35 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I'm not seeking love, I'm looking to grow into love...

Because frankly, I'm just a fool for love and I can't get enough...

For starters, Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen," plays constantly in my head...

I have had an appendectomy, major kidney surgery, my pelvis broke in half, and a busted left hip all before the age of 25....And I'm still bright as the sun!

When I get the chance, I enjoy bubble baths in a claw foot tub with champagne like a real gentleman.

Life is too serious not to be joking. There is humor all around.

I'm a storyteller by heredity.

I dig cartoons, comics and monsters. Graphic Design. Architectural Design...Design period. I'm big into the arts and thats a broad scope. I love horror movies, foreign films, any film really...

I want to turn Charles Burns' book BLACK HOLE into a feature one day....Stop-Motion animation I think would be the most interesting way to depict this.

I've cheated death more than the nine lives of a cat.

The ocean frightens me and yet it's the most perplexing most interesting thing to be in....This is because once I was in Mexico and I was circled by a gang of "3" barracudas. I escaped unscathed.

I once broke down for 4 days in Vegas going cross-country....You learn a lot about yourself when stuck in the desert.

I am Rock, Paper, and Scissors
What I’m doing with my life
Working in the film industry in the art department, working as a illustrator/graphic designer and when I can I'm painting for sanity's sake. Currently I work on The Mindy Project for HULU.

I'm looking to meet good peoples with good soles with souls...

I like making, creating, developing, building and fixing.

I see something and try to figure out how it could be better.
I’m really good at
* I have a strong visual sensibility which helps with the likes of drawing, painting, design and art directing. "Hizzah! For the shop keep!"

* I can dominate in the world of Karaoke.

* I can name a song by the first note....

* I have an uncanny ability to remember things people shouldn't remember....

* I can speak in REVERSE.

* Music is my girl, can you compete with that?
The first things people usually notice about me
* My ability to blow things up with my mind!

* My baby blues...

* My illustrious cheekbones, they cut like razor blades.

* And lastly my illustrative and painting work.

(More here: <<>>;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
* TOP 5 BOOKS that I revisit often....

1. Less Than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis
2. Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
3. Everything I learned about Filmmaking I learned from the Toxic Avenger - Lloyd Kaufman
4. Oh! The places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss
5. Comic books. (This changes always)


* Too many movies to have "1" Favorite....SO here's a few:

Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman and Frankenstein are my go-to CLASSICS!

Danger Diabolik, Barbarella, The Hunger, Wild at Heart, The Umbrellas of Cherbough, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Evil Dead 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Fantasia, Moonwalker, The THING, City of Lost Children, Videodrome, Spooky Encounters 2, The Life Aquatic, Back to the Future, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, They Live, Blade Runner, Rambo, Be Kind Rewind (People hated this, I enjoyed it!) Let the Right One In, The Quick and the Dead, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly OR any Clint Eastwood movie where he kicks ass and takes names as the man with no name, etc....I worked on the last Spider-man movie so I have an immense soft spot for that.

I'm a sucker for CLASSIC John Carpenter! Classic Ridley Scott! Classic Wes Craven! Classic David Lynch! Classic James Cameron! Classic David Cronenberg!

I dig 80's and 90's flicks that had that "feeling."

If you know what I mean, then I don't have to describe it....You know the one!


* Too much MUSIC to decide on favs too....

Everything from James Brown to Daft Punk to Nine Inch Nails to Panda Bear to A Tribe Called Quest to Queens of the Stone Age to The Presets to The Shangri-Las to Radiohead to Animal Collective to Mr. Oizo to Michael Jackson to Prince to Morris Day & The Time to Robert Palmer to Sebastian Tellier' to Lovage to Melvins to Ladytron to "classic" Megadeth to Lookbook to The Kills to Fantomas to The Rapture to ....well, you name it...


* FOOD, I love ALL food....Thai, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Norwegian, German.....Love it all.....
The six things I could never do without
* Touch

* Taste

* Sight

* Creativity

* The ability to draw

* Sense of Accomplishment & HUMOR
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* "Where are my keys..."

* "How can I make that....?!?!"

* "Man, I'm hungry....What do I want?"

* "What's the deal with Corn Nuts, is it a corn or is it a nut?!?!"

* "What do I need to do today?"

* That one episode of Saved By the Bell, where Jesse Spano gets addicted to the dreaded "No Doz!"
On a typical Friday night I am
Engaging in something spontaneous or else I planned to do something interesting and exciting!

Then if I'm really bored....

I sometimes I push over homeless people for spare change and candy bars....That's how I roll!

But this doesn't make me feel good.

And as a result I often will go home and cry in a bathtub filled with chilled lime green Jell-O infused with canned mandarin orange slices.

Now that's HOW I ROLL!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
I'm just a Clyde looking for my Bonnie.

Someone I can bear wrestle with while discussing the finer points to why "Videodrome" is utterly amazing and still ahead of it's time! I'm not saying it's not disturbing though, it is....It's very unique for a better use of words.

Or better yet someone who can teach me how to surf!?!

And like I said before...."I'm looking to meet good peoples with good soles with souls...."

So if you're boring, have no taste or definite opinions....Let's not get to know each other....In fact....You've read too much and now I find it disturbing that you continued reading.....

.....Did you leave yet.....

"Damn! You're still here!"

Well, Disneyland is pretty sweet huh?

What's your favorite ride?

This may come as a surprise but strangely enough, "women" I've dated here are equally as weird, awkward, lathered in human oddity as the guys. I can be bold and say that because this morning I looked down and found out I was a male.

The social interwebs known as OkCupid is the one of the most bizarre and fascinating constructs bubbling through the cesspool that tourists call LA.

I've shared an adventure here and there, and at the end of the day I continue to make myself available because "STORY" is the name of the game. I live therefore I experience, the experiment in which we're here varies for everyone but the lazy answer of "why you're really here," goes without saying. Who are we kidding? If your mindset is to be better than this...A website called OKCupid. Why spend the time to let people know how ludicrous it is? I mean we're all a little self-loathing here. I own it. It's like admitting you have an alcohol problem (which I don't might I add, but man I love smoking crack out of a lightbulb. But the question remains...Why are you here?