26Bound Brook, United States
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My self-summary
I love reading and music. I am a studious type, almost never seen without 5 or more books on hand. I am of a darker nature, very pessimistic most of the time (but that's part of Grecian Cynicism and Stoicism, one who expects nought is seldom disappointed). I am an INTJ (or RCUEI in Global 5/SLOAN). I am non-religious, but I do have strong feelings towards Karmic and Astrological influences on the world. So my God is the Stars, Planets and Mankind. I collect swords (mostly from video games and anime, but I have a few Katana as well), possibly due to a Mars=Neptune/Pluto Yod in my natal chart.
I am Quiet, Smart (I think), and Funny
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently in school, and will be for a while. I am planning on
starting a practice as a psychiatrist. I want to finish school with
my Psy.D., M.D. and RPh (Pharm.D.). I am a bookworm, hence the 12 years of college.
I’m really good at
Learning. I am an avid reader and love to learn.
Rational Empathy. I am always willing to lend an ear and offer advice, I say what needs to be said in a usually tactful manner (sometimes there is no tactful way to say someting, but I try to stay polite).
Monotasking. I am very good at doing one thing at a time. When I am not distracted, I retain effeciency and reliability.
Stoic Distancing and Apathy. While it sounds bad, these features enable me to think rationally even under emotional duress. I take pride in my control of my emotions, not a lack of them.
Astrology. I have several fellow astrolgers, most of whom have significantly more experience than I, ask my opinions and help on charts. I use more methods than most, and even designed a few new methods by myself.
Thinking. I am the only person I've encountered that can entertain himself for hours with thoughts.

I'm really bad at
Keeping track of time. Like a doctor, I focus on my work without regard for anything else, like being entranced. This has lead to several issues with time-keeping.
Falling asleep like a regular person. I have insomnia, no thanks to my brain which likes to occupy itself while I try to sleep. Major downside to near-perpetual thought .(every brain is on all the time, not so many think as often.)
Interacting with others. I have Asperger's Disorder, which impairs my ability to interact with, understand the emotions of and convey emotion to other people.
The first things people usually notice about me
I AM WEIRD. No questions asked, I am a strange person. When meeting new people, I either don't speak at all or talk too much. I frown a lot. I am not always unhappy though. I wear a wardrobe consisting almost entirely of black (except my dress shirts and ties.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There is not much in the realm of reading that I will not read. I love reading, own 2 sets of encyclopedias, 20 dictionaries (in various languages), and a variety of technical literature, as well as a choice handful of novels. I have every Stephen King book ever. My favorite authors are Franz Kafka, Stephen King, Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley and Oscar Wilde (I share his birthday).
I am big on Horror films, even the cheesy ones. I also enjoy Comedy Sci-Fi, Dystopia/Future-shock and Psychological Thrillers (only the ones that have plots). I do watch "chick flicks" occassionally, and one of my favorite movies, Dirty Love, is one. I am picky with them though.
As far as shows go, I enjoy Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld(occasionally) re-runs of Friends, and some anime. I like Suits, Archer, Monk, Psych and a few other shows; but I don't go out of my way to catch episodes or Netflix the ones I miss. I don't watch much TV.
I enjoy a vast sea of music, spanning genres such as: Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Darkwave, Techno, EBM, NDH, "Gothic" Rock, Aggrotech, Industrial, Classic Metal, Classical, Opera, and Baroque. I dislike Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country and emo music.
I was a pescetarian (a vegetarian who endulges with fish), for 7 years. I have since returned to an omnivorous lifestyle, for health reasons.
Six things I could never do without
1. My pets. I love them far too much.
2. My mp3 player. Music keeps me going.
3. My computer. That's how I get on the internets!
4. My Books. I feel so dumb if I go too long without reading
5. My Mother. She's the only woman in my life right now, and she is
more important to me than I am to myself.
6. My Step-dad. He's a bit of a douche from time to time, but I
love him and he loves me when we get to the nitty-gritty.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love. Love is a foreign thing to me right now, and I want to experience it to understand what it means to care for someone else.
Self-improvement. I need it and it eats at me so badly.
Life and Death. I am always thinking about the truths of life or if death is the only truth we have. I am a bit anxious about the thought of dying with an incomplete life. That is what I fear most, and it is always on my mind.
The Stars and Planets. I am studying Astrology almost as much as school work lately. Techniques I use are mostly Hellenistic, Uranian and Cosmobiological, but I also use Vedic Techniques sometimes too. I place a special significance on Astrology: it works. The Horoscopes in the news and on the internet are usually inaccurate, but that is because they are very generalized. Astrology is very indivualized, when done correctly. I am not likely to believe something blindly, I research the subject extensively.
The Mind. I love minds. They're intricate puzzles. I love the work of C. Gustav Jung, it places a lot of emphasis on where all minds connect, the Collective Unconscious. I think that sector of the mind explains phenomena like Deja Vu, Xenoglossia (speaking a language one has no familiarity with), and other Noumena.

My view on life can be summed up as follows:
The man I was yesterday is dead, a corpse and a ghost. The man I am today and now is a dying man, he will be murdered in his sleep. The man I shall be tomorrow is a murderer and cannibal, he will murder the man I am today and feast on his corpse. That man I was yesterday, he is my enemy and rival. The man I shall become tomorrow, he is my savior and hero. I welcome his knife, for in dying I shall become so much more alive.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something. Or not. I might be with my friends or I might be alone. I might be at work, school or maybe even in the local cemetary. As of late, life has been hectic, so I can't really think of what a "typical" Friday night would be.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have two different feet.

I am intimidated by women that are more educated than me (because I did not finish school yet, having started late and having taken time off because I had a long stint of depression which hampered my schoolwork, so I feel a bit inferior because of it).

I judge myself quite harshly, quite often.

Almost every time I've been physically injured was either due to stupidity or irony.

I am a bit of a masochist. I'm not going to discuss that topic without being asked. It is distasteful for me to so, but not for you to ask and I to respond.

I have been on here for a while now.

I have Aspergers Disorder and am very hindered and inhibited in nonverbal communication. I can read faces well, but don't know what emotions are being conveyed often. I am learning FACS (Facial Action Coding System) soon, to better grasp what facial expressions mean.
You should message me if
I seem like the kind of person you want to get to know. I'm not a vampire, I don't bite.
You want to know more about me.
You have a question I can answer. I'm knowlegeable about the Tarot, Thelemic Philosophy and Cosmology and Cryptography outside of the aforementioned Astrology and Psychology.
The two of us