56Bismarck, United States
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My self-summary
Look, bottom line is... I might not be such a good looking guy, but I still pass for a *VERY* handsome dog.

Other things going for me: I've lust for living a fiercer life... experimenting like a mad scientist at all hours: kitchen; conversation; bedroom; business; travel; etc. Maybe I've lived two-to-four lifetimes by now?

I'm test-proven as "commitment courageous" under all stress conditions of a 14-yr prior marriage relationship. (It's been a decade since.) I'm emotionally / romantically available and ready/willing to engage in a mutually supportive friendship or intimate relationship or hell, just sushi.

I am seeking "connection" in an intimate partner. If more than connection develops we deal with that then?; lower-intensity lower-expectation to start. We build together on that - maybe something invincible. (?)

I'm averse to the ordinary; I'm an outlier and failure as far as marketing targets go. I'm not a junk collector and spiritually "reboot" and purge "the stuff"; I'm officially a highly-unencumbered free spirit. I mostly reject material consumerism; I instead experience stuff like travel, living overseas, community building / organizing.

I like tea, coffee, soda water with bitters & slice of lime, a dry red wine and egg nog - though not all simultaneously.

I should add: while I'm passionate and intense about most everything I do, my sense is that relationship drama belongs on television... not in real life. I don't own a television. I'm an advocate of John Gottman's models for coping with life's conflicts and happy to use anything on your tool belt that is similarly "evolved."

I do my share of regular weekly give-back in volunteer and community work rather than watch television. Studies say the average American watches 34.4 hours of TV each week. (?) Gads. Accordingly, I am seemingly, a freak---nonetheless, I still pass for a very handsome dog.

Finally, I have a clove of garlic - but nothing to do with it. Suggestions?
What I’m doing with my life
Leaning into my fears, seeking my deepest truths, and offering my gifts to those close to me and to the world. I just returned to the States - from living in Indonesia for over a year.
I’m really good at
Being very present when in person. I'm not as good at being present when not---but I'm working on it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
....whatever I am doing. I am passionate focused---sometimes maybe too hard?
On a typical Friday night I am
... not needing to do something "Friday Night" merely because it's Friday night. Or, answered differently, a 'typical' Friday night does not exist?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hey, on this site elsewhere --- I have about 150 publicly-answered questions. Not enough? Meet me.
You should message me if
Please have learned to like yourself & your life for the most part; be detectably inward-secure.

Please be mostly sane, partially observant and grown-up. Be willing to embrace responsibility for articulating your needs in a positive and specific way.

Have some capacity to relax in trust and flow feminine energy, light, life and love sometimes in all directions... even better if this happens when you're not paying attention.

Best case: be all the above and multidimensional with penchant for the absurd ~or not~ and if not, just have some outrageous specific bent yourself. I want to marvel at you.

Be affably witty and irreverent; cynically funny enough to either challenge me with your communicative mind or participate in entertaining us ~or~ just laugh at me as I entertain us. Ah, this IS a wish list after all... right? Instead make that... a communicative "sexy" mind.

(Oh, and be appreciative of over-abundant parenthetical quips.)

Importantly, be pro-active in your own personal evolution: ten bonus points for identifying which of your "projects" needs most work and triple the points for any work-path you can articulate with clarity of intent.

But wait! Ten more bonus points available for being geographically convenient! And double points if you've also never asked for a glass of milk at a Chinese restaurant. Ten make-up points are available between January and July for good sense of dance rhythm or extraordinary cooking talent on a first come-first served basis.

I am often active in social justice advocacy. Though my ideal first time getting together would NOT include protesting or civil disobedience, please lean left... while I can enjoy lively discussions and difference of opinion I'm mostly intolerant...of intolerance. (?)

So yeah, I'm not particular---even vegetarian friendly.

If you don't say hi, it's unfortunate and I wish you the best and only happiest adventures in your search!
The two of us