30Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I dislike summarizing myself...

Child of the Bay Area working poor, grew up in a low-income predominantly POC neighborhood, read some books, witnessed and instigated some troubles, wandered out and saw a good chunk of the world, came home to enrich and grow, learned alot, still searching for something, continuing to evolve in unexpected ways.

I'm fascinated with decentralized systems and social fragmentation. Most of my life I've been drawn towards fringes, where people and cultures don't conform to the many unhealthy pathologies of the dominant American paradigm. Values like free-thought, mutualism, antiauthoritarianism, and creativity have informed much of my worldview and decisions over the years.

More immediate than all that, kindness and mindfullness are central to how I conduct myself. The world already has enough self-righteousness and negativity - I try to avoid getting mired in cynicism, as I've found laughter and human warmth make most things better in a small, tangible way.
What I’m doing with my life
For many years I worked long hours as a metal fabricator/welder for both art and industry. It gave me a great deal of fulfillment, but circumstances contrived to make that lifestyle untenable long-term.

So these days I do part-time research for a database company, and spend my ample free-time tinkering, sketching, and trying to figure out where to go from here. Reinventing yourself 10 years into adulthood is both daunting and exciting, but life and lemons and lemonade, or some such cliche.

Studied political science in my early 20s, but my anticapitalist inclinations didn't go over well with most of the faculty, and the quasi-corporate culture was driving me insane. Me and rigid hierarchies don't really get along.

Recently have developed an undeniable curiosity in the technical infrastructure of the Internet, and somehow seem to be amassing a haphazard network of boxes in my room. Surprisingly, after years of walled-garden ignorance, the expansive horizons of Linux and TCP/IP seem quietly liberating.
I’m really good at
Relating with folks. Growing up, there were virtually no other white people in my neighborhood, so I learned to make authentic connections with folks from different backgrounds. I've had comrades of almost all varieties of cultural and sexual/gender identities, and I make a genuine effort to take people as they are and not judge or impose on them.

My grandmother (who raised me) treated everybody with an exceptional generosity of respect, dignity and empathy- I hope to emulate the high standard of human decency she embodied.
The first things people usually notice about me
Ironworker boots
Deep voice
Listening more than speaking
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- Will read most anything that isn't ignorant or fascist. Special affinities for socio-political topics, art books, non-linear fiction, cyberpunk scifi, systems thinking, and natural history.

- Cooking usually means a large pot of hearty soup or a simple pan fry. Lots of rice, potatoes and vegetables. Peasant food, healthy and cheap.

- Glitchy downtempo beats, alt hip-hop, Old World chant, and classical piano are my working music. Mornings start with old-timey blues. Soft spots for punk, metal, Putumayo compilations, and Northern Cali rap as reminders of people and places and things now past.
Six things I could never do without
+ I'll just put 'Tools' as one item, cause there's hundreds of em...
+ Coffee, as a hopeless caffeine addict
+ Houseplants
+ Afternoon naps
+ Solid American-made boots
+ Notebooks, sketchbooks, and my preferred pens
+ Engaging reading material
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Discourses around the trajectory of a rapidly changing world
How to best merge glitch and figurative imagery
Whatever I'm building next
Autonomous Zones
Networked systems
Contemporary interrogations of race and gender
How could I reach out to more queer folks
How wonderful trees are
How vibrant graffiti is
Where the hell I left my phone...
On a typical Friday night I am
Previously - Either working unreasonable hours or getting smashed at an art or music show
These days - Probably reading or sketching. Though I still love a good show, just without the getting smashed part...
You should message me if
-- Not hard requirements, but definite plusses --
You prefer Oakland over the City
You make stuff
You're progressive, creative, or unusual
You sympathize with anarchist thinking
You can help me learn Python
You consider TV a mind-numbing and life-stealing opiate
You'll laugh with me at the absurdity of it all

I can always use more friends with artistic, Leftist or technical inclinations.
The two of us