47Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary

It says I should answer/type in every language I know. That could take too long!

अगर मैं हिन्दी में लिखता हूँ तो काैन समझेगा?
If I write in Hindi/Urdu who will understand?
اگر ميں أردو ميں ليکھتا ہوں تو کون سمجھےگا?

I am a 1969 Uk born male of 1/2 (Pakistani) Punjabi & 1/2 whitey background with a deep interest in the arts esp. music, travel, good cooking , healthy eating , fitness [swimming,cycling and bushwalking], and simple uncluttered non materialistic living.

I am left wing, unconventional , have so far had a varied and somewhat interesting life and I love cats.

I don't drink or smoke but bent and black humour is a big part of my personality.

I have a post grad. education and I am tri lingual.

I am humourous, arty, and original
What I’m doing with my life
I am studying part time in a post grad.
TESOL ( Teaching English to speakers of other languages) course at Melb. Uni. for 2017 ,but Melb. Uni has turned out
to be an unlikable place and I am in the process of seeking out a similar course at a TAFE college..

I went to visit Vietnam, London/England and Southern Spain in June/July 2015 as part of a world trip abroad . I climbed mainland Spain's highest peak (3483 M ). It was tough but amazing.

I was travelling abroad in India and Pakistan in Oct/Nov. 2014. The high altitude trek in the Himalaya in NW India was extraordinary.
I am thinking about visiting India ( again ) and/ or London and Morocco in 2018 .

I am playing occasional jazz gigs on bass and guitar and piano and have released CD Number 6 .

I like getting out into the national parks and walking. In fact I am a bit of a trekking nerd. Getting away from cars, electricity and walking all day in the wilderness and camping in the wild on multi night hikes really floats my boat .I do some volunteer hike organization/ leadership work with the Vic. Nat. Parks Assoc., a major Not for profit conservation group.
I was learning Farsi as my 5th language but it was making my brain hurt ....
I can cook really well esp. Home style healthy Indian veg. food.

I teach music, Indian cooking and languages at a community centre and do some volunteer work for the Asylum seeker resource centre In Footscray .

I go to a book group meeting each month when I am in Melb. and so I read quite a bit of fiction and like novels very much .

I like cycling along the main Yarra Trail on the weekends.
I am saving $$$ for a car that is better suited to driving on dirt roads. My little Jap. mobile struggles with that.

I could n't live without swimming laps, outdoors, all year round .

I completed Certificate 4 in Training and assessment in 2015 .It seemed that might enable me to find work teaching adults in TAFE and CAE colleges, if there are any left open after the Victorian LNP Govt. under Mr. Nap- Time closed most of them down.
I love hiking in snow shoes in the mountains in winter, so I am watching the snow report from June `til October every year . Come on, bring on the snow !!.
I’m really good at
I am good at music, art and languages*.
*Shudh Hindi aur Nafeez urdu achchi tarah sey jaanta hun.

I am good at communicating and making people laugh .

I swim very well so I won't end up like Brian Jones, Natalie Wood or Harold Holt!
I am getting good at life and living.It comes without an instruction manual .
visit my web pages to see and hear some samples of my visual art and music.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am 6 foot 2 with broad shoulders and bright green eyes. Being Eurasian I perplex some people w/ my appearance.

My English is spoken with a mix of the UK, Australia, and some say a touch of say South African. (I have never been to Africa!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fave food: Indian[South, North ,Bengali , Punjabi,],Thai, Lebanese, Indonesian and Turkish .

Fave music
:Jazz i.e Miles Davis,Ella, Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter,John and Alice Coltrane,Eric dolphy,Sonny Rollins ,Early period Return to forever, ECM ,John McLaughlin , Herbie Hancock , etc.

Rock/Popular : Beatles , Pink Floyd, Steely dan, Dylan, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, Stones, Led Zep ,ZAPPA,The BYRDS ,L. Cohen,Neil Young,Grateful dead,The Who, Jimi Hendrix,Jefferson Airplane, John Cale,Little Feat, King Crimson,Brian Eno,Roxy Music,Tom Waits,David Bowie, Early Santana,The Doors,Captain Beefheart , Dire Straits,The Band , Love, Van the man, etc. .

I recently got into Esperanza Spalding, Kamasi Washington as well as Martha and Rufus Wainwright as well as Amy Winehouse.

So not all the music that I listen to is from the 60's and 70's .I play tapes in my car on long drives to the Alpine Nat. Park . Yes cassettes !
Get those MP3 files away from me. :-0

Blues: Albert King , Buddy Guy, Muddy waters, Howling Wolf, Elmore James etc.

Indian: Zakir Hussein, Ravi shankar, Ram Narayan, Kishori Amonkar,NFA Khan etc..

country: Gram Parsons, Lucinda Williams ,Gillian Welch, Emmy Lou Harris, Early Linda Ronstadt etc. .

Classical: Bach, Messiaen, Bartok, Stravinsky, Elliot Carter, Shostakovich , Schoenberg etc..

I like modern living art music composers too, such as Steve Reich and Phillip Glass.

Love films like: Withnail and I ; The Life of Brian ; Taxi Driver ;Apocalypse Now ; Blade Runner ( the final cut );2001 a space odyssey ;The Shining ; art house,foreign films. Going to the Astor cinema is my idea of fun and seeing films as they should be seen.

I love classic literature. I studied Eng.lit. at University. I read a lot and not just in English but a bit in Hindi/ Urdu too.
Six things I could never do without
music and art
spicy Indian veg. food
my health/exercise
6.1 my cat.
6.2 sex
[the last 2 don't go together thank goodness;-p]
I spend a lot of time thinking about
women /sex

Some other thoughts:

1]the world will only do something 'drastic' when
the oil finally runs out
2]Most people live in fear of some sort and live a life untrue to their real dreams and wishes.
3} life is not a dress rehearsal
4] Travel opens your eyes
to how the world REALLY is
5} TV and the internet are no longer forces for potential good.
6}Most people on "Facebook" who you have as "friends" wouldn't come and see you face to face even if you were dying!
7) digital hand held whatchamacallits are dumbing people down & fewer people are actually reading serious novels/books
listening to music properly on quality play back equipment , the way the artists intended it to be heard
asking tough questions about the government.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe at a film or a small venue live music gig playing live or listening , maybe playing records at home or visiting a friend, eating out , learning new pieces to play on my musical instruments, reading or driving up the country for a camping/walking weekend away. It varies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was once a real hairy rock n' roll, reefer and acid crazed hippy but now I am squeaky clean cut,motivated
and health conscious these days.
The worst drugs I ever took came from a prescription pad. The pharmaceutical companies sell some evil stuff .

*I'm not commitment phobic and I do like romantic things. If you are Ms right then I am willing to get into something serious.
*I do like a bit of no strings attached passionate fun too.:-)
*I have never been in a Turkish prison ....
If you have I won't hold it against you.
You should message me if
If you are a smart and easy going woman with a creative streak then that's a fabulous start...

If you love the arts, esp. music and thinking outside the square then we'd definitely have some common ground.

If you love the idea of travelling to the sub cont. and or other parts of the globe .. then we'd have even more to talk about...:-)
You don't have to love jazz and/or bushwalking but it couldn't hurt either ....

But if you just like and relate to my profile... then that too is a great reason to say hello...!ALSO If you like writing to male pen pals in snail mail in Urdu or Hindi do say Hi!.Writing letters is great, it is nice not to get a bill in the post for a change.

However if you have issues, grief and an airport full of baggage over your ex. please say Hi! to somebody else .......
If you are a regular stoner or are a tobacco fiend or lean on the drink more than casually then I don't think we'd really click :-( . I like clear heads and hearts .

I vote Greens. They are not perfect , in fact they are becoming a bunch of right wing greasy pole climbers who have taken a vow of silence on most issues, but they are a slightly better mob than the Lib Labs . If you like the Labourals [sic] or have voted for the LNP then we won't get along. The ALP and the LNP ( The Lib Labs) seem to be almost the same on at least 80 % of issues.
Over the years I seem to have had a knack of attracting some very lovely ladies who tend to be 'new age space cases'.I do burn incense , eat lentils, enjoy Ambient music by Brian Eno and a spot of tofu but there is a limit, man.
I am "more old age than new age" as one friend put it.

Most women since they were born have been fed stereotypes and conditioning about what they should look like , society's expectations of a female and her behavior , role and function , plus fantasies and myths about how a man will give her everlasting fulfillment , complete happiness and a kind of fairy tale love story.
Some very smart women have seen through all of this and realize it is bollocks, just utter cr*p.

Men will never be able to give this to anybody because it is a dream, just smoke, pure hot air .
If you are only attracted to or your primal desires are only stimulated by "Bad boys" then I can't help you. If being treated badly by a selfish Neanderthal or an untrained rock ape excites you then please move along.
I do not expect too much from women or people in general , indeed being a misanthropic cynic , I do in fact I like to be surprised by humans because many of them are just wasting oxygen !! :-0.
I mean look at the Profiles of many of the women on "Plenty of Fish", a similar website to this. It is like a long stream of parodies of illiterate inbred 'bogan'/'chav' females let loose on the public.
Ah, you have to laugh or otherwise you'd probably cry. :-)
In fact I should collate the 'best'
ones and write a show for the comedy festival using that as a springboard for ideas!

So if you are in the know about all of this and can see it all for the garbage that it is then more power to you and do say hello to me .

If you are so time poor that you have no time to actually invest in a regular date with me( or anyone for that matter ) then please reconsider why you are here at all.

.If you have 'stalked' me twice then I dare you to send me a message.;-)
The two of us