22 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I'm super awkward, and not in the cute Zooey Deschanel way, in the painful to be in the same room with way.
But I roll with it.
Also I love Batman.
New York born, getting an edjamacation in Philly

So I thought my username was clever, right?
Cristastrophy, like catastrophe? but not? get it?
I just saw that it also reads as Crista's Trophy. And I am stupid.
That is my trophy. For being stupid.
What I’m doing with my life
I don't even know. I want to travel anywhere and everywhere and experience the world in a different light. At the moment I'm pursuing a writing BA as well as working for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in their marketing department. I'm also a personal trainer on the side. My goal is to make a difference in the world and move more than the dirt it takes to bury me. Maybe that'll happen, but if not at least I make good cookies.

I also just recently got a position researching, running beta tests, doing interviews, and writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine. So basically I've got a large part of the female population of America under my control. I can already feel the power going to my head.

As much as I love the country, the outdoors, and feeling dirt under my skin I have to say I'm a city girl through and through. Being from the great metropolis that is New York, I have these streets tattooed to my veins. The most perfect place in the world to me is this quiet, hole in the wall bookstore in the East Village. That, and Tiffany & Co. on 5th. Tiffany's is always a good idea.
I'm a sucker for big buildings and bright lights. There is absolutely nothing like NYC at night. We don't sleep for a reason!

"Oh, I love New York." - Holly Golightly, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
I’m really good at talents are odd. I can cook, I'm a hardcore athlete (softball, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, archery). I can sorta play bass but I wouldn't really call it music. I'm great at annoying the living hell out of people. I consider my self having a knack for languages. And I write, but I'll never admit to it being good. And I kick ass in Batman Arkham City.
Children love me too, mainly cause I make weird faces and act like a dinosaur.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm really freaking short.

Once an agent told me I had Audrey Hepburn's eyes and Marilyn Monroe's lips and that it was quite the deadly combination. I still think that's the best compliment I've gotten to date.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books are basically my life. my agent, Lucienne Diver, is one of my best friends and I adore all of her books. Other than that, classics like The Great Gatsby and Les Miserables have a dear place in my heart as well as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Night Circus, and all of my other author friends' books (Mortal Instruments series, Morganville Vampires, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod).

Shows: Supernatural, Awkward., F.R.I.E.N.D.S, American Horror Story, Modern Family, Psych, Destination Truth, Sons of Anarchy, Suits

Movies: horror and comedy, really anything but chick flicks. blech.

Music: Oh jeez, this is tough. Fall Out Boy is my favorite band of all time. Pete Wentz is the reason I play the bass. I love classic rock like Led Zep as well as being obsessed with show tunes. I live for musicals and love acting and singing, so shower concerts happen often. One of my best friends is in a band, Black Veil Brides. I've done merch for them and love my guys to bits. Judge me.

Lets see who else...Taking Back Sunday, Modest Mouse, VersaEmerge, The XX, The Strokes, Metallica, The Wonder Years, ADTR, Four Year Strong, New Found Glory, Paramore, Alkaline Trio, Marina and the Diamonds, Jimmy Eat World, Animal Collective, Ellie Goulding, Brand New, and tons more. Just ask me!

Food? Food is good. I like food.
The six things I could never do without
My friends cause who else is gonna put up with me...
My writings, they're more of me that my physical self could ever be.
My dogs, I could never be without them. I trained them since they were puppies and like them more that most people I know.
My phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything and nothing at all. My inner monologues make no sense so I either have a coherent stream of thoughts or random ideas based on whatever I see or whats around me. I really want to travel and think about that a lot.

My life is just one big daydream.
You should message me if
you so chose. In all honesty, I should come with a warning label. If you have something interesting to say or talk about, that'd be super.