34Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Instagram amor.libertas

Here to find a kindred spirit...someone to laugh and trade stories with. Ultimately, someday, looking for someone to do life with :) you know, healthy attachment.

I have a few qualities I look for

~ Appreciate an alpha, outspoken, nurturing, artistic woman. I live to make galleries, films, theater and whatnot.

~ Be spiritual...or committed to personal growth. Meditation. Plant medicines.

~ I'm looking for someone who doesn't want kids. Ever.
I know it's rare...
But please be mature enough to know where you stand on that topic :)

~ Be snuggly and affectionate

~ Be silly. Sarcasm, puns, wit, charades, I love it all. I'm realizing as I get older just how important this is. This world is crazy but having someone to laugh with everyday makes it all worthwhile :)

please, no hook ups,
or men who just broke up with their ex Is that cool? That's not too much to ask right? Be emotionally available

Ok! Done with the serious stuff

I'm a working artist and entrepreneur. very feminine. A sweetheart with an edge, a heart of gold, truly. Im pretty saucy tho...Dominant and outspoken and tend to do best with men who appreciate these qualities.

Pretty monogamous and romantic, not interested in dating a ton of people
(I'm rather picky honestly)

Conversations with depth turn me on.
Your vulnerabilities do too.
I'm happiest at intimate events, dinner parties, out in nature or cozy with you at home. I have a mix of artist and intellectual friends. All nice people.

Looks wise, to quote Sir Mix A lot: LA face with an Oakland booty. Thick thighs, 44 inch hips, hourglass
built for a man who loves curves. Purrrr

I love fellow entrepreneurs, artists, creators, passionate people... people who are curious about the world. I don't work 9-5 which is fun and allows me to travel. It would be great to find someone with similar freedom.

I love spending time in nature, love road trips (vintage campervan owner!)
I'm equally comfortable at an art opening ( I work at an amazing art gallery!) as I am playing Playstation in my pajamas or camping in the woods. (I love video games for their artistic merits, honestly)

As I mentioned, I'm spiritual and into Tarot cards, shamanism, meditation. Psychedelics in intentional settings...Ayahuasca has become an important part of my life over the last 3 years. That said, I'm also down to earth and can hang with just about anyone, logical, business-types and atheists included.

I love to travel :)
But not just to exotic destinations, but all places in between. Small towns, run down places. The idea of a year long road trip across the US in a RV sounds like heaven to me. Wanna travel together? I have a pretty sweet vintage campervan and a huge love affair with the desert, oceans and forests surrounding us. Silence and getting away from it all is amazing for the soul

I live on the edge of Emeryville/Oakland ....and am in San Francisco often. I don't mind the thought of dating someone outside the Bay, especially if it means spending more time on a farm :)

I'd love to find someone who lights me up. A best friend who I can't keep my hands off ;) true partnership, friendship on fire. I'm old fashioned and I haven't given up on love. Id love to find someone who connects as deeply as I do. I am a nurturer through and through. A relationship where we make it even more possible for each other to shine and contribute good in the world...yes please

That said, I do take things slow, and believe in being friends before anything else.

Ultimately, I'd love a partner to go deep with ♡♡♡ Someone to make a cozy home with, a big shop space for creating and a round table to gather friends around for Sunday brunch. I want a creative life full of projects and travel with my love...

P.S My pics are all recent, I'm actually 38 though I don't feel it. My best friend is 23, I'm told I pass for 28 or so...but yes...time flies! Good genes here. If that bothers you, ah well. I believe age is pretty irrelevant and truly I am at my best ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Self employed
I run a few businesses online and enjoy a lot of freedom. 4 hour workweek inspired.

Most dear to my heart is..helping run an art gallery here in Oakland. We show video, installation and visionary work.

I paint, and sculpt. I'm making a tarot deck...78 collages.

And also, Ayahuasca ceremonies as needed
I’m really good at
being nurturing and affectionate. Cutting to the truth of the matter . Disarming people with my Canadian friendliness. cuddling. sticking with things, reading people. rapping (poorly). making stuff. bringing something interesting to the table. initiating adventures. making things grow. taming wild things.
The first things people usually notice about me
My grandious Booty. And a sensuality so thick you could spread it on toast
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
authors: Byron Katie, Abraham / Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Attraction. Finite and Infinite Games

TV: Reno 911, adult cartoons, The Office, Little Britain

music: I love outdoor music festivals and will gladly get on a plane to go to a good one. Priorities. Priorities.
To name a few: MUTEK (montreal) DEMF (detroit electronic music festival) treasure island music fest, and yes, burning man (though i am not a "burner" by any means)

more music: SBTRKT, fleet foxes, the beatles, beruit, matmos, iron and wine. mazzy star. the shins. jeff buckley, bat for lashes. fever ray , the knife, owen pallett. The smiths, the cure, joy division, noise, drone, glitch, dubstep, funk, soul, 80's cheese, old school 90's hip hop, like black moon, smif n wesson, aaliyah

food: anything but wheat. im pretty turned on to the paleo diet these days.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I want to learn to scuba dive (I love to snorkel in Monterey)
science and art, and where the two intersect
wealth creation/new business ideas
singing lessons
vintage Porsches & vintage campervans
poverty and class issues. street art. travel to: Iceland, Italy, Costa Rica, Austrailia, Spain, Scandinavia. Design. gardening. music. psychedelics. DMT. ayahuasca. shamanism. tantra. how to live with my heart open. how to make a long term, committed relationship work...and be inspiring and supportive at the same time.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am not a 9-5'er so fridays do not stand out for me. I'm just as likely to stay up late on a wednesday night. Sometimes I'm out dancing, or maybe at home with a friend and a film. (pretty sweet set up: projected movies in bed!) if I'm lucky I'm at a hot spring getting witchy. Or I'm working on art. I'm mellowing out these days, and finding more pleasure in simple things...but I still love to dance, check out bands, attend art openings and what not. Typical retired hipster stuff.
You should message me if
like me, you are happy to not have kids

The rest of this stuff is gravy:
~you're silly, you're able to get ridiculous
~you dream of an urban homestead and love animals: chickens, bees, gardens
~you have done some work on yourself, you are emotionally available
~you value stability. this includes financial stability
~you love love
~you love nature: hiking, diving, snorkeling, camping, hot springs...
~you like to make stuff
~you have a stellar music or film collection you want to introduce me to

this next part offends some, and I'm not trying to send the wrong message, but...physical connection is important if something is going to last

I've never really cared about height.
But I do care about length ;)
Nothing less then a solid 7 inches please. Just to give you an idea, a dollar bill is just over 6 inches long. (men seem to have an inability to measure correctly lol)

Women are at a disadvantage. Men can pursue their physical preferences (big ass, thin, blond...whatever it may be)
But women have no way of telling!
I'm trying to avoid dating for a month only to find out I'm a size queen and you are packing 4 inches.

Does this mean I'm looking for casual sex?
I assure doesn't. Casual sex doesn't interest me. I really mean that. I am looking for a person who fulfills me emotionally, spiritually, physically. I have 10 years tantric experience and definitely want a heart connection.

Am I really the first girl to mention this in her profile? well...I hope I at least made you laugh


p.s online dating is completely fraught with weirdo's and scammers, men who don't read profiles, countless time wasters and other bad news bears. If she seems a little uptight, perhaps that is why. You men seriously have no idea. This place is full of landmines, be extra kind! Xo
The two of us