33Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Trying online since I don’t have a whole lot of time most of it going to Portland State university and full time classes, and the seemingly endless streams of homework most of the teachers feel they have to give you for some reason.

Plus the fact that I am horribly shy and have a hard time talking to people I am now finding that I have very few friends and I never really have anyone to chat with or hang out with ever.

Outside of that I love the outdoors and hiking and being active as much as possible.I usually have to hike alone because I don't know anyone that wants to hike with me, and also camping or just in general being outdoors (as long as it is dry out I don't like being cold and wet).

I also enjoy being a nerd and playing video games and watching tv and anime. game wise I mostly play RPGs with my fiancée, she tells me how to do everything in general I actually do it since I am a slight bit better gamer then her but tend to get distracted and wander around and not accomplish much. so Skyrim, Ni No Kuni, mass effect, assassin creed and many many more

not sure what else really to say I am mostly just a normal fun guy to be around who is good at making people laugh.

I am in an open relationship with sala-heart and we have been together for over 4 years now so I am looking for people who can understand that also.

If you want to ask me anything feel free to ask. I am open and willing to answer most questions since I have no clue as to what people want to here about me.
What I’m doing with my life
I am going to school to enviromental science. which takes up a large chunk of my time leaving me littyle free and fun time.

I am always trying to find fun and majestic places to hike because I get tiered of hiking the same old path over and over and I have memorized most of the falls area already. I am thinking of trying to explore the forest Park area but havent had a lot of time to get out there on the bus.
I’m really good at
Making other people laugh even when they are trying really hard not to.

Memorizing music. I can sing along with almost all music out there(and it can be annoying because it is always popping into my head)

Giving massages, I am able to relaxe and basically melt anybody's soar points, relive cramped muscles and such things with only a little effort or , though I can’t afford the schooling I am just naturally good.

Hiking in very dangerous or "impassible" terrain like down and up steep ledges, up the middle of creeks (with out getting wet) or just off trail without getting lost

Changing my voice in many interesting and different ways through accent or pitch of what not

plus many, many, more that go on and on and on.

And I thought I would also add some of the things I am horrible at since knowing your weaknesses is the only way to get stronger

_________________THINGS I SUCK AT____________________

First and foremost Spelling and grammar. despite being exceptionally smart and a aspiring sci-fi author I spell phonetically and can never memorize all the rules of grammar(which is why I like to talk to people in person because I am very well spoken)

Secondly I would have to say reading peoples nonverbal communication. I have mild autism and the main effect that that has on my is I cant read any meaning into almost anything other then what people say out loud to me.

Oh and no fault of my own but growing facial hair. it is just bad and something I don't do.

There are other things and I try to lean as I go but these two are the big ones
The first things people usually notice about me
An easy one would be my long hair but BOOOOORINNNNNGGGGG.

I have been told my seemingly enormous smile that I usually have, or my eyes which apparently can change color .

Also possibly my humorous personality

I honestly am not sure people don't usually say "WOW the first thing I noticed about you was ____" or something along that line and I don't really ask because I don't see much point since they already have noticed me and are most likely talking to me by then.... So ya not sure what people notice you tell me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most all Sci-Fi and fantasy books wise are on the top of my list David Weber being one of the top sci-fi authors. I also enjoy the Anita Blake series.

Movies wise I enjoy action, sci-fi, and fantasy. Some of the top ones are Serenity, new and old star trek, about half of the movies marvel has made, and so may others I have lost track.

Shows I just have so many I will never get to watch them all recently I watched the first two seasons of Lost Girl, and started watching Defiance, there is also Castle, Mythbusters, and quite a few others that I cant keep track of they just go on my DVR and I watch them when I have time.

Music mainly rock but really anything but rap and most country. some of my favorites are Disturbed, System of a Down, Korn, Enya when ever I want to relax, Tool, Muse, The Offspring, Linkin Park ..... I have to much music, last time I checked I was at over 50 gigs worth.

Finally as for food I will try anything once and it would be easier to list what I don’t like then what I do. I don't like ham unless the taste is disguised some how. And I don't eat blue cheese because I might be allergic to it and don't want to risk a hospital trip to find out
Six things I could never do without
Lets see Air, Water, Nutrition, probably gravity in the long run is probably fairly important, some form of shelter from the elements, especially here in Oregon, and lastly probably clothing of some type or something to keep me warm.

Ya I would have to say with out all of these things I would probably have a rather hard time living and with out most of them I would come to a fairly abrupt end.

On a slightly less important scale but still fairly nice to have

my Fiancée, she is very important to me and I love her

Books, I love to read and can go through them fairly fast and I mean physical copies not e-books, I like the feel of the real thing

electronics, they provide a nice distraction for me and help my keep from being bored to often

the wilderness, I love taking hikes in the woods and exploring off trail

things to do, this may seem fairly brood but I have a tendency towards idiocy when I get bored and cant find some way to relive it

lastly I would have to say humor I am a fairly humorous person and like to joke around and poke fun at a lot of things
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I don't know my mind is like a jackrabbit, it loves to jump all over the place and I can quickly take a line of thought all the way around and be so off thought that it can be hard to get back to where I started. some of the things that like to pass though it though are.
Combat scenes for a book I am writing
Sword play moves and counter moves since just thinking about it can make you a better sparer
What the question is that 42 answers (and 6 times 7 is not it)
Random music that gets stuck in my head
Classes though I prefer not to go here because it is soooooooooo boring
Nothing at all sometimes, occasionally, rarely
the changes that seem to be going on in society in regards to peoples sexual lifestyles that seem to be happening more and more often but hidden and seemingly disgraced and inappropriate and wrong by the supposed mainstream world even though they seem to usually lead a more dysfunctional lifestyle in which it is more okay for the people to be secretive about any type of extramarital activity to the detriment of the relationship (started thinking about this while working on my other profile bits and spent a fair number of thoughts on it, good investment in my opinion)
Ask what's on my mind you might be surprised

And most all this can pop through my head in the span of trying to writ what pops through my head
and yes I agree that seems like a little much and rather a scary idea
On a typical Friday night I am
Define typical. Anything from eating out, to playing video games, to sitting and doing homework.
more recently trying to go swimming at the school pool for an hour to get some exercise and then warming up in the hot tub.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am mildly autistic and have A.D.D. so I am horrible at subtly.
this means that when I talk to someone and they try to tell me something through body language or by going round about it I usually miss it or don't understand what they are saying
You should message me if
You actually read everything and made it this far without running away.

You are looking to make a friend.

If while reading through this at any point you found yourself emitting an involuntary laugh, tell me where

You are willing to actually meet some time since I hate chatting over electronics because I feel it is slow and impersonal and I am a horrible speller and it reminds me of that.

If you enjoy hiking and you would like another hiking partner.

If you just want to meet someone funny and cool.

You want a good laugh

you want to talk with someone who has a slightly skewed perspective of the world

you would like a massage from someone who is skilled

Or just message me for shits and giggles what's the worst that can happen. we don't like chatting with each other and we stop .... OH NO you chatted with someone and decided to stop THE HORROR
The two of us