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My self-summary
Ghost me baby. I love that.

My "Self-Summary" section is long. You can skip it if you like. Or, you can read whatever amount of it you want. If you're just a picture gal you've already decided whether or not you're at all interested.

If you just want the Cliffs Notes highlights:

- six years divorced after a 20 year marriage.
- have five grown children..... yes that's a lot of kids... yes I had a tv.... yes I was busy.... I had five kids because I didn't want six
- I'm mostly a blue jeans and tshirt guy enjoying life's simple pleasures.
- I am college educated and have a stable professional career. I love my career, but work to live.
- I'm fun friendly and easy going. I don't sweat the small stuff and don't panic about the big stuff.
- I am content and happy now as a single. But I think there is great benefit in sharing my life with someone special. I'm patient and know what I need and want in a woman and a relationship. I won't pound a square peg into a round hole just to be with someone.
- I'm very comfortable in my own skin and "emotionally available"
- there are no warrants out for my arrest.
- I'm not medicated and have no underlying issues that would require it.
- I am a great partner and companion. Fiercely loyal. Very loyal. Very supportive. I seek a woman strong enough to be my mentor and protege.... humble enough to take criticism and bold enough to give it.... making one another better people. I seek a true soulmate that is my best friend, lover, confidant, cheer leader, partner.... I want it all, or what would be the point?
- I'm not looking for an instant relationship. I am up for whatever while awaiting ms wonderful to come along..... friendship, casual dating.... seeing where it may lead.

Now the extended profile if interested:

In finding our mates, we all want mostly the same things on a large scale. Everyone wants someone that is loving, caring, responsible...... etc. We all want those great virtues in our mates. It is strange that it is so difficult for people to find someone that they are satisfied with, for a long time. Logically, if they have those traits, that should fulfill the priorities you hold for a mate and a relationship. But, those things, though the most important, also become the baseline requirements. So, what we select and judge and fall in love with are the little things, the personality quirks, the unique qualities that set someone apart. Despite wanting most of the same things, in the most important qualities for people to interact and treat one another decently, we all also want somone who is unique and special, and perfectly suited to each of us.

Jeff Lynne has a great song about about those intangible things we weigh up "Every Little Thing". I have kind of adopted that in what I describe the "every little things" we learn about one another in a dating and/or relationship experience. When we find that perfect person, we love the majority of those every little things about them...... even the ones that may at times drive us nuts. So, my approach in learning about someone, is to explore the every little things. In interaction I ask a lot of questions about seemingly trivial things. But, those seemingly trivial things, are what define who we are. In that vein... I will offer up a few random things about me to give you a introduction to the every little things about me, including a few facts that likely color who I am and what I like:

- I am the oldest of (6) kids. My oldest sister is 8 years younger than me.... my youngest brother is 18 years younger than me. That meant that my daughter had a 3 year old uncle when she was born.
- I was born in Iowa. My parents are Iowa farmkids and their midwest values and outlook on life run deep in me.
- My parents and all of my siblings are still here in the valley and I am very close to my family.
- I was married for 20 years and have 5 kids... Maria 25, Christina 24, James 20, Eric Jr. 19 and Mikayla 18.
- I have a mechanical engineering degree from ASU.
- I am a project manager for a contractor that does energy conservation projects.
- My socio political beliefs would be most closely described as libertarian.
- I love hockey and baseball. I like football too.
- I have a thirst to travel..... but, my the priority of my family and financial reality of having five kids precluded much of that to date. I will quench that thirst someday. Australia is where I most want to go.
- I am a total cuddle bug, loving all forms of physical affection.
- I believe that the kiss is the physical "oxygen' of a relationship and the relationship will die without it.
- I like nice things like anyone else, but have simple needs and simple tastes. I have no taste for oppulence.
- I love a black and tan in a cool pub
- I like a wide range of music... classic rock, blues, folk rock, singer/songwriter, older country.
- I trend toward being a slob and have to work at being neat and organized.... I'm not bordering on a hoarder or anything but do tend to be sloppy.
- I love monsoon storms.... love them.
- My food sins tend more toward the greasy, salty variety than they do sweets.
- My favorite dessert is cheesecake
- Nothing beats a great steak
- If I am in a tie, someone likely died, or is getting married.
- I love holding hands, curling up close, and sitting on the same side of the restaraunt booth.
- I tend toward procrastination.... yes, I have on many occasion been driving to the mail drop late on April 15th to drop off my tax returns.
- I can be both shy and outgoing... obviously not at the same time. :-)
- I tend to be a wisenheimer and love to laugh.
- I love a lady's hair..... like it long.
- i hate doing wash
- I love to grill and am good at it. I am a work in progress in the kitchen and enjoying it more.
- I am somewhat old fashioned in my view about gender roles..... believing a man should take care of his lady, take care of the loud bumps in the night, kill bugs, and carry in the 50# bag of dogfood for her. I want the call when her car won't start.
- I think it is cool to pack a cooler and head out for a drive on the backroads with no planned destination.
- I am fiercely loyal. In a relationship, I will always have my lady's back and trust she will have mine.
- I try not to sweat the small stuff.
- Physical touch is my strongest love language.... If i dont get that kiss goodbye, that screams to me something is wrong.
- I have a pool table and enjoy pool.
- I am a terrible bowler
- I love a good comedy show. I have recently discovered "Jesterz" an improvisation troop in Scottsdale that does improv skits like on Drew Carey's "whose line is it anyway". It is an unbelievably great time.
- I like seeing a live band.
- I am much more comfortable in a neighborhood sports bar or pub than a hip club.... though I am certainly not a regular bar fly.
- I am a sucker for the "Pawn Stars" and "Storage Wars" brand of reality TV.
- I can't stand the "Kardashians" and "Jersey Shores" brand of it.
- I love spirit of man good stories like "Shawshank Redemption", "Forrest Gump", and "The Blindside"
- I'm fine with a chick flick, if its funny..... love all of the Adam Sandler boy gets girl offerings
- If its not funny.... think Nicholas Sparks... that is a great opportunity for my lady to have a lady's night with her girlfriend.

A start to about me anyway.

Hope you are having a great day today,
You should message me if
If you just want to waste my time. Contact me if you are a perpetual ghoster. I love when you act incredibly interested and want to text for days on end and then just disappear. It's great when you appear intensely intrigued and engaged, but are still mining for greener pastures and again (poof) just disappear with no explanation. I really like it if you're not ready to date and that occurs to you when planning a first date. And, if you still have a thing for your ex...... omg I love when you are chomping at the bit to run back to him as soon as he drops you a text explaining he didn't mean to break your heart and he wants to give it another go.

Please, don't really want to meet and have a first date, just jerk me around and waste a lot of my time. Anything else would turn my view of online dating upside down.
The two of us