21 Cairo, Egypt
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My self-summary
i moved to Cairo a while back,in the ultimate quest of finding myself,i guess one can never really know the full extent of themselves,it takes years to do that.
a Little about me :
i love traveling,ever since i was 14 I'd print out reviews on islands,cities,museums,a restaurant,a festival,i had 4 or 5 folders full of paper(i recycled them) of places i wanted to go. i am very outdoor-sie ,i love hiking,and camping, although i HATE bugs, i enjoy nature far too much to be phased by little creepy crawlers, i love stand up comedy,i love to laugh. i am totally into nature, biology, and Microbio,anything that gets me to understand nature and planet eart better is something i love,i no longer consume fish. how ever i am a cook so i do deal with meat and poultry on a daily basis.
i definitely have a good sense of humor,i see the glass as half full,i am not into sitting around and wondering whats wrong,just not my style,every problem is an obstacle,and there is always a solution.
i am a bit of a free spirit, i have a big foot-in-mouth syndrome,so i talk shit sometimes, but its all good.
i come from a mixed background,and its a big part of my life,my mixed identity has given me a lot my life a lot of depth and character,and identify with it very much.
i am a bit of a history buff,love to learn new languages.
i am into trapeze,and other circus stunts ,sword play is awesome,especially Italian sword play.
What I’m doing with my life
i am now living in Cairo,Egypt.
(i used to be a website manager) i am now a fashion blogger.
I am a part time volunteer at an animal shelter.
i use to live in the Sinai peninsula,working as a dive instructor!
I've started several circus training classes,a bit unusual,but man it's a lot of fun to be hanging from a ceiling and doing flips and other cool stunts.
I’m really good at
Muay thaiboxing! LOVE that sport!
swimming,running (hoping to do a marathon in the upcoming year)
and of course,scuba diving!
and packing light,i am not joking a 45l backpack is all i need,no matter how long for!
pub quizzes, i have a ridiculous amount of knowledge about celebrities. i can boggle your mind with random facts, i remember random stuff and blurt it out during conversation , also talking absolute shit, i can just go on about random things (sensing a pattern here :p)
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair,is very thick and wavy,and people point that out.
other than that,i don't really have people coming up to me saying hey you have really nice____ .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
movies: Around the bend,Big fish,
White oleander,Enemy at the gates,Star wars,Lake view terrace,Pulp Fiction,Kill Bill,Die Hard ,The Dictator speech,the note book, 2 Weeks Notice,Hot Fuzz,Horrible Bosses,The Green Mile,Forest Gump,American Pie,LA Confidential,The Revolutionary road,The Road to perdition,Shawshank Redemption,In Bruge,London Boulevard,Hit man,God father,Harry Potter,Lord Of The Rings,We Bought A Zoo,Happy Feet,Up,Horton Hears A who,The Taking of Pelham 123,The hunger games, bella ( not from twilight,it;s an actual filmed named bella, and i give thumbs up) warrior, whats your number, paul ( i love that film, shaun of dead, zombieland(one with michael cera), juno, i love quirky films like happy end and amelie,Audrey tautou is one of my most favorite actresses. .
books:i like anything by Micheal Connelly,Dan brown,james patterson. i love French Literature, by Voltaire,Camus,Dumas,i read a lot about anthropology especially forensic and medical . criminology and psychological profiling .
music: Adele,Alicia Keys,Janelle monae,drake,Sam cook,Etta James,Beyonce,Jay-Z,The kooks,Birdy,svanske akadmien,James Morrison, jack johnson, Amy wine house,Olly Murs,Bruno Mars,Train,Michael Buble,Cee-Loo,Ed sheeran,Travie McCoy, kate nash, rosie and me,and a lot more to remember right now,basically anything on the charts, although i really am hating the "boy bands" that are apparently "taking the world by a storm" ,i also love the oldies, Elvis Presley, Beatles, rolling stones, the doors, oasis (not that old,but now is i think), queen, van halen, howlin wolf, muddy waters, cake, and i love love love tom waits, his voice, the rhythm of his music, the lyrics i can totally space out and have a real thought swirl just thinking about the stuff he is saying, i hope the generation to come will enjoy him as much as i am, he is a true asset to the musical world.

shows: it's always sunny in Philly,My name is Earl,6 feet under,Grey's anatomy,Burn Notice,White Collar,Skins,Sons of Anarchy,American Dad,South Park,Simpson, the Cleveland Show,Bones,House,CSI,NCIS, Rules Of Engagement,Mike And Molly,King Of Queens,Friends,Pretty Little Lairs,The secret Circle,The League,30 rock,3rd Rock from the sun,greek,baby daddy,the exes,shit my dad says,game of thrones,the tudors,the white queen,two broke girls,end game.

food: Moroccan food has just made it's way on my list,my room mate also makes crazy Sudanese food that i am digging,Thai ,Chinese, i LOVE sushi ,Vietnamese, Italian,and protégées dishes,Italian.
The six things I could never do without
friends and family( i love my mum)
diving and dive gear!
i am a little ashamed in saying that i depend on a lot of things in my day to day life, but if i really have to go without something i can make do.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what i wanna do with my free time,where i want to go,what i want to major in,remembering to sit alarms for appointments,how to make something better,zombie Apocalypse,who moved my brush,making a list for stuff to download, my dogs, my back ( i have a bad back,worry about if i need surgery when i am 70,i know its dumb -.-) where's my cheese, all that sort of stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
now,after moving from the wonderful desert where i resided,just house parties and scrabble nights,Cairo is boring,any one has a job for me in Paris?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i take the bathrobes from fancy hotels,they are just so soft,and makes you wanna lounge around in em all day.
You should message me if
if you made it down this far, and you are not scared by the randomness, if you are not naggy/needy and or annoying, you are funny,have something more original then (whats up,and hey babe) to say,then please message me :)