35 Boston, United States
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My self-summary
Honestly, I am just looking for someone fun to hang out with at first. Nothing beyond that, unless there is actually something in the way of a connection/attraction/spark whatever you want to call it.

My natural disposition is happy, positive and I love to joke around. I can be serious too, I detest inequality, unfairness and always find myself rooting for the underdog. I care about politics, philosophy and economics.

I'd like to find someone who is fun to hang out with and up for an excursion at the drop of the hat as well as someone who is okay with hanging in and Netflix binge watching on the rainy/wintery Sundays. I care about family, they are really important to me (I have a pretty big family and a huge extended family with a bunch of close cousins; and nephews and nieces)

I really like going to concerts and seeing live bands. I also enjoy hanging out, seeing movies especialy comedies. I enjoy getting some drinks at a bar and having good conversations is nice. I like to be outdoors a lot, and need to engage in some type of physical activity at least once a day. I love to go snowboarding in the winter and hiking, kayaking or the beach in the summer. I care about eating whole foods and living healthy.

It would be nice to find the right girl to enjoy life with. I love animals and especially dogs. I am known to be very funny and sincere. I like to treat people the way I would like to be treated.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"A brief history of everything" Bill Bryson
"Into the wild" Jon krakaur
Anything written by Michael Lewis
"The omnivors's dilemma" Michael pollan
"The Primal blueprint" mark sisson
"The signal and the noise" Nate silver
"The power of habit" Charles duhigg
"Outliers" Malcolm gladwell

Music taste varies. I used to like punk and folk and rockabilly; twangy guitar sounding garage music, and a ton of British bands and now I find myself liking a lot more varied stuff. I like exercising to the Glitch Mob.

Food. Well right now I'm in the middle of a 2 month challenge where I have to eat strict paleo(no grains, dairy, low, low carbs) but generally I try to eat pretty healthy anyway. I don't buy some of the arguments against pesticides or gmo's, but I do think that mass-produced factory farms turn out crappy foods.