58 Montclair, United States
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My self-summary
"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor."~ Rumi
"Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire" - Robert Frost
“Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” ~Pablo Picasso

Looking for a companion to share...

the sunny side of the street....a quiet beach (anytime/any weather) aromatic kitchen, a couple glasses of wine with hips swaying to music... a hilltop blanket, watching the stars... the fun and anticipation of getting ready for a house full of guests....a hammock on a spring porch....a sultry summer evening, meandering around a country road with the top down.... a long stroll down a snowy shop-lit, city sidewalk.... backpacking in the countryside, exploring new vistas and customs... a meal together, or with friends.... exchanged looks across crowded room, with smiles that know their own language.

I was always very lucky; still am. I was raised to be a self-sufficient and self-motivated woman. Stable, thoughtful and dependable. Passionate about many things, but never pretentious. Fairly intelligent, sometimes saucy, very fun, happy, curious. Intuitive, liberal, artsy. Atypical.

I've always enjoyed learning new things and have a natural interest and curiosity that extends in many directions. I'm especially good at working with my hands--building and fixing things, cooking, gardening and home projects are all things I enjoy immensely. I've always had an appreciation for art, color, design and texture and it extends into my passion for interior design and music. And oh....this might be a good place to add.... I'm really good at kissing... with the right lab partner.

I appreciate having a partner and companion, but I have grown a lot and can stand on my own, yet, I'm very comfortable with sharing. I hope to find someone who, like me, prefers the 'deeper end of the pool'...learning about another person's interests and passions, discussing current events and what brings another person joy.

I'd like to meet a kind, up-beat, intelligent, health-minded, unpretentious and mature man. You can't quite define him or box him into categories and that's what is so intriguing about him. He slides easily and confidently into different "shoes." And perhaps best of all, he's figured out that one of the great joys in life is discovering the girl inside the woman and wants to share the road with a best friend, lover and partner.

The key to a great life is about cultivating love and joy--finding them is essential to happiness. If you're not making it a priority to do what you love, or if your not loving who you're with, then you're really missing out on the best things in life.

Looking for my haystack needle; a best friend to share the road with.... if this sounds like you, send me an email, or a smoke signal and let's ditch this place!

What I’m doing with my life
Working in Technology Sales in Manhattan. Creative pursuits. Volunteering. Friends, family. Swimming. I get great pleasure in making a difference.
I’m really good at
What am I really good at? I dunno, but I enjoy learning new things ... science, technology, sociology, psychology, spirituality and global, national and local politics, art, culture, design.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hmmm...That I drink tap water? Maybe it's all that magnetic charisma I exude. ; )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
l'm musically promiscuous--the Shins, Radiohead, Mary J, Dr. Dog, Yo La Tengo, Tune Yards, KT Tunstall Beau Soliel, Trombone Shorty, and old school... Cinnamon Girl, Layla, Blind Faith, Cream, Pink Floyd, Joni, Janis, Bonnie, Leon Russell, Beck, Dr. John, Bon Iver, LedZep, Genesis, Saturday mornings with Steely Dan, the JayB's, SRV, Clapton, BBK... I love Blues and R&B

Memento, The Rope, American Beauty, Rear Window, To Kill a Mockingbird, Rear Window, A Christmas Story

ALL kinds of art and design. Architecture is a constant joy and inspiration. I love to experiment with cooking and entertaining. I love reading .
The six things I could never do without
I can't possibly stop at six, but I always start with friends and family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Is it too cold/wet/hot/humid/windy to open a window?
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies. It always varies.
You should message me if
Chemistry and attraction are a must (therefore, pictures are a must). If your a nice, SINGLE progressive/liberal/middle-of-the-road fella' who wants a similarly-humored partner, send me an email, or a smoke signal... whatever works...

...and okay, you can also be cute.