43Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
well its mass true

ive realized that posting just some random squrrel story that I had read the day that I made my profile isn't exactly the "chick magnet" that I thought it would be, so I will write a little something more dating site friendly.

about me. im 37 but I think I look a bit younger than that, people are always surprised to find out im that old. Im always staying busy doing something except for when I finally retire to the couch to watch a movie after a long day. I love movies, usually some sort of indie, documentary, foreign movie but sometimes I like a good mainstream popcorn or horror movie.

Music to me is one of the most important things in my life, i have prolly about 20 thousand songs on my computer and am constantly looking for new music. I love old punk and post punk,underground hip hop, electronic, jazz, indie, jazz, deep soul, Americana, reggae etc. I wish i knew how to play an instrument, I think i could murder a drum set,,,, or a triangle.

I read alot, especially in the summertime, usually non fiction, sociological subjects intrigue me. right now im reading a couple books, one is about the rise in narcissistic tendencies in Americans over the last couple decades and why it has happened ( don't constantly tell your children that they are special) and the other is about the negative impacts of urban sprawl. If I could actually retrieve all the information I have stuffed to the back of my brain on command i would dominate the trivia circuit.

Im pretty creative and appreciate creativity in others. I like to paint but im the opposite of prolific, maybe 1 painting a year and I usually give them to someone.

I love people watching.

im over analytical.

hopeless romantic. I think that goes hand in hand with being a creative type.

Im always up for a good debate, even if it means playing devils advocate.

I love kids and animals.

reading bad restaurant reviews.

I don't like to stand out but I don't like being a follower either

I was kind of a trouble maker in my teens and twenties. I made alot of questionable decisions, nothing that bad, but I wouldn't change anything.

Im kind of a loner but I love company.

somewhat jaded but not in an anti social kind of way.

my pet peeves are licence plate frames with snappy sayings on them, Lenny Cravitz, made up pharmaceutical, restaurant and condo complex names ( lunesta,cialis, solsticio, activia, calisto, escadia,,,,ugh, it hurts to even write them) I really hate it when my slide out wooden cutting board gets jammed in the counter, trying to find my dogs sh*tin autumn leaves,kissy faces.

Im liberal and believe strongly in equality.

I find juggalos insanely hilarious. they are the exception to my views on equality.

im honest and blunt, sometimes to a fault.

im loyal. good listener.

bad speller, sorry spelling nazis.


breaking bad.all I can say is H>O>L>Y> S>H>I>T> good show.

awesome cook, chef. its a passion and it pays the bills.

new balance sneaks and comfortable t shirts.

I love living in the city but cant wait to get to the country.

good live music still gives me goosebumps.


patient, but holds grudges sometimes.

morning sex.

im idiosyncratic.

I go to the gym or exercise in one way or another several times a week.

family is important to me. my son and my 3 year old nephew,who may be gay, but hey,whatevs.

I have a very dry somewhat warped sense of humor.......the punch line to my favorite joke is " im not willie nelson" .....its a pearl.

ultimately, I'm looking for a best friend that I can do it with all the time.

so anyway, here's that squirrel story I was talking about.
so I was reading the other day about this study they did on some squirrels in central park. Apparently in the squirrel world they have ***hole squirrels just like us.
they monitored the squirrels for a couple weeks and noticed that there were some slacker squirrels that didn't feel like collecting their own nuts. so what they did was they would hide behind a tree and watch the hardworking squirrels burry their nuts and wait for them to leave. as soon as the nuts rightful owner was out of sight the slacker squirrel would run over, dig up the nuts, fill his pockets and run off (probably laughing maniacally).
pretty soon the honest squirrel would come back with more nuts to add to his collection, dig back into his previous hiding spot and be like "WTF!? where the hell are my nuts!"
so what the honest squirrels started doing was they would collect their nuts, dig a hole, glance over their shoulder to see if there were any ***hole squirrels watching then PRETEND to burry the nuts. then they would run off and burry them in the real hiding spot. the ***hole squirrel would run over to the fake out hole and dig in vain.
after reading this article, life just seemed a little sweeter.
If you want I have some more stories like this I can enlighten you with.
ps, I don't look this pissed in real life
What I’m doing with my life
keepin it real.
I’m really good at
Not over creaming my coffe, opening Netflix envelopes, talking shit about a pretty sunset. Recognizing Nigerian e mail scams.
The first things people usually notice about me
that I look like sam the eagle from the muppet show.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

the music of chance
the maid
waltz with bascheir
let the right one in
Pee wees big adventure
the story of anvil
apocalypse now
glenn gary glenn ross
you and me and everyone we know
the room (its the citizen cane of bad movies)
black dynamite
the jerk
why we fight
revenge of the nerds

I cant even start to narrow this down, but I draw the line at zydeco.
Six things I could never do without
apparently not spell check
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wondering why half this country votes against their own financial interest. best I can figure out. extreme gullibility.

meme theory
I suppose meme theory would help explain the gullibility in question.
On a typical Friday night I am
weaving dream catchers, playing freeze tag, drive by shootings, smashing pottery. in that order. at the regal beagle with janice and crissy.
but when Im tired of that Ill go catch a show, watch a movie, hang out with friends or family, chill on my couch watching netflix. This question really should say " on a typical night that you do not work at 7 am the next day"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
when I was about 11, I wanted to know what it would be like to have hairy legs. so I took my moms mascera and used it on the peach fuzz on my legs, put on a pair of shorts, walked around the neighborhood and was all like " whats up bitches!"
You should message me if
you DONT make kissy faces in yr photos, use the terms "looking for my partner in crime" or "I work hard, and play harder" list "atlas shrugged" in yr fave reads or "boondock saints" as a fave movie, are dressing up as a "sexy" this or that for haloween, or are an unnatural shade of orange. other than that, im easy.
*update* im not getting any messages so disregard previous deal breakers.
The two of us