26 Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
I would probably describe myself as left brained with right brain envy. I'm a computer programmer and a logical thinker. I also enjoy the arts and aspire to be more creative in that way. I'm very passionate about music and dream of being a musician myself one day. I really enjoy concerts and would like to go to more.

I'm a pretty laid back person, I enjoy relaxing at a pub with a good beer and good friends.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend a lot of time working, but try to balance that as much as I can with relaxation while getting together with friends as much as possible.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, they probably notice I walk with crutches or sometimes use a wheelchair. I have mild Cerebral Palsy that makes it a bit more difficult for me to get around. I also have a bit of a stutter depending on the situation. I try to not let it this stuff hold me back or identify me, but I would probably be lying if I didn't say it's the first thing people notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Matthew Good, Pete Yorn, Pixies, The Breeders, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Ryan Dahle, Explosions in the Sky, blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World, Mother Mother, Silversun Pickups, Metric, Built to Spill and lots more. I mostly listen to alt-rock but can get into anything aside from modern country (nothing wrong with it, it's just not me).

It's hard to pick favourite movies. I like pretty much everything done by Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill etc.). I think Superbad is a work of genius on many levels. I really like that movie Shutter Island, not much to say about it, just epic. Aside from that, I guess it would be the classics like Star Wars and Forrest Gump. I also like a good documentary.

Seinfeld (I can practically talk along with the dialogue), How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, South Park, King of the Hill (underrated by so many people), The Office (mostly the earlier episodes) and hockey whenever it's on.

I don't read as much as I would like to. I read The Catcher in the Rye in high school and couldn't put it down. 1984 was also a favourite of mine. I seem to be drawn to the real classic novels.