27 Jewett City, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Mitch, I'm not the typical 23 yr old guy. Not one who's looking to just hook up with a chick, i have had those days early on in life and am ready to find someone to potentially settle down with!
I listen to any type of music, from country to hardcore metal! i mainly listen to country though.
Hanging out with friends
I love playing rugby and do so as often as I can, I play with/for the New London County Rugby Union
I have been taking dance yup me a guy, 6' 4" taking dance lessons lol...BALLROOM at tha too lol
Going to movies
Love being outside, yes im active so if ur not or atleast look like ur not active/in shape...don't bother...
Going out to bars or clubs
Im very family oriented, my family means the most to me, along with friends!
I love cuddling with someone special, its one of my most favorite things to do!
I'm down for an fun and exciting night out, or just a nice quiet romantic night in.
I want to meet someone who is willing to accept the life of a military man, one who is sweet, romantic, caring, honest, trusting, spontaneous, and one who isn't looking for that sugar daddy. I am honestly one pf the sweetest guys you could wish for, you know that whole one in a's that one...n trust me on this one a picies..we r amazing all around :)
I'm from a small farm town in Iowa where the corn grows tall and the grass is green on both sides!! If u have kid it doesn't bother longs as i can have atleast one of my own Haha..
If u want to know more about me, just ask, there is so much more about me and i will definitely give u an answer!