40 Al Wādī, Saudi Arabia
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My self-summary
Back in the USA for a bit. Not seriously looking as I will be moving abroad soon. But would love to find an activity partner while I am in NC.

One day I just might actually rewrite my profile or delete it. At the moment I am living and working in Saudi Arabia again. Life in Bangkok was great, but the salary for teachers is quite low there.

Update: Life is moving quickly at the moment. After a few weeks in the USA visiting friends and family I took a job in Bangkok. I will be teaching English literature in a bilingual High School, starting in July.

From what I can tell, I will be living in Pathum Thani.

Update: Finished my contract in Saudi and now I am back in Charlotte, NC.

Update: I sold and gave away all of my stuff and moved to Saudi Arabia for at least the next year (as of August). I am teaching English at an Islamic university which is totally cool and a bit funny since I am not Muslim or even religious.

Update: Some day this year I am going to sell or give away all of my things and move to another country. I have done this 3 times now and it frees the soul. I suppose I want to meet a woman who wants to do the same thing at the same time. Urban, rural, international, spiritual exploration to the nth degree. That's me.

Writing about myself is fun and dangerous. How does one accurately talk about the good things without sounding egotistical?

I love to travel and have a compass in my heart that keeps pushing me further and further away. For the last 3.5 years I have lived and worked in SE Asia as an English teacher. I used to working as a financial advisor before that, but there is not much of that person left in me.

Life is about making friends, having experiences, and trying your best to make each day count.
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment I am at a crossroads in life. My soul is yearning for travel and excitement. But my mind needs time to relax and plan for the next stages. I recently moved back to Charlotte after a crazy year of teaching English to business owners in Vietnam.

So I dream of new destinations and past exploits. I drink coffee. I work a job I am good at but can't do forever (sales) because it will give me the ability to travel and write and live and laugh.

Sometimes I blog

Sometimes I wonder in what context I could say, "and then the Queen laid an egg."
I’m really good at
I am really good at most things that involve paying attention, analytical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. I suck at singing.
The first things people usually notice about me
People notice my hair, my smile, and how laid back I am. It is really hard to push my buttons. I have watched monks interact with ladyboys in Thailand, met people who have lost arms and legs to land mines, been stalked in Vietnam, had mushroom shakes in Laos, cliff jumped in Railay, hiked mountains in Korea, and just acquiesced to the awesomeness of life. So nothing really bothers me.

It doesn't meant that I accept everything and everyone. But I know what things are not in my control and what things are. I also constantly test my limits trying to make this world better; one cup of coffee at a time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have not read many good books recently but I am working on writing a couple of books. My favorite foods are the street foods of Asia, NY pizza, and Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da.

A List of things in no particular order:

Ben Harper
Modest Mouse
Wayfarer State
Band of Horses
Kid Cudi
Battlestar (new one)
The Wire
Lonely Island
The Secret
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Bun Rieu
Kimchi Jigae
The six things I could never do without
friends, love, summer, coffee, travel, laughter, my passport, hope, the knowledge that thoughts become things. Oh, and I can't count to six.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How lucky I am to have met some of the best people in the world. I really would be nothing if not for the times spent growing with friends. I think about writing poetry in Laos, hiking up mountains, looking out over the Mekong River, sipping ca phe sua da in Vietnam, massage on the beach in Thailand, and sunsets in the 4000 Islands.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have no idea. One thing you will find about me is that I have no sense of time. Once I stopped working at Merrill Lynch and moved to Asia to teach English, I lost track of time. There is not difference between the week and weekend. Each day is special and awesome.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I snore sometimes (so I have been told). I am good at starting over, and I probably flirt too much. Life is to short to have pride or to be overly embarrassed.
You should message me if
If you can imagine packing a bag and taking off with little planning, little money, wide eyes, a fearless heart, no expectations, global awareness, innate kindness, and the spirit of an explorer.

Also if you think I'm cute. (Did I mention that I am funny?)