40Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
How do you form an honest relationship through a dishonest process?

"it was a pleasure talking to you - u seem like a really nice guy that has been shit on one too many times" -my friend's wife

"You're one of the last decent men" -a girl I used to date

I am the best boyfriend you've never had.

***I have given up on dating as it's merely a torture mechanism if you're a straight man who's introverted, feminist, doesn't drink, and autistic. I'll answer your email (like women ever approach men first--HAHAHAHAHA!!), but I don't check this site anymore. I've had my fill of rejections, lead ons, being ignored, and serving as the butt of unhinged abuse. If the government finally steps in and matches us up with potential partners, I'll throw my hat back in the ring.***

I love to laugh and share laughs with others--a few people have said I should write for The Onion, and I've penned some articles that were mistaken for Onion stories. I'm a great writer; I did an essay in college that's in an undergraduate textbook now. (and that I got paid for!)

I've always played by my own rules, and the world I want to live in differs radically from the one we have. For example, I strongly support a guaranteed basic income for all, an economy based on happiness rather than money and GDP, and a political system based on inclusion, social justice, and minimizing human suffering (instead of our current insistence on maximizing both the number of people suffering and the depths of that suffering). I'm a political junkie and have been involved with politics and activism most of my life. I spent 6 years in Washington, DC working for two senators and two non-profits. I went to McGill for a master's in urban planning but dropped out. After living in 7 places, I came back to Seattle, for good.

I'm an introvert (INTJ) and an Aspie. Ethnically, I'm Jewish, but as the great (and still alive!) Tom Lehrer said, my Judaism has more to do with the delicatessen than the synagogue. I've been an atheist since 16.

I think silliness and playfulness are underrated, and "maturity" is usually mis-defined. "Work hard, play hard" is trite and profoundly misguided.

Honesty is important to me, and I have little tolerance for hypocrisy. I tend to be a rational/analytical thinker--I have a need for things to make sense. So I ask a lot of questions, and I *love* good, long conversations.

I'm random and quirky, and have an endless memory for useless trivia.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to reconcile a strong sex drive with an inability to find a sex partner. Inventing the Sponge Bob Square Pants contraceptive sponge. I'm a pet sitter! I love the work but don't have enough of it. I'm tentatively venturing back into the capitalist workforce, after various traumatizing experiences, in the naive hope that a meaningful social justice job exists that would accommodate my disabilities. I volunteer with the Seattle Animal Shelter and organize a big Meetup group. I'm always working on one activist cause or another...Dozen.

What's important to me in the long run is to do something where I make positive moral contributions to the world. But that can take many forms, and I think Helen Caldecott is right when she says there are lifetimes within lifetimes. Whatever my work is, I enjoy just getting out to do fun things and meet new people. I'm exploring various interests; I took glassblowing and ASL classes, and I want to do more (Spanish, comedy, cooking, pottery, filmmaking, music lessons--I really miss making music and wish I could play jazz flute). Can't do everything at once though.
I’m really good at
challenging authority, unwittingly offending people, directions, remembering things, empathizing with people, explaining/teaching things without being judgemental or pedantic, thinking of original ideas, practicing what I "preach", debating (be warned), winning at Risk
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't fit in. Anywhere, any time, with anyone. I belong in a different time and place.

According to the newsletter of a non-profit I volunteered for, my unassuming manner. :)

And...according to a Metro bus driver, I look exactly like a telephone pole on Westlake Ave. :/
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Secrets of the Universe, Flatland, Almanac of American Politics, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People, Professor Wellstone Goes to Washington, Trout Fishing in America, Harmful to Minors, Callahan's Chronicals (sic), Deep Economy

Movies: Monty Python, UHF, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Crumb, Ghost World, Annie Hall, The Candidate, My Dinner with Andre, Harold and Maude, The Conversation, White, Red, The Graduate, Michael Moores', Bulworth, The Corporation, The Edukators, Lenny, Tootsie, Clerks II, Lars and the Real Girl, Speed 3: Intermittent Wipers

Music: I grew up with 50s and 60s oldies in the 80s, and since high school my home genre has been classic rock, largely from the 70s. Now I'm more into jazz. I don't really like much popular music from the last 25 years; I probably won't know your favorite songs or groups. My last concert was Weird Al Yankovic--and it rocked! I think rock and roll is lamentably dead, killed in part by music videos and the bastardization of radio. I like folk, some classical, comedy/parody, art/progressive rock, jazz-rock fusion, ambient/experimental stuff, world, electronica, and "space music" like you hear on Hearts of Space and Echoes. Not into rap, hippity-hoppity, punk, or metal. Louder does not mean better. I don't believe people who claim to like everything.

Food: pretty much all kinds, except I've never liked many vegetables. I love onions--aren't they quintessentially Jewish? I rarely eat red meat. France has the food groups right: bread, wine, cheese, and chocolate.

TV: I'm a big fan of Family Guy, Last Week Tonight, and Archer. PBS also has some great programming that proves television has great potential for good and isn't inherently bad; US laws and policies just lead it to be so. Yay Frontline and American Experience! CBC Doc Zone and The National too.
Six things I could never do without
a home, clothes, food, love, friends, positive touch (I lack two of these)

cold water, Trident gum, Internet, parentheses and semicolons, mass transit
I spend a lot of time thinking about
friends, dating (why women don't ask men out, why women don't pay for dates, why women say yes when they mean no, why the whole game is such torture), job hunting, how similar dating and job hunting are, sexuality, politics, poverty, social justice, gender issues, philosophy, psychology, planning & sprawl, energy/peak oil, global warming, how broken our politics are and we need a revolution, a basic income for everyone, moving to Scandinavia, why girls delete their profiles right after messaging me, all the chores I'm behind on
On a typical Friday night I am
Abolishing private property. Or taking a nap.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is me. This too. I know dating is a big game (a sexist, dishonest, capitalist one), but I never figured out how to play it. Forty percent of Aspies never have a romantic relationship. Dating is like War Games; the only winning move is not to play.

I've never had a girlfriend and barely had sex. I've given up on ever finding a girlfriend or experiencing love or sex. There are millions of great people in the same position, but we are marginalized and stigmatized into silence. I stay here mainly out of fascination, curiosity, and entertainment. Did you know 2/3 of the people on this site are men?
You should message me if
you are Mila Kunis. :D

Or you are willing to woman up and make the first move with a man. I prefer women who practice sexual equality (a key reason why I'm single).
The two of us