43Auckland, New Zealand
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My self-summary
I was born and bred in the UK in England and have an English accent. My parents are both from Kashmir, which makes me a British Kashmirian hence the exotic look, olive skin, long dark hair and chocolate brown eyes : )

I have a warm, friendly personality, a witty sense of humour, I'm different, bright, modern with traditional values - (as ironic as that seems). I'm opinionated and passionate about righting the wrongs of injustices around me. I'm a non-smoker who enjoys entertaining. I'm renowned for being somewhat pedantic and have little idiosyncrasies which are OCD.

I'm an ethical vegan and care for all beings and believe animals should not be exploited for any gains what so ever, e.g. food, fashion, research, entertainment etc. Hopefully you feel the same way too : ) and you are also vegan ... I could not be in an intimate relationship with an animal eater and user/exploiter :( watch Earthlings on YouTube to understand and live humanely or please just move onto the next profile as I need a man in my life not a big boy. The dumbed down and unconscious won't understand the animal holocaust because they are the creators and they are part of the very problem in the world.

.: I want to be everything you are looking for in a woman and a soul mate ... I want you to be everything I'm looking for in a man and a soul-mate - it's simply about compatibility:.

What I have to offer you is myself, my morals & values and that’s everything I have to offer...
I don't come with a house, a bank account, an inheritance, a high flying career, a ready made family ... It's me and my values & morals ... If we are compatible then I will be enough for you and we can build our life together once we have found each other.

I'm looking for a serious relationship, I'm also ready to meet my suitor and get married if we are both compatible and both want this :) ... and together we can change the world , making it a better place to live in :) I'm searching for a man that lives from his heart, conscience and soul, he will have strong values and morals and lives by them. I'd like someone who is modern, yet traditional, caring, genuine, loving and protective ... a real gentlemen. If we both do decide to have a family together ... that is a possibility.
****I'm attracted to sensible, responsible, protective creative men with compassion and humanity and lots of COMmOn SeNSE**** Cultured, compassionate, handy and practical and/or a creative genius!

I have similar attributes to those that I have described below and would be suited to someone of a similar nature.
... read on ...

IMPORTANT ... there are lots of wonderful people here ... but I'm searching for compatibility. Our core values & morals need to be in alignment for us to have a fulfilling long term relationship ... we are spirits that understand and respect humanity & living beings.

Well this is where I have to bare all I'm looking for the whole caboodle! You are foremost a gentlemen perhaps one of the last, unattached a non smoker, with no excess baggage, SINGLE, an ethical VEGAN, animal lover, Intelligent, a cerebral male, thinker & communicator, expressive, confident yet humble, very attractive, groomed, tall, protective, positive, innovative, creative, dynamic, interesting, honest, genuine, affectionate, playful yet serious when need be, natural, warm, loving, generous, passionate, ambitious, adoring, can cherish, be affectionate, a humanitarian, compassionate, considerate, charitable, directed, modern yet traditional, cultured, travelled, awesome sense of humour, a good listener, a good communicator, a whizz in the kitchen, fun, loving, tender, supportive, sensual, sexy, romantic, loving, a gentleman, witty, charming, possess etiquette, is an eclectic conversationalist, fit & active, health conscious, social, caring & considerate to both his needs and the needs of others. Has standards, values, morals & wisdom, healthy judgmental nature, wants to work on projects to change lives of the vulnerable, defenceless and innocent, has a passion for justice, has lots and lots of common sense and can be my best friend ... my companion and most of all my soul mate for life … and he allows me to be all of these and more!

The sensitive 21st century ALPHA male!
You... like me, are searching here because you have specifics and are naturally fussy. male 36-50 with a photo ... who is NOT: still married, a parent, satanic worshiper, a workaholic, an animal eater, sports fanatic, drug taker, etc.

Ciao and enjoy your search : )
What I’m doing with my life
Making it my life's goal to make the world a better place for all sentient vulnerable, defenceless and innocent life, and I'm working on those projects right now ... I would love to meet a man who wants to work on these projects too and wants the same thing from his life and our live together :)

Searching for love... love always changes life and you never know where in the world we will find this love. I would ba happy to have a family of my own and would love to find the man who is the most caring, loving and compatible person to share this dream with ... If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen.

An Animal sanctuary one day to care for rescued animals would be amazing.
I’m really good at
using my common sense
ideas generating
The first things people usually notice about me
Long dark hair,
big brown eyes,
big smile
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I use to watch TV up to 10 hours a week and love most British comedies, (was raised on them), also most American criminal series ... ie. SVU, Law & Order, Criminal Intent CSI etc, some American comedies, ie. Scrubs, and NZ animations ie. Brotown. I love documentaries, especially 'times of our lives' etc. I don't have a TV now though so it's limited to if I watch it at a friends place etc.

Some of my favourites music includes; Latin, r&b, jazz, opera, classical, main stream, 50's, 60's, 70's, some 80',& 90's.

Last thing I read was 'I could do anything If only I knew what it was' - Barbara Sher. This is an inspirational book if your stuck in your career doing something you detest and feel like a little re-affirmation - I recommend this ... I'm still reading it at the moment.

I was writing a book and a comedy script but this has slipped away from me for now ... I will pick up on this later in life. I'm currently writing a book on Cognitive dissonance and our altered humanity.

One dream is to turn two of my scripts into movies.

Favourites I enjoy include books based on real events, autobiographies, justice, personal development and others.
Six things I could never do without
Hope & a resolution
Contact lenses
love & friendship & health
something belonging to my mother
heat & sunshine
toilet paper
great music
How can we whittle it down to 6 only ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* Changing the world to make it a better place to live in, lessening others suffering and wrongful deaths etc.
* Creative ideas in general about all sorts of things
* Humanity and it's cruelty to animals and others
* Love and lack of it in this world
* When will I meet my soul-mate
* Death as my mother died and left a huge void in my life
* Life, death and the journey in between.
* The future in general and my future
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm ... wouldn't be so private if I told you on here it I guess ... hehe ;)

I want to be looked after by the most wonderful, compassionate, caring, loving, thoughtful, sexy, compatible man in the world.
I want to be vulnerable with him and surrender to him.
You should message me if
YOU ARE AN ETHICAL VEGAN, passionate in life and have good strong ethics and morals and are searching for the love of your life.

You have ALOT of COMMON SENSE and very practical too.

You are the type of man that wants to fall in love and would consider having a family ... you want to and would protect me and our children (if we had any), and our non-human animal family on earth too.

You want justice, harmony and peace and are passionate about achieving these in your lifetime : )

You're a compassionate man who wants a better world and prepared to work on projects this with me to achieve this.

You will take in rescued animals and have them living with us for the rest of their natural lives in peace and good health : )

You want to feel the kind of love you see in movies etc. and you know deep down this love and more exists :)

You are the man I can say I am proud to be with, and you are proud to have me as your best friend, companion, lover and wife. You are the man that wants and deserves my love and attention : )

You would consider living in New Zealand ... or we live at least 6 months here and 6 months in your home country :) :) :)

*** Message me if you have a webcam and I can see that you are genuine and not some scammer ... I will find out ***
The two of us