23Richwood, United States
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My self-summary
please read all the way through before you judge me or get bored or what ever cause i really am a nice guy and im not desperate i promise i just want to find happiness :)

about me
instead of explaining everything i think i am just going to give a list so its easier to understand:
1. first of all i have a handicapped brother that i help my mom take care of so if this is a problem then dont bother messaging me.
2. i am 18 and i still live with my brother because of my brother.
3. i am a senior in high school because i failed 4th grade cause me and my mom and brother were moving alot around that time and i went to 4 different schools and did not understand what all we were learning.
4. when i graduate i am going to take a first aide class and then take care of my brother as my job. (it pays well but i dont just want to do it for the money i do it cause i love my brother)
5. i play games alot its my passion i want to be a pro gamer and make money for something i love to do.
6. i love skulls and the color black and red.
7. i love tattoos and percings i have my left ear pierced and want to get my right one done and i want to get my tongue peirced and i have a armband tattoo on my right arm and it is tribal and it has 8 skulls in it.
8. i have a boston terrier and his name is jack.
9. i love all animals.
10. i love all kinds of music but my favorite is rap then country then metal of all kinds.
11. i ride a harley davidson motorcycle and drive a truck.
12. i am not fat but i dont have 6 pack abs either i am average.
13. i work out not much right now but i usually work out every day and i am a big strong dude i weigh 250lbs but i can lift alot.
14. i love movies mostly horror or comedy.
15. i ride dirtbikes and fourwheelers and i love to go camping and i love to get muddy :) and i love to sit around a campfire.
16. i dont drink smoke or do drugs i dont mind people that smoke cigs (no weed) or drink as long as they dont do it all the time.
17. i love to cuddle and kiss.
18. i do have a job right now and i make pizzas.
19. i like rollor skating at a roller ring or bowling.
20. i love playing with toys in walmart.
21. i do dishes and take out trash but to be honest im a little messy but i am trying to get better at cleaning up after myself when i make a mess.
22. i try to be organized but it never really happes that way.
23. i try and make the best out of everything and i try and make people happy especialy if i am dating someone.
24. i am honest and i am loyal and i will never cheat on anyone.
25. i dont like to talk on the phone i am more of a texting kinda person.

first date
1. i would probably kiss on the first date if the girl was up to it.
2. if it was in the summer we would lay in the bed of the truck and watch the sunset and look up at the stars.
3. i would probably buy flowers no matter what wether we just hang at my/her house or if we go out somewhere like the movies or dinner.
4. if the girl likes to play games then we would be gaming it up as long as she wanted.
5. cuddleing on the couch watching tv or a movie.
6. im only 18 but if i was 21 we would probably go out for a drink or go to the club and dance.
7. i would probably turn on some music grab your hands and will probably dance randomly with you.
8. i would try and cook for you but i dont know how well it will taste cause i dont cook that often but i would do it more to make it taste better lol.

i will never cheat or hurt anyone and i will try and make the girl that i am with happy always no matter the situation and i have been used and cheated on so many times and the girls usually break up with me after 2 weeks and i hate it its so anoying and i know that i am 18 but i am really ready to settle down with someone and i want to be happy.

thank you if you read all the way through and if you dont want to message me on here my email is or you can text me at 740 816 7902
What I’m doing with my life
i am currently 18 and living with my mom but thats because i help take care of my brother and i have a job working at a pizza place but when i graduate i am probably going to take care of my brother for the state and get paid for it but i dont think i am going to go to college.
I’m really good at
i am really good at riding dirtbikes and fourwheelers and riding motorcycles and i am reallly good at video games. and i am also good at listening to peoples problems and trying to help them with there problems.
The first things people usually notice about me
my deep voice maybe i dont know
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
favorite books might have to be twilight
favorite movies are probably twilight harry potter lord of the rings or anything scary or funny
i love rap hip hop and country music
and food i like almost everything
Six things I could never do without
video games
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to be a better motorcycle dirtbike and fourwheeler rider and video game player
On a typical Friday night I am
either working or sitting home not doing anything but probably playing games
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
the most private and embarassing thing about me is i have strech marks like everywhere on my body because one year i was really short then grew 2 foot in a summer and its also from lifting
You should message me if
you think i am cute
like the same things that i do
if your not a cheater or a lier or a thief cause i despise them
if you are looking for a long term relationship
The two of us