39Puyallup, United States
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My self-summary
I'm not feeling very social right now. So there's no use in lining up humans to meet & talk to today, since they'll just get tired of waiting for me to seem excited to respond when i'd really rather be by myself a little more. But if you want to say hi anyways that's perfectly ok. I'll come back online eventually. It's definitly a pendulum kind of thing for me.

Ps. Aspergian forrest of meows. Somewhere on that spectrum. Durng sociall interactions, constantly Seeking: preferably a darkish place to hide. No loud noise. Human company desired but in lower doses.

Pps. Old school poly; 15-25yrs depending on if you insist i had to have heard of the word before .

I'll write something to leave here sometime in the next couple of weeks. Probably. Maybe. If i feel like it. It's not personal, I promise.
What I’m doing with my life
2017: stealing you is too much work. I want some cake. & a nap.

2016: too blah-social-non to stalk you.

stalking you
It's not personal, I'm just hungry.
I’m really good at
sticking out, need blending lessons...
or maybe a return trip to my home planet...
i think i prefer the latter.

being allusive. I'm sorry, i didn't realize you were talking to me, i forgot other humans existed, how can i help you today?
The first things people usually notice about me
I hear I'm...
Weird/quirky, a popular one is "refreshingly honest & different". K... I feel like a commercial now.
short and cute. like, squish your face cute... i guess. Please don't squish my face. Hard, at least.
other then that? who knows unless you speak. i forget.
odd, mostly, i suppose.
I guess it's rare for a girl to have enough sense of humor? Yay me. Go team.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
tv- no. Computer&netflix, ok. If you ask me to watch Netflix, I'm gong to think you mean watch Netflix. It is as it meows.

shows- not until they're old?... i did like true blood, at first. except most of the first episode. Cuz i watched it like, a billion times. I'll try most things though. i like British and Korean shows. i forgot the names of most of the things i liked
*bf showed me big bang theory. i liked that.
i prefer anime. animal shows interest me.
if left by myself with a remote, I'd probably find a documentary or fiddle with my phone looking up psychology, history, or some far away country instead. how about crazy new sex toys that i can't afford?

books- yes... mostly non fiction and whatever is there. if it's a book, i'll probably try to read it. It might take me a little while to get to it unless someone recommends it though.

food- this is waaaaay complicated. I try to keep it simple when with others. If you want to appear like you made a great guess... Go for extremely foreign or somewhere that carries a green menu section. This year in aching for those little mini dishes that come with korean food. & i haven't had pho for awhile.

I have this pandora station i call radioactivePoetry.w/mpd. & on it i have goth & ebm & Techno, industrial, violin & chellos, bach, kPop, music from many other countries... Drums... Special rap, very little so far... Grateful dead,
Six things I could never do without
cool air & or tons of water/ice
notebooks + writing utensil
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*everything in greater detail then i can express 24-7-365.

meow needs new questions....

Questions submitted:

Question 1) Would you like to send me pictures and then meet & immediately get a hotel room? (submitted way too often)

Answer 1) hell no. Sounds excruciatingly nerve wracking & equally dull. Not personal.

Next question....? anybody?
On a typical Friday night I am
lately? bored probably. unless partner and i are snuggled/watching a movie or going to one of his outside places.

In your momma?
Ahem. That was bad, i know. I'll just... Pretend you don't exist. And it will go away. *turns around & ignores you*
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am an alien? from strangeland
meh... questions getting dull after a decade. my privacy consists of other people's secrets... so... here's a list of lists instead. And whatever else i feel like saying.

food/health/nutrition, weight lifting, all things goth, psychology, human behavior, history, culture (xenophilia), travel, autism/aspergers

animals, notebooks, pens, little dishes. containers. yes i'm aware this is odd; get used to it.

racism, walmart, Mcdonalds, monsanto, injustice, surprises, loudness, the colours yellow&orange, shoes, selfish/rude/mean people,

i am overweight. i have almost Always been that way unless i starve myself hard core. which i still do every week or 3 for only a day. But that's called fasting. most of my family is too unless they are young. i did an experiment and quit trying to exercise as much & i lost inches. wtf.

I'm not into casual sex. Not because i need to be moving towards domestic with every lover, but because i find casual kinda boring. I'm passionate, & i feel very deeply. When i have a lover, and its not also developed/ing into a deep connection, i find it dull & hollow. It's like dinner without any food. I feel dissatisfied & yawn, & can't see any reason to continue. So why would i want to even begin? As for 1-3 night stands, it takes me awhile to warm up to someone so that also doesn't work for me. I have no moral dilemmas about it all, i just have enough experience to know myself.

I'm fairly disinterested in dating anyone who isn't ok with period sex, ever- even when it's barely there. I could of course, but i don't want to again. For me, personally, during that time is when i need it the most, and its the only thing that helps me with ALL of the symptoms. without it atleast on occasion, there are severe problems & bad feelings. I finally dated someone who won't fit the first time & i hate it.
You should message me if
you like meeting people just because you like meeting people. especially just because interesting people are interesting.
i think so.
shhhhhh be very very quiet... i'm hunting... humans!
Strange creatures that they are; it's a love-hate relationship.
Friends & community are important. I think. Or are they actually optional? Maybe some day I'll find out.
if you have AC?!
The two of us