51Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Come sit on my porch and talk with me for hours
New words!! Same person
Songs that define me
Hey Ho: Lumineers
Ballad of Love and Hate: The Avett Brothers
November Blue: The Avett Brothers
The Perfect Space: The Avett Brothers
As you read, I might seem so VERY serious, but I am not.
I smile, laugh and play...A LOT! It might really be what I am best at. That Crow like sense of balance between making a living and finding the joys in the small things...The bright and shiny things that make life worth living

So......I'm not changing my profile much......
My Partner of two years, who I love very much ...Is in a "Poly" marriage...told me that I should date...That I needed more than what she could give at this time and that I should "Date".......
She knows that I love the company of women and that I truly enjoy meeting new people.

So.........I would like to meet someone that thinks in similar ways....that might want me all of the time but for various reasons.....might want me around for a two or three nights.... to share dinners...I'm a great see shows or marathon a tv sit and watch the snow fall and wrap our bodies together.
We are all very busy people at our age and we have limited time to spend with a partner and I understand that and that is how I've come to this point in my life.
I am willing to life with you and I am willing to share you ............with someone else....Big Question....Can You Share?
I "Don't" do jealousy
It is possible...I believe.... to love more than one
If this resonates with you let me know and we will see....

FYI of..UO and OSU football..Sports in general .Frat/Sorortity....purse dogs....Dogs are my babies.....please don't contact me....

I'm leaving the rest because it gives a sense of who I've been and who I am as a person....I've been on and off OKC for the last 4 years and have built and altered this as I've changed and I want to keep it the way it is.


I believe in love....intense passionate....immediate love( I don't necessarily mean love at first sight, although that has happened too)....I am lucky, I have seen it, experienced it.......been completely devastated by it and yet I love as if I have never been hurt.
I have never experienced that slow.....weeks.....months long build up to "Love". You either know your heart or you don't...Each person has their own way and mine is to approach life with an open heart.......That being said, I have never walked away from the ones that I love and that has lead to having wonderful friends that were lovers and lovers that are wonderful friends.... I am POLY and My promise is that if we are together, You get all of me whenever we are together. I truly believe that we can have many loves in our lives. It's not for everyone, but it works for me and the wonderful people in my life. If you are interested, go look at it has lot's of info about Poly/Mono relationships

I told someone recently that falling in love is like running a long race. The beginning is full of adrenalin, excitement, fear, elation.....absolute giddiness of the learning, touching and feeling of another. That intense passion to know everything about the other. As the race moves along the heart slows and the brain calms.....easing into a steadier is a long race after all. Running side by side......each heart beat.....each breath getting closer to unison.......As there truly is no end to this particular race, there will be times where each person outdistances the other and that heartbeats and breaths get out of sync. But hopefully the strength of the bond is enough that each works to let the other catch up.
I told one of my best friends... That there will come a time where I will meet someone and She will look at me and take my hand and say "You are mine now".
It has happened before.....I know what it feels like. Unfortunately, Life...circumstance....timing were wrong. Although I still love those people deeply, my heart is still open.

I want to look at you and become totally aware that I don't need to look any farther............I am looking for a partner, someone comfortable in their skin. Willing to love and be loved, to see pain and joy in their partner and to try and help with one and accentuate the other.
Can you love a girl not your own? Help and allow help from your partner? Comfortable in your own skin? Walk across a daylit room naked, make love on an empty beach, flirt and send naughty texts just to see how revved up things can get.

I want a partner that is emotional, willing to say what she means, to cry and laugh and cuss like a savour life

Garden by moonlight and tear down walls by halogen, dance till three, talk till dawn, make love till we can't, argue, and kiss, and do it all over again.

After many years of living in a fairly buttoned down Middle Class life.....I have been living a life that is freer and much more spontaneous. My home and my life are "Under Construction" and although it is chaotic it is also thrilling to work on what I want when I want.
I tend to live in "Work" gear......although I am told I clean up well;) If dirt, dust, and mild chaos bother you, then I am not your man. If you can see my vision.....look for the treasures in my pile of help and enjoy and learn..That would be Fantastic! Nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman in dirty jeans and a smudge on her cheek as far as I am concerned.( On that note......I see so many comments about Men...shirtless in the mirror, faces shadowed by Baseball caps to hide balding heads...Well Ladies.....there is an equal amount of bad bathroom shots on I-phones from women...over exposed, under exposed.....Artistic? Nontheless....I want to see the real you.

Please be.....available.......I know we all have full, busy lives but I am looking for someone who has the ability to spend more than a few hours a week together. That is "Dating" and I am fine with that, but it doesn't seem to me to be the basis for some form of monogamish. I want to be with someone that I can the very least a couple of days a week. To "Couple" at least for a little laugh and cook and talk into the wee hours and wake up together....and you get coffee in bed too;)

You know the scene in "Rudolph"? His nose starts to shine and his Dad slaps coal on it to "Tone" it down.
Who I am.....tends to shine pretty brightly. Some of my friends have suggested slapping coal on it to tone it down.
I can't, nor do I want to do that. I like who I am and to "Tone" it down would be lying about who I am.
I am passionate and intense and it will either work for you or it won't. I give my all to people that I care for.
Please.......If you are coming out of a long marriage/relationship......I am not interested in being the "Practice Boyfriend" fall fast and hard and then to bring it to a screeching halt "Because......You just aren't Ready". Hopefully you know your own heart as well as I know mine.
Hopefully your kids( If you have them) know you are dating and an Ex that knows it too.
Just so we are clear...............I am not a fan of "The Rules". If we had a really great date and honestly made a connection. I am not afraid to tell you the next day that I would like to see you and I will text to say Hi. It's who I am. I am pretty direct and appreciate it when others are as well.
On that note, please have the decency to say that you didn't...You aren't going to hurt my feelings......
After a recent experience, please don't say yes you had a good time and yes you want to do it again and then disappear. We are all grown ups and honesty is the best policy.
IF YOU JUST WANT TO GET LAID...."TO CLEAN THE COBWEBS OUT" As someone told me a day or two later, have the decency to tell me at the time....I am not into sleeping around or being used...Give me a chance to decide if that is what I want too. Sex means something to me and it creates a connection that I'm only willing to have with people I feel something for and to not have at least a simple friendship out of it demeans the connection.
If you want old, LONG profile is in my Journal. It is long but full of where I have been in this interesting On-line dating world.
What I’m doing with my life
I am really enjoying my freedom at the moment. I was a work-a-holic for a long time and this whole concept of free time is pretty new to me.
I am really trying to do things that are out of my comfort zone. I am trying to really broaden my horizons and be as open to new people and experiences as I can.

I renovated a 100 year old Craftsman farm house and it was stunning.

I am a highly trained stonemason and carpenter and I love what I do.( I'm gonna brag a little. My work has been in several local and national magazines.) I have a BFA in Printmaking from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and I have found that there are many connections between Art and Artisan in what I do.
Other than designing my own tattoos, drawing and printing have been fallow for a long time. Something that I am working on to bring back. Much more focused on sculpture and stone carving at the moment....
Currently working with Jason Jones Studio sculpting a monument for fallen state troopers for the state of oregon

I love music, art, books, and food..........although I am not a foodie.....Although I make really great cassaroles from my childhood, awesome chili, and I bake pies
I’m really good at
I am really good at being a partner. I am thoughtful and caring and considerate.
I am really good at being a friend, I have made meaningful friendships that have lasted many years that started with a chance meeting having a beer. I have been blessed to have those friends help and support me when I have needed them.
I am a really good teacher, I taught 6th graders off and on for 5 years and loved it. Now I teach our apprentices and I try to teach my daughter fun stuff like welding and stone carving.
I try to be a really good Dad for my 10 year old daughter, I think that I succeed most of the time.
I am really good at my job, I love being a Stonemason. I get to make things that will last 100 years or more. I jokingly call myself " A one and two dimensional neo-lithic abstract artist.
I am really good a finding things, marbles in dirt, arrow heads in gravel, things set down two years ago, remembering jobs from five years ago, faces of classmates from years ago.
I am good at anniversaries and flowers
I am a good (some say great) lover (attentive at the very least)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm usually talking and laughing. If I am at a party I'm either talking to five people or off in a corner talking to one.
I have been told that I have unusually blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My play list is hugely varied. Huge fan of the Avett Brothers and have seen them several times. Currently listening to a lot of Lumineers, JD McPherson,Death Cab, Black Keys, Dawes and The Wood Brothers have also been in heavy rotation. Love Pandora for the immense range of music to find and to learn about. Wilco, The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, Tom Waitts, Dawes, Elliott Smith, Richmond Fontaine, Brubeck, Ellington, Billy Holiday, Soundgarden, Nick Drake, a little Zep once in a while, some classical when the mood hits, Riders on the Storm on wet Sunday mornings. My daughter has great taste in music so the player tends towards her play list.
Love ironically playing Digital Underground
I've recently read Mink River, The River Why, The Way of the Superior Man, Game of Thrones, Re-reading a lot of Charles DeLint,Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Given Day by Dennis Lehane.
My parents had a bookstore for 25 years so I have hundreds of books.
Love detective fiction, urban fantasy, Irish History, books on stonework and gardening, Arts and Crafts movement homes and furniture.
I love great beer and try to go to the new brew pubs as they open. Currently a huge fan of Coalition Brewing. I hit the Moon and Six Pence fairly often. I like being a regular at a few places. Where people know me and have the time to chat.
I like the Veritable Quandry, Hubers, and Cassidys for more up scale dinner and drinks, same goes for Toro Bravo. It's nice to get dressed up once in a while and make an occasion of it.
I like almost anything by the Coen Brothers, Russ Anderson, Most of John Cusacs' movies, Hepburn and Tracy, Carey Grant, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, Crying Game, The Field, Hear My Song, The Quiet Man, Star Wars, Serenity.........I like big bombastic action films as a gulity pleasure.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter
My friends
Stone Hammer and Chisels
Rock to carve

My 10year old daughter is the most amazing little empath that you will ever meet. Definitely my kid..........she's me times 100. Had a conversation with two 28 year old women for about a half hour and held her own. Not precocious by any means, she's just fun to be around. She has a great Mom, so I am not looking for one for her. But she can never have too many positive people in her life. She is with me part time and her Mom and I get along famously and are really flexible for each other.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Home projects and art projects, designing and building things in my head all of the time. My mind goes a mile a minute most of the time.
Always trying to find ways to take what I do for fun and maybe turn it into something that might be a new career.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually doing something, end of the work day is usually spent with a core group of friends at the Laurelwood or the Green Dragon and then home to clean up and then off to a movie or settling at a quiet pub with a book. Comfortable by myself whether alone or in a crowd. When in a relationship, I have never really needed to go out all of the time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It wouldn't private if I spilled it all here, now would it? That being said, there is not much that I won't share if asked.
(Pssssst................ask him how much steel and stone he has in storage)
You should message me if
If any of this resonates with you feel free to contact me.
Just read "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida. I think all men should read it as I feel it has given me a clearer idea of how Men and Women communicate and how our wants and needs and the way we communicate are so very different. I find women to be absolutely fascinating creatures and I appreciate finding something that helps understand and communicate better.
The book is a little "New Agey" but the underlying themes and ideas are good ones.

I am looking to do exactly what I have said above. To meet new people, expand my circle of friends, and see if the Gods have plans for me that I have yet to understand........ Passion in some way?.....Yes.....I have an infinite capacity for both. Too new in all of this to say any more or commit to more than that. I am not playing.......although flirting is tremendous fun:)
Please,I realize that Men and Women deal with this site in different ways and that men tend to be direct and fire off e-mails immediately and generally women tend to want to check and see and be really sure before starting a conversation. I get it, I really do. But if you are going to look and look but won't respond to an e-mail within a reasonable amount of time, then please don't continue to peek. I will try to do the same.
The two of us