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My self-summary
R_P_S_Shoot had meant to be Rock,Paper,Scissor,Shoot but those pesky character limits foiled that plan. Either way, who would have thought that just those four, quick, little words during an intense round of RPS could have had such a dramatic impact on my life and others… yes there’s a story behind this but come on, a gentleman never plays ‘rock,paper,scissor’ and tells! Well, at least not in this section of my profile, just see below in the ‘most private thing I’m willing to admit section” for that story.

So my answer to the typical question of ‘where are you from?’ is slightly more complicated to answer than most, having moved around a fair amount. But the quick highlights range from England & Belgium for over a decade, then on to NYC, a spell in CT for prep school, a little turn in Ohio then a fantastic five years in Chicago back to NYC and now to the DC area… so far it's been great getting to know our Nation's Capital more. All this moving around has pretty much left me with me no distinctive accent (other than when I travel outside the US of course) but I can whip out an English or Irish accent (along with some others) on demand if need be... ha.

The most fulfilling and exciting part of moving and traveling around so much is being exposed to a variety of people and opportunities. When it comes to sports I would much rather be playing them than watching it on TV (except for Team USA at the World Cup) and I have played my fair share of them. The latest sport I've been throwing myself into is golf and I am totally hooked but soccer, tennis and squash have been main stays for many years. I also thrive on releasing my creative energy where for the most part of my high school and college career I would channel that energy into ceramics (wheel throwing to be exact) and I have been able to get back into it in spurts here and there but miss doing it on a regular basis.

In terms of me and what I am looking for, compared to most guys I actually don’t have a ‘physical type’ that I gravitate towards, naturally there needs to be a level of attraction to find each other sexy but chemistry for me depends on a few other facets. The girl who grabs my attention the most, is someone who can smile with their eyes, whose laughter can be heard all around the room, holds their end of the conversation with almost anyone and ‘gets down’ on the dance floor (is there a non-cheesy way of saying that?) I am looking for someone who finds it exciting to cover a lot of ground in a weekend between friends and activities where there may be multiple wardrobe changes ranging from shorts/t-shirt by the water, onto some sort of athletic attire then perhaps followed by something more dressy just to mix it up. Seems so simple.... right?
What I’m doing with my life
My path has definitely been a non-traditional route, and as cheesy as it sounds, several years ago I had two distinct paths I could have gone and I picked the one MUCH less traveled (like we are talking way over grown needing a machete to carve out my own path less traveled) but it has made all the difference.......thank you Mr. Frost. But the most important, or most rewarding, part for me is seeing the direct impact my results have been able to make on people's lives.

My career to date has included a wide range of roles/projects, all in the in the Non-profit sector, with each one challenging and pushing me...but I love a good challenge. One of my proudest achievements is starting an After-School Youth Program on the South Side of Chicago that is centered around education and sports. And yes, pleased to report it is still thriving today!
I’m really good at
Word search games, random bits of facts/knowledge, figuring out how things works or problem solving (seriously,test me!) and usually reading people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, I have not asked anyone in a while….. but I would guess I tend to smile a lot, I like to laugh and make others laugh as well. Also, that I look 'young' for my age. Oh and I have a firm handshake... yeah... this happens allll at once!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Power of One, Obama’s book “Audacity of Hope” “Dreams from my Father” and Outliers (love Malcolm Gladwell). Was not sure where else to put this... but NPR's This AM life is just fantastic.

Movies: Best recent movie i have seen, Argo. but some classics i enjoy, Good Will Hunting, Shawshank redemption, Saving Private Ryan, Garden State, Braveheart, Wedding Crashers, Old School…and pretty much all the Bourne series.

Shows: Modern Family, Arrested Development, the office, House, Sons of Anarchy (yes, it’s a guy thing), True Blood, Mad Men, Homeland, Games of Thrones (so addicting)…while the movies have been suffering a little, scripted shows are definitely hitting new heights.

Music: I like it all, Rap/Classic Rock/alternative/some country/80’s/90’s toss in some 70/s for the fun of it. I need to give a big shout out to Pandora…who just makes finding all sorts of new artist/songs so much easier and fun. Pumped up kicks, fantastic, Magnetic Zero’s and 40 days…very fun.

Food: i love Mexican food (ike great authentic taco or enchiladas) Thai food (spicy noodles or green curry) Indian (lamb vindaloo) Italian Food (although it needs to be at least good but hopefully great Italian food. There is just way too much so-so Italian food) Of course, I love great Bar-b-que...the one thing I will not do, McDonald's or fast food in general... and yes this would be a deal breaker!
Six things I could never do without
* Good friends (because they are there for you and vice versa)
* Laughter (this can be fun, sexy and just feels good!)
* Great food (tasting amazing food is just sublime)
* Interesting conversation (exercise for the brain, simulating and fun)
* Gadgets (love all the new fun tech toys)
* The ocean (so beautiful and love being in my boat on the water)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My practical side: thinking about what challenges I would like to tackle next. I have been very good at developing and executing personal five years plans but my contract renewal is coming up!! On top of that, I am always searching for ways to improve and make things more efficient, myself included.

My less practical side: the next time I can be enjoying time on my boat, drifting across the water, feet up, sun in my face, beverage of choice in hand, music filling the air all to be able to ponder life's great mysteries like.....”who do NYC cab drivers talk to ALL DAY?”
On a typical Friday night I am
This varies so so much its hard to pick a typical night, but they do fall into some usual buckets. Like,

Working: (yes I do have to work weekends sometimes) fortunately I love what I do and it can be fun with the group of people I work with.

Laid back: I am completely fine with catching up on my DVR and either take out or trying my hand at some cooking...and of course a beverage of choice, great wine or cold beer.

Fun times: I love seeing live music and always want more of it my my life...anything from big concerts or great cover bands at local bars but most likely....there would also be dancing involved... or more recently I have been seeing some great live comedy shows, they are a blast.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
ha ha...... not so fast!
You should message me if
okay.... I feel like i have written way too much! So i guess simply put, if you think it would be fun to meet up and explore the city....shoot me a message.
The two of us