35Sussex, United States
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My self-summary
knowing thy self gives you the ease of "oh my, tee hee finding the perfect mate" and one writes these things as if you apply a job. it is off putting to say "I don't know who I am what am I doing? I don't know" as well as "you have to love yourself first for someone to love you" but that is a pack of lies, as many many lives were saved with love and romance that filled up the life of depressed and suicidal people, as if it was in a mediocre,insepid "princess/romantic comedy" film.

I am not transgender. or transexual. just over think everything, that when I go and over think everything, it just snowballs into a haze of confusion. All those sterotypes and buttery gender roles and everything.

so I will just have this fun list that I might rehash. I should write what I want to, but I read it is the best thing to do for love is date everyone, give every guy a chance, have sex with people you have no attraction to. and not just go "I like the guy who looks like _________ and I want him to do all the dopy things I do too"

so I can't go "oh no smelly drinking tobacoo loving lunk heads who will make me feel like a moron for geeking out on things" because that is how love works. you should always be with someone you would never go with normaly. "hey girl that's why you are always single because you want _______s only'

so I guess no lying "i am an artist and human art is what is into my mind" to say "I am a shallow twaddle", as well as "my purrrfect mate date is going to watch some anime or Doctor Who and eat sushi with me while we cuddle with our 30 kitties"(30 is a bit excessive) while he resects and loves me for being even moody and maybe taking 8 life times worth to want to make out"

yes there is something important I should get out. I can't say I am fully asexual or terrorfied of sex, maybe it is that and being shallow. Knowing i have to sleep with men I don't find attractive fills me with a dread. it's a crapsack thing to do really. take 3 years of bonding to want to sleep with someone. or wonder why you are in tears trying to fantasize about the people who say "hey wanna f--- here is my number, I'd love to tie you up and make you scream". Its going to be hard to get over that. wow. it makes me sound like a desperate princess who needs to be saved, and this is something to talk about on a "well ok, I guess I should have a 5th date to see when I will feel anything. and then I guess I should, on the 10th". I guess I wasn't exposed to enough sexuality as a kid, or go to masturbation parties at 14 years old, or what ever the slutmongers do these days(boy do I feel better now)

I don't belong to anything. I'm even a lowsy fan of things, not even a propper furry. I'l watch the cartoons, and draw animal people. maybe one day get a costume. Honesty to suceede in being a people I try to kill these things. this is to self loathing for a dating site huh? "I'm just a fun loving gal who likes to party and sky and go clubbing, and shopping with my pals and i like upside down sex and wanting to adopt all the babies that nobody wanted". that sounds like a propper woman, rahter than being confused or "i don't know, sometimes I draw stuff. I like cartoons. maybe I'd go to a nerdy convention, but i'm killing that part of me, so i can't feel anything, the love the seriousness".

i realize these tl;dr s are off putting? but that's ok I guess. But it sets me up for jerks wanting to save me. I can't go though a social experiment properly without making moves. maybe it is inspiring if I wrote movies. I don't know how to. maybe I should just get some people to do that with. live out fantasies that way. "how to fall in love with someone you feel nothing for that makes you feel dread and ride them in 30 days". I think that would be an Excellency movie. cast your pretty skinny blond bombshell girl, her best bud tells her to date some fat, ugly, dude who is water to oil. bingobango. we got ourself an Oscar!(much better than the highschool romcom with the cavegirl and the time travling boy)

so what is there? I would love to say a creative, silly but not to silly playful guy would be nice. but i should also take sex crazed boring lugs who are all about the sports, I can leave him on the couch and play videogames. get back into them with the love I had, and not feel stupid to love them, as some love reading classic lit. It's not like I'm a good gamer either. I can't say "woohoo gamer gal here! by the way I only do games that remind me of Zelda, and RPGs. eww first person shooters and sports games, and mmorpgs are crack". I should hang my head in shame.

what else is there? I keep saying "im so weird", my peoples don't think so. but for someone to be thinking and saying "if i had a tail it would wag" or just be kooky makes me think something is not right. if I were a cartoon or fiction character it would be perfect, acceptable. but not for someone of my age. so I am a bit lost in there too.

the party, life infuriates me. because I don't do it. I can't empathize or sympathies, realize and exersize. I want to punch it in the face untill it dies. because I cannot be it, feel it, live it. I want nothing of it and it has gotten me to see it as so lowbrow and crass, for stupid people. Unless I was it. but I can't even try and pretend. I can just see myself being upset with not feeling the moment with joy and excitement. getting over stimulated and crying. I can't even pretend. so don't expect me to do that. or just don't bother if you want to live that way untill it kills you. even if dosen't involve drugs. Even not the night club thing, just being a loud annoying drunk at home upsets me. I don't think I can love someone who is into that.

I have no intrest in being a mommy, not having my own babies, not adopting someone's 14 year old kids and playing mentor to them, consoling sobbing teens on how to get her crush to like her. it would be a miricle even for me to get a guy, and if it was nessesary to change parts of me, I will have to be honest and tell her "you need to change parts of yourself, love is about sacrifice, being your self only works in stories" as of now, I don't care about crying kids and their relationship problems. I find it funny when they act like "I am 12 and i can't get my lovie, i know how people who's 20 year marriage is falling apart feel".
ok. tis makes me look like a bad bad dark person. But villains are hot. so I have something.

am I funny? am I witty? humor? possibly. smart and creative? well they tell me. I have to believe it. but if I'm not having the ambition and living off it, I don't feel it. I don't see it. everyone is their own worst enemy. will getting the guy I want, and not the one I need to learn to like show me?
will I have to be famous first? I can't even be an internet celebrity. That might be fun.
What I’m doing with my life
i don't know. i am unsexy with saying "OH i am despairing, that is a hobby and life path right?"
I’m really good at
the creativity?

being eccentrically creative?


art stuff?


we'll have to see.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. nobody has ever said anything. maybe my tiny hands?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
legend of zelda, south park, final fantasy, Shin megami Tensei, Persona, The Farside
Six things I could never do without
Video games keep me sane(i think)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sometimes science things. or if i were a better story teller how to formulate a tale

how ugly noses are

if i should feel bad for liking ectomorph body shapes. and it makes me feel like one of those guys who are "no fat chicks plz"

making something and never finishing

useless nonsense trash, that may have creative meret

what it would be like still having neanderthals

analysis paralysis
girly things like "how would a soul factor in when one considers the existence of a multiverse"

being miserable and my short comings. guys like to play hero. I'm a damsel in distress. come save me from sadness and myself. help me feel normal.
On a typical Friday night I am
nothing, I am more of a "house cat", and I don't go bowling or to the bar drinking.

oh god i wish i was a cool gal who gets down and dirty on the dance floor at night clubs, and giggle it up at the bar and try to play drunken darts.

but no. I've got to be someone with tv, or try art things, or video games. that is what you get for living in the boonies
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hair style on the men seems to be a factor of attraction

there might be something here but I don't know

sometimes I think David Tennant is "good looking".
You should message me if
do not message me if you are a Sanguarian vampire. I just don't know why, but I have so much distain for such, not just ignorance and not wanting to understand or learn or empathise. I think this is how some people who are homophobes feel, but without religion to back them up. but it must be terrible to be a have medical reasons to be a vampire, and how your lively hood is endangerd if people found out you need blood and have willing friends to help you.
But no. Just don't, please don't.

if you read all that and understood it. congratulations, you can feel like you just cracked the Rosetta stone, or contacted space aliens.

you are tobaco free. no cigs, no snuff, no natural organic pipe tobacoo.

you are a cat person, but not literally. that would be to weird

someone to do the dopey nerdy things with. maybe if I were ever to make videos. or just lazy and watch tv/movies and make quips at the tv, to inspire to redub said video.

you can help me with my art thing and get me super famous popular!

I'm sorry but I don't want to date any transexual.

maybe if you are the "manic pixie dream girl" of guys. manic pixie dreamboy? before I get to old and grumpy. woe is me, the princess is trapped in the tower, soon she will turn into a cynical, pessimistic, grump, asocial dragon!

you live close and have a kiln. even if you don't want the love, or I do. I need acess to a kiln. my living arrangements do not allow for one. I don't think our garage has the wattage for one.

first, state your intentions. when i get a few "yer cute, wanna bone?" I am now assuming, with this being primarly a dating site, "oh they want fast, cheap easy sex!". State your intent.
The two of us