38 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
About me: Pets and small children always seem to find me in a crowd and then want to sit with me...even when I don't let them put their feet in my face. I participate deeply in my communities, but also need time alone to recharge and sort things out. I look young because I use sunscreen, and maybe because my Grandmother lived to be 100. I think my face is pacing itself in case I also live that long.

I am both spiritual and religious. I joyfully attend a creative, multicultural, social justice-y church every week. I study the contemplative Christian tradition, and practice centering prayer. I go to church and participate in spiritual communities because they are consistent reminders for me to connect to God and to myself, the self God created me to be. I cherish the wisdom and support of other folks seeking those moments of divine union and seeking to use their gifts to benefit others.

One of my favorite places around here is Griffith park because of the zoo and the observatory and the green space in general. It is like L.A.'s communal back yard. I also like to sit around in nature, especially by a stream in the woods, or at the beach in the evening. I exercise a few days a week to de-stress and stay healthy. I like swimming, riding a bike, and hiking slowly enough to enjoy the scenery. I am not an athlete. Let's not even pretend about that, but I enjoy being active at my own pace.

I'm subtly counter cultural. I make choices for myself that make me feel the most healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I would almost always prefer to have a home-cooked meal over being treated to a meal in a restaurant. I make sure to get enough sleep. I live within my means. I am a committed and reliable friend and proud member of the auntie brigade.

I only wear high heels under extreme peer pressure, such as being someone's maid of honor. I don't enjoy social situations involving standing up for hours, small-talk, loud music, late start time, and smoke, or any combination of the above. I would probably agree to go to an event with these non-preferred list items on rare occasions, if you would agree to buy me ice cream, but if the above are your very favorite things, we are probably not compatible.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a speech and language therapist in schools. Every day brings a new creative challenge and a new quirky kid moment of the day. I'm so thankful to work in a setting in which the vast majority of people are smiling and laughing, even at 7:45am. My job gives me great benefits and lots of time off. It has also turned me into an early to bed, early to rise gal, whether I like it or not. :)
I’m really good at
Finding the magic in everyday life. I am a noticer and practice gratitude for the never ending gifts in each day.
You should message me if
You are looking for a deep commitment and want to live a simple and intentional life with a woman who will be a full partner on your team. You have access to your depths and have done some work to make friends with your deep self. You are practiced in the art of doing adult chores but can also be playful and curious.