immediately know about, then if it or you interest me, I will learn about it quite quickly.

I live in Laramie and am going to school to become a nurse. I partake in my hobbies quite often. And I enjoy spending time with my cat. I have many interests and can commonly be found deep in thought.

Communication is essential in relationships. The single most important key in my opinion. It is also very important to me as an individual. I like to know many things, and I ask a lot of questions. ALWAYS. That is a big part of who I am. I learn best through reading textbooks cover to cover. Sadly for me there are no textbooks for each person I interact with in day to day life. So i have other methods I can learn in. Primarily the questioning any and all about everything. If you can't acknowledge why you made a choice or took a step... how can you know that it was the right one? These are the kinds of questions I find myself most interested in talking about. The Why's of our minds. So similarly created, yet our minds are still so unknown to us. The variance among them.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a full time student going to school to become a nurse. I have a bit over two years left. I have some hobbies I spend most of my free time on, but I always have my phone with me. I'm not always on it, or attentive to it... But it is always with me. And I will always eventually respond. Usually within a few hours.

Perpetual progression. Never stagnate. That is my life goal.
I hope that I find some to enjoy the time I spend on this goal. If you aren't making yourself better every day... through knowledge, experience, or your choices... Who's going to make those choices for you? Who shall make YOU better? So I choose to make me better. Everyday. Learn something actively and not just be another worker bee.
I’m really good at
I'm good at my hobbies. I play Magic the Gathering at least twice a week, I play hearthstone most nights before I sleep. I travel to judge GP's and work for my L2 certification when I can monetarily and mentally. In general I like card games. I am good at making sure my bills are paid on time and I have food I like in my apartment in case I didn't work that day. Very good at balancing a checkbook and planning for bills and necessities within their time frames of need. I am a very logic based person. I think through my decisions. I know why I choose what I do. I am good at knowing me and why I make my choices. I value learning, but I learn in a very different way than most others. I tend to think it is something I am good at. Learning. As long as I have active engagement or desire I can learn anything.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think a lot. I'm more quiet in the beginning in real life situations, gauging and reading the people around me. Then when I'm more comfortable... or comfortable enough I'll talk more. If you ask me I am confident. Some people say that I have an almost too assertive approach to interactions. I am a dominant personality type. I speak different than most. I have been told my approach to life is abnormal and not something to be told to everyone. My realistic and impartial views of most everything offset people often. But some of those are all things that take time to look into. Not the first thing someone notices. I have to open my mouth before a person learns much about me.
I have never actually asked anyone what they notice first. Judging a book by it's cover is a very poor way to assess people I believe. They have to talk, be pushed to think and assessed while such things are instigated. You learn a lot about people if you can see their thought lines.
As for the initial... what shall you notice?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books-I enjoy Philosophy and Psychology books mostly if I get to choose what I am reading. Philosophy is quickly changing into reading books on the human body though. So many small things that I don't know about just yet. Overall most commonly willing to read anything that I don't know about though.
I read some fiction, not much though. When I do it is always fantasy and commonly full of manipulative demons trying to attain more then they are allowed to. That being said although she is not a demon, my favorite character in books I have read is Guenhwyvar. I know she isn't a main character, but Drizzt is simply labeled a non conformist in most situations. Gwen at least alters when she acts certain ways. :)

Movies-I like most horror movies in the end. I prefer the thinker ones rather than the mass blood and gore entertainment ones.
My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting though. I also like A Beautiful Mind a lot. Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite animated movie.

Shows-I don't watch T.V. or any mediums that would allow me to see shows on it often. I would say that I do enjoy watching House on occasion though.

Music-Music is an important part of my life. It fuels my daily speed and mentality. I listen primarily to Metal. I have a heavy preference to female vocalists. Otep is my favorite. In This Moment is very good as well though. There are others, those are the two that most know of or hear me listening to though. Nightcore speed of rock songs in general also find their way into my rotations.
Just because I listen primarily to or have a preference of metal, does not mean I won't listen to anything else. I am more than willing to listen to anything. I just prefer music in general playing. I understand most people may not like my specific music, so I have learned to just count not my music style as back round rotations.
I have recently began to dabble into Vocaloids. I like Hatsune Miku and IA currently. I have much more to look into on this topic though, so...

Food-I'm a pretty simple guy. I like rare cheseburgers with lots of toppings and eggs.
I cook well enough, and enjoy most food.
Six things I could never do without
1. My mind.
2. My ability to think and think for myself.
3. My ability to adapt if absolutely needed.
4. My ability to learn things efficiently.
5. Another person to talk with. (I don't know how real hermit's do it.)
6. Something to occupy any free time I have... if I ever have much.

These answers are of course ignoring the obvious logical answers necessary for life sustainability. Food, shelter, water... stuff like that.
Now if the prompt line read "... things I'd prefer to never do without..."
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My mind is perpetually going on about a list of things that I don't understand and would like to. Or they may be things I understand but don't like and I am trying to think of a pathway to eliminate or alter those things presence in my life. I think on those things often. Rotating between them. Always trying for something I hadn't thought of before. One day I'll succeed and I will have made my life only influenced by the things I decide it shall be.
Lately I had been thinking about organizing my life and concocting a path for me to be on with an end goal in mental sight. Now that I have that figured out I think about my hobbies more and about how to improve my life beyond monetary gains and placement physically.
On a typical Friday night I am
I tend to go to FNM if it is constructed. Play hearthstone sometimes. Spend time on modo with a good friend of mine or prepare for the weekend tournament travel if not. Otherwise I spend some time with some friends or my cat at home. Which leads me to spending time relaxing if that's available.
You should message me if
If you have interest in speaking with me. I imagine I will be the one that initiates most people i speak with on here though.
The two of us