67Camas, United States
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My self-summary
Often when people spend time around me, they find that two things can happen: 1. their ribs will hurt from laughing too much; and 2. their souls will just be a little bit richer. I find life to be full of adventure and want to experience as much as I can. People are my canvas - a collage of characters that parade around me. My adulthood began during some of our most recent tumultous years and has shaped my perception of right and wrong. Currently, I spend my working hours weeding out greed and avarice which abounds in our world today. Later, the playful side emerges full of characters who explore sides of the human condition. Just ask the "Cabana Boy" for a towel if he isn't too busy, and then there is "Dwayne" - the bureaucrats nightmare! We can't forget Dr. Scion, the "Come to Jesus Meeting" counselor, for those that have gone to the dark side. He is sort of a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Harry S. Truman on steroids. I don't let him out much because people find him a bit obtuse but effective like a mental excorcism.

Nature is my religion. There are so many lessons to be learn from observation like the hermit crab that gets caught in a hole at the tide's edge only to continue carving more rock as he tumbles around after a wave crosses over - doomed to a life of turmoil. We have all seen these people. Or, Moto, my favorite squirrel who became a constant companion. His favorite food was dried apricots which he would take from my hand. It took patience to earn his trust. Every day nature will provide me with a lesson of some sorts and of course shared with friends.

I am heuristic, humorous, and a handful
What I’m doing with my life
I have always felt there are 3 things a man should do in his life: 1. Have a Son; 2. Build a house; and 3. Write a book. I have done the first two but it's the last one that has been difficult to finish. I'm currently working on a project that may qualify as a book because it's in the area of artificial intelligence and financial markets particularly the derivatives markets. Don't ask until your prepared for a lengthy discussion because I have been on this project for 10 years. I can even spell heteroscedasticity. This book issue is an important one for me for my Grandfather wrote and collaborated with a partner on a book in the 60's called "Railroad in the Woods". You get to guess which one of the two he was.
I’m really good at
Making someone laugh
The first things people usually notice about me
I believe it would be my extremely blue eyes which if you look too closely into them your knees will buckle. However, lately I have been letting my hair grow (I started this when I knew the recession had started in kind of a protest I think or budget cutting - I forget) and it's become quite noticeable. My stylist has always remarked that I have gorgeous hair and that it's a shame that I cut it short. Well, she got her wish except now I don't go there too often.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: I thought if I listed the names of artists that I have seen live would be representative of my likes: Rolling Stones, B.B. King, Carole King, James Taylor, J.J. Giles, The Grateful Dead, The Who, Little Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stones, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Bonnie Rait, Curtis Salgado (who happens to be related)

Movies: There is such a wide variety of genres - Coen Brothers for sure, but Boaz Yakin has my attention as well. Much of the dribble that comes out of Hollywood I pass on, but occasionally they get it right. But I prefer the early years before censorship and during the film noir period. That was some acting then not stunt work and digital manipulation to save a buck.

Books: All that I can say is I have a rather extensive 1st edition mystery book collection. But lately it's been academic articles and books on forecasting model building design.
Six things I could never do without
Sugar & Cream for Coffee

Dirt - I got to have a garden

Family - my only son has an only son - maybe more later!

Friends - "No Man's an Island"

Sex - What can I say

Data - I'll explain laterz
The two of us