28Tempe, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, what to say... I guess I should say I don't people very well, in fact I find it tedious. If I find any sort of potential for a connection I'll probably get super nervous and go into make bad jokes mode in an attempt to make you laugh. I'm awkward and forget how to filter sometimes, but I don't mean the things I say. I'm just trying to be edgy so I might come off as cool, I know this and I'm trying to not anymore. When relaxed and not being a uber spaz I'm typically quite, I watch all sorts of media and play games. I work out every other day without fail. I'm generally characterized as honest to a fault. I keep to my self for the most part because I don't like to people but I do keep a close group of friends that I care about.

I am a silly man, I work as an analyst and audit specialist. I have my own place, and am shopping to buy a house soon. I have two cats, and a car.

I have a degree from ASU, it's a BFA. Now I'm moving towards my masters, but I still try to get out and do stuff.

I am 40 lbs less than I was in my main picture and removed most of my facial hair.

I like to swim, I draw every now and then and do 3D animation. I'd like to start a small business printing out 3D models and designs on my 3D-printer. I am passionate about metal working and blacksmithing. I love to paintball, to play video games, I watch movies and like a lot of cartoons and anime. I speak a little Japanese, Spanish and have learned a bit of Russian in the last month.

I love to travel and have been to China, and Mexico. I love the colors green and purple.

I'm surprisingly an alright cook, I just started learning. And thus far I haven't killed anyone with my food so that's good? No but seriously I want a bigger kitchen so I can experiment more.

I'm the only guy I know with no tattoos, what's up with that?

I am awful at text centric communication! But talk to me, and you will see where my personality is?
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am working, Eventually I want to get a second degree and finish my Masters. Aside from that I spend my time being awesome, and when I'm not being awesome I'm generally... I don't know something witty and clever should go here I suppose but it's eluded me for now I'll come back to this maybe.
I’m really good at
Swimming, Drawing, Computer stuff, does being imaginative count? I'm not sure if I do it well, but I love to drive, I love to go on road trips when I can. Also I can hold my breath for while.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music - Pink Floyd, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult, The Doors, The Who, Queen, The Cars, Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, Grateful Dead, Gackt, Nirvana, ACDC, Metallica, N.R.G. Satin Brush, there's more music but I'm done with that part for now.

Books - The Count of Monte Cristo. The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy books. Anything related to Enders' game.

Cartoons - Wal-e, Futurama. Ask and I have seen it but didn't feel like listing it. I like most anime.

Games - Legends Of Zelda, Borderlands2, ARK, the gaming essentials as some might say. Also ive been trying to get into LoL, DotA and eso.

Movies - Fight Club, Across the Universe, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Pan's Labyrinth, Enemy at the Gates, Grandmas' Boy, Fifth Element, Monty Python and The Quest for the Holy Grail, Interview with a Vampire, Big Lebowski, WallE, Shawshank Redemption, anything good really.

I might be a bit of a movie nut. I also like comics and comic movies.

Oh and food... I like it all for the most part. If I had to choose though I'd say Sushi and Chinese food are the best. Then again I do love Thai... Can't forget good old Italian too... Well crap now I'm hungry...
Six things I could never do without
I mean Tacos?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life and the silly things we do. Tacos?

How I fail at puns.

I heard the origin of the diamond ring was so lovers could carve messages in each others windows. Why did that stop being a thing?

My two awesome kitties.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably tacos...

Oh movies are fun too!

I also hangout with my brother a lot, because family is good!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I have a limp, please don't ask, I don't like to talk about it, it's kind of long and complicated.
You should message me if
Alright, alright I get it no more tacos...
I hope you feel bad!
Tacos are amazing!

See You Space Cowboy...
The two of us