60Carlsbad, United States
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My self-summary
If you seek financial security as a priority for fine dining and international globe-trotting, you should probably just click "Next."

Thanks so much for visiting. If you like just Cliff Notes, the first sections should suffice. If you seek depth, the last section is plentiful. How far you get will establish your pain threshold. But maybe the proverbial sports cliche is well deployed here. No Pain - No Gain! (Ouch!)

Easy going, educated, traveled, fun, friendly, ex-professional for now. Just moved back to Cbad and looking for fun, fit, friendly peeps to hang out with and see where it goes...with finding that mutual unequivocal love as one possible ultimate prize.

Bottom Line - I am a unique man seeking a unique woman. We have cared for others our entire adult lives, and time is shortening to care for ourselves for the next decade or two before the process of aging constrains us. "Things" are no longer important in our worlds. The thought of falling off the grid and living in an exotic coastal land, traveling the region and exploring and experiencing different cultures for a few years in a minimalist lifestyle is highly attractive.

Honesty Check: I turned 62 this year (Jan 2017), but am flying under the "60 is my cutoff" for those who may find interest...two years difference notwithstanding. Please forgive this indiscretion.
What I’m doing with my life
Helping family, searching employment prospects, and getting to the beach whenever possible. Maybe I'll shoot for more fitness given the summer is coming...but I say that every year. heeheehee
I’m really good at
Professionally...and of less altruistic importance:
Working with teams in building Master Planned Communities

Personally...and most Important:
Being a loving and committed father, son, and brother
-- and someday again...a husband...I hope.
The first things people usually notice about me
My charming and endearing personality. ;~)))
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Slow To Get Up - Nate Jackson...a great, fun read for NFL fans
Movie: The Godfather, West Side Story, Schindler's List, Seven Pounds
Show: Seinfeld, Science...especially anything about the cosmos
Music: MOST - music is medicinal
Food: Proteins
Six things I could never do without
There is really only one...more time...sine qua non

But to play along:
- The scent of rain
- Chocolate Truffle Coffee with a touch of Italian Sweet Cream
- Sunny afternoons on the beach at low tide
- Long slow soft sensual kisses
- Personal meditation of thought
- Appreciation for the scientific contributions that fulfill our lives, empathy for those less fortunate, and gratitude to the heroes I will never meet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
In descending order:
1) .......U.......
2) My family
3) The Beach
4) The magnitude and complexity of the Cosmos
5) The wonders of gravity, electromagnetism, and science in general
6) The sad folly of man's conceit -- paraphrased here, but so eloquently stated in Carl Sagan's short soliloquy titled The Pale Blue Dot. This, referring to man's belief of self-importance when examined in the context of infinite time and space. Deep....right? But so true! Dr. Sagan nailed it! If you haven't seen it, or even if you have, this extraordinary short video essay is well worth visiting as it puts our very existence into certain perspective:
On a typical Friday night I am
I should be punishing myself in a vinyasa yoga class.
Just looking for the right motivation...YOU!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I had it to do all over again, I would do it soooooo differently.
Not lamenting my past. Just applying what I have learned.
You should message me if
Honestly - I think we will find life on other planets before I find my perfect match online. It's complicated. So...primarily here to surf the beautiful smiles and read the many interesting profiles.

That said, I am always up for meeting cute, slender/fit, fun new friends. If things develop organically from there...great!

All skins, cultures, religions, and political persuasions are welcome. So if you think we are a fit -- SAY HEY

Oh...if you are a perfect person...we are probably not a fit.
I am not. And if you have a little bit of bad girl in you...all the better!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Pura Vida,

End of Cliff Notes
The Depth

Some Reality –
For those voracious readers with continued interest:

As I transition to a stage in life of reflection and contemplation, among many other things I am confronted by the evolution of love…and loneliness. There are so many exceptional men and women on these dating sites, all of whom are appropriately happy yet missing one thing. And that one thing is elusive.

When we are young, love comes easily. But whether it is through wisdom or stupidity, with maturity comes intransigence. We know what we want, and will not settle for less. We favor living alone in lieu of risking compromises we choose not to accept.

From 17 years of living alone after divorce, I am my own worst enemy in this regard. And as if that complication is not enough, when factoring in the other side of the equation the complexity is not doubled, but rather, exponential; which makes me appreciate that much more the magic of undeniable chemistry. A chemistry that breaks down all of the barriers, and which makes all of the risks worth taking, seems to be Don Quixote's fantasy creation of his Dulcinea del Toboso.

Who could not be grateful for the age of technology in which we live? The access to venues such as these provides, at the very least, the illusion of social interaction, and at the very best, the prospect of romance and fulfillment. For the reclusive, I can only imagine how much more prominent loneliness must have been before the era of online dating.

As I said above – It’s complicated. But if you care to share, I would be interested in your perspective.


You want even more?
OK -- for those gluttons for punishment:

I am an intelligent, funny, and fun guy to hang out with, which would be seen from quality time together. I guarantee it.

I am so fortunate for the family in which I have been raised, the love and support I have enjoyed, and the life experiences I have lived. I feel sorry for the less fortunate, and wish all could enjoy at least the same happiness I have known.

I do not oppose wealth growth in any way, shape, or form, and am in fact a great proponent of it, as it is the engine that drives opportunity for all. But after having traveled and lived in third-world and developing countries and having seen how so many can live in abject poverty yet still be happy, I find it unfathomable how those with million dollar homes and $100,000 cars can complain about the smallest of things in their lives (their salad or table service was not perfect, their closets are too small for their wardrobes, etc.).

I am loyal, honest, and committed to a fault. Leading a life of high Integrity is one of the important foundations for being able to leave this rock with a feeling of satisfaction. That said, I know where many bodies are buried...because I still have the shovel...and I may very well take those secrets to my grave to be shared only with my creator, assuming there is one. I do not consider omitting from discussion with my partner all that I have done in life as not being truthful or virtuous. Some things are best left to the personal vault.

My professional life has been a roller coaster ride. I have been to the apex a couple of times, and back down to the valleys from both of those thrilling excursions...all from which I have gained wisdom and humility. Now I see the building blocks of happiness through love, health, and being grateful for what I have. I recall hearing some sage advice from an aged widow of a successful movie producer. She said her husband used to tell her that if you want to increase your happiness in life, reduce your wants. I have taken that to heart, have freed myself from the many possessions that used to own me, and have become liberated and much happier for that.

For most of my life I have lived a healthy lifestyle, and would love to find a very fit/healthy mate who would drive me to new standards of commitment. I have never been a vegetarian but am not against trying it. While I have gone through periods of avid dedicated fitness, recently I have had less commitment in this regard but continue to maintain my boyish trim through dietary discipline. That said, I hope to find that gal who will motivate me to new and renewed heights, and together with which to share a very fit, healthy lifestyle going forward.

Travel? Who doesn't love to travel? I have had the privilege of visiting, traveling through, or living in so many countries, the list would be ostentatious to name. Of course, with those travels comes the exposure to the history of our civilization, priceless art, timeless architecture, exquisite cuisines, the diverse cultures of the world, and the wonderful people who define those cultures. I have no desire to ever stop traveling. But now is not a suitable time for it. I have great hopes for the future to resume as much exposure to this rock as I can achieve. From traveling The Americas for months in an RV, to short trips to vibrant locations abroad, to extended living stints in exotic lands...I AM ALL IN! But the time and circumstances must be right. Are you an adventurer...and looking for new adventures?

DANCING -- UGGGHHH! I know! All women LOVE to dance! And most men, or American men anyway, do not. What can I say? I love to dance, but I have two left feet, and I feel like a total klutz the few times I am forced to hit the dance floor - with one exception. If I have a lot to drink, which is practically never, then I suddenly become Mikhail Baryshnikov!!! Of course, that is only in my mind; or more probably I am sufficiently uninhibited to care about what I actually look like. And whether through respect, embarrassment, or fear for their own safety, I have been known to clear the dance floor - including my own date! HaHaHa! But in all honesty, as painful as it is to me, if it is important to the one I love, I will make that great sacrifice. And if she is patient and willing, maybe she can even help me to become, at the very least, more respectable while out there. Show me your moves Babe!

At this senior stage, I consider time my most valued commodity. From this, sometimes I find it difficult agreeing to do that which I consider to be a waste of time. I can do absolutely nothing and enjoy it immensely if I find value in it. As one example, I find sitting on a beach and contemplating the universe to be medicinal, and could do it to the extent it seems ad nauseam to others. It doesn't mean that I have to do this. It is just an example of how I value time. I will also never be possessive of your time. To the extent you could be happy coming and going, and doing the things you value without the need to have me by your side, this would make us that much more compatible, and strengthen our already strong relationship.

I am in love with, and awestruck by, the creative mind and the creative and collaborative process! Filmmakers, composers, musicians, actors, artists, writers, dancers, photographers, architects, designers, engineers, scientists, philosophers, poets, comedians, and all who I have left off of this list, fill our world with bold and vivid colors! Educated and creative minds are gifts given to us which we should appreciate greatly and never take for granted. I am definitely a sapiophile!


More yet? OK. Now we know who the masochists are!
How painful do you want this to get?

While I was raised, and still am, a fiscal conservative, and I believe governments should pursue strong fiscal constraint and promote unfettered capitalism as the engine that will drive opportunity for this late stage in life I have become a progressive liberal on social issues. Unlike many progressive liberals that I know however, I do not impose my beliefs on others. Most would define this is a Libertarian philosophy. Let people live as they choose without government interference. Why are we so quick to judge others, or to try and force others to live under our personal tenets? Our entire civilized human existence of a hundred thousand years, and the single grain of sand that earth represents in the universe of which we are aware, are both complete non-events when considered in the context of infinite time and space. We should just be grateful that we exist...and are aware. As one physicist put it: "We are a collection of atoms that understands it is a collection of atoms." That by itself is pretty spectacular!

I am driven sensually and sexually and I am finding out more and more about HSDD and the issues this disorder represents for maturing women. This is extremely problematic as it relates to the hopes of finding that perfect fit. Accordingly, I remain naively and optimistically in-wait to come across that unique woman, naturally lean/slender/fit, with a very progressively sensual and sexual philosophy and drive, and who finds me highly attractive. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, a parity of desires between us in a monogamous relationship is the ultimate perfect scenario. But so as not to miss an undeniable chemistry, I am not opposed to an intrinsic sexual drive that exceeds my own, or philosophies considered to be outside of societal norms. In such cases, I am open to exploring alternative relationships as long as they are founded in a mutual commitment of love and respect for each other.

Finally, I LOVE to kiss! PDAs are absolutely no problem for me! I can only imagine the incredible luxury of looking forward to kissing the woman I love every morning when we wake up, every night before we go to sleep, and all the times the urge surfaces in between. Of course, she needs to feel the same way!

In fact, this is the first prism through which I filter the possibilities. How much do we desire the kiss from one another? For just fun friends, this strong attraction is not so critical. But if considering the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with? Then a mutual infatuation is a must! If I see your images and say to myself “I will marry her first, and figure out the rest later,” then I don’t care if you are a nuclear physicist, neurosurgeon, waitress, or workin’ girl. I just want you, and consider all the other challenges as surmountable. And I only seek a woman who feels the same way about me in return. I have been at this long enough to understand that the peeling back process is so difficult, we will need this very strong mutual physical attraction going in to have any chance of long-term success.

In the end, I hope to find a woman who I am crazy about, and who is crazy about me. I want to be excited to be with her every day. Laugh together until it hurts, share each other's downfalls and victories, and explore new horizons enjoying a satisfaction together that we would otherwise never experience individually. I want to relish holding her close at night, and have her relish my attention to her, my warmth, my touch, my kiss, my love. We don't have to be tied at the hip 24/7. And, in fact, we probably shouldn't be. But we are always comfortable and happy when we are together, and anything we have or do beyond that (material things, travel, etc.) simply enhances an already mutually fulfilled contentedness. Pollyanna-ish? Maybe. But why shouldn't we aim high?

All of this detail serves a purpose. Many would prefer to go through the unraveling process in person. But after having been on these venues for years I have found the unraveling process to be one of peeling back the onion layers rather than the flourishing of beautiful rose petals...and ultimately...a waste of both of our times. Since time is now my most valued commodity, I choose to be forthright and honest to a fault. If this lengthy read saves time for both of us, it has served its purpose well.

Pura Vida!
The two of us