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My self-summary
But since truth is often funnier than fiction I'm pulling the madness I had put here at the end of my athlete days, extreme curling and golf-what nonsense and replace it with a mini synopsis of the last decade.

In October 2007 I went to Australia to complete my bicycle racer/ I wanna be the best drug free athlete I can be odyssey and embark upon a walk about to see the world. 4 countries and a somewhat notable sporting achievement later I was was feelings a bit broke so on the suggestion of a Vietnamese guesthouse owner I got a job teaching English in HCMC VietNam. I was doing really well,new watch, new cellphone (after drowning my first cell), new computer, a couple of new cameras, a 40$ bicycle- great quality but atleast as old as me- a 6$/night room and a small family run guest house in Pham Ngu Lao and plans to leave with about 7000$ in pocket. In the beginning of 2009 I was told to come home because one of my favourite family members was dying. Another had died quite unexpectedly 3 months before... but I was not expected to return home for that. This was followed with the passing of that relative and 13 months of helping my relatives piece their lives back together after the catastrophies that had befallen them...

That is quite old(2009) and should be change... I've since ridden a bicycle in about 65 countries and the road continues...

Eh bon, je viens de decider d'ecrire quelquechose en francais. Comme tu vu es je manques tous les accents parce-que je utilise un clavier anglais. Le Francais est mon deuxieme langue et je suis vraiment plus expressionant et impressionant en englais. Mais j'essayer a dire quelquechose enfrancais... just pour toutes les belle filles francophone qui sont ici et qui lissent mon profile. Tu as de la chance tu as trouve un homme polyvalent, aventureux, gentil, independant et actif avec un beau sourire. A+

I am ingenious, thrill seeking, and unique
What I’m doing with my life
- touring the world on a bicycle. It's pretty easy. Most days I ride a bicycle about 100km,take about 40 pictures and consume as much food as possible and lots of water. As much as 13 litres a day, that was in India I was drinking 9 and pouring 3 or 4 litres over my head just to keep hydrated and healthy. some time in the last 3 years I've become quite minimalist and cheap... now I down less than 5 euros spent most days- food and accommodation- the latter i'm only getting once ever week or two or two months. you can see some pictures I've taken along the way and read some stories and rants I've written on my blog-
I’m really good at
lots of things but most notably racing bicycles on ovals, taking cool pictures, going on crazy adventures. Maybe listening to a very ecclectic but good collection of music....After VietNam I can say I was a good Esl teacher. Actually come to think of it I did a good job at most of my jobs... Maybe I'm a good worker. More stuff that I'm good at(with no explaination): Taking things apart, mountain biking, fixing things, playing with children, inappropriately using related sporting equipment for the activity of the moment, bringing out the lively playful side of children, cooking comfort food, giving massages, driving all day, making suggestions to improve sports performance.
The first things people usually notice about me
"cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies you never know how you look through other peoples' eyes"-tbs
I think one of the first things people notice about me is I'm not racially one of their kind. Most everyone I meet asks about my background, often without even giving me the courtesy of saying hello first. These days I usuall take a street portrait style photo before I respond to round out y photographic style. I used to tell people to guess and I've heard it all: south american (Brazil, chile, Argentina), native Canadian, korean, european, vietnamese, chinese, japanese, malaysian, Nepali, Senegalese.... This may sound like I am oversensitive to people racial perceptions but what do you expect from someone who tells people who ask that he is Canadian to which a significant number comment "you don't look Canadian"

ah j'ai l'air d'un..... taba... Je ne sais pas donc vas voir mes photo et tu peux decider.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) I don't read much but I really enjoyed; the road to mars, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, animal farm, l'estranger, La Chute, 1984, the hobbit, the lord of the rings and tom sawyer. I'm finished reading art and the zen of motorcycle maintenance.- it was good.
B) most movies are good.... But these come to mind as exceptional: Star wars, lord of the rings, the matrix, over the hedge, fight club, the gods must be crazy, cars, and anything involving the Monty python guys.
C)all music is good music... if i don't like some music it's only that I haven't yet developed an appreciation of it. Sadly I haven't bought any music recently but I did rip some Morecheeba, Tangerine dream, Nas, Gorillaz, Astrud Gilberto, the nothern pikes, de la soul, vilian pengouin from some of my friends.
D) Um I'm on a see food diet... generally if I see food I eat it.. now that would make most people look like a whale but I also do more than my share of exercise and adventure and my body seems to consume an insane amounts of energy for what I do. That being said i do have a bit of an aversion to eating animals with the skeleton on the outside (I generally don't like the texture of their meat or the taste-yes I have tried them, Sam I am), I'm not big on having a lot of mushrooms but a small smattering once in awhile is OK and I don't like eating organs I prefer to stick to eating skeletal muscle. There are two western vegetables I don't like- brussel sprouts and lima beans and Fu gua (asian bitter melon)is on the same list. Everything else goes.
Six things I could never do without
1)my collection of vehicles... a wee little sports car (miata). I like to have a small truck to complement the sports car but currently don't possess one. And a bunch of bicycles: single speed mountain bike, a classic collectors mountain bike, a road racing bike, a cyclo-cross bike, a broken track bike and a track bike in Hobart Austalia(made it home 2.5 years after I last raced on it- months after I returned to asia to continue my tour of the world) and a wet weather commuting bike. And my world touring bike which is with me as I ride it back to Canada. I now know I don't need all my vehicles but I do like it alot. And I can survive a week or two without singing a leg over a bike and pushing some pedals. But I definitely prefer the freedom of mobility of having a bicycle over having to walk and used public transport. Motor vehicles are fun but I can definitely survive without them.

2) Music...

3) My laptop. it is my main entertainment/communication device. I use it to listed to listen to music, watch videos, communicate (email, skype, instant message), and store and edit my pictures.

4) my digital cameras. I go on lots of crazy adventures, travels and see lots of crazy things that I'd like to share with the people I know. My beloved digital cameras makes it possible...cause sadly most people I know won't join me on my adventures

5) my healthy body....

6) oh and of course good food to fuel my body for all my adventures

more important than most things already stated and often overlooked- corrective lenses

1) mes chars et mes bicyclettes
2) la musique
3) mon petit ordi portif
4) mon appereil numerique
5) mon corp avec son sante
6) la nouritture

1) toi xe dap cong toi xe oto - obviously my vietnamese needs alot of work
I spend a lot of time thinking about
about my next adventure- racing and traveling the world and other future plans... What sort of job or business I'm going to get into when I get back.. if I get back.. and occasionally how nice it'd be if I had some adventurous girl who'd join me for a lifetime of adventure which is what probably brought me here.

Less often, less personal and on a more global scale I think about how most of us are all detached from our children, our food, our transportations and our environment... and how one might combat this to make the world a better place.

framing, focus, white balance, lighting, f stop, exposure time and other photography stuff
On a typical Friday night I am
in my tent sleeping... just like any other night while cycletouring.... special activities tend to be related to location and company... not a regular occurence.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
At 34 years of age I signed a contract to teach a full year at a private high-school in HCMC VietNam. This initially bother me quite a bit as I only wanted to work 3-6 months. But after a day or two i got really excited because I realized that I've never worked a full year at a full time job in my life. but in the end I ended up working part-time at chain of language schools owned by the same company because I had problems getting my transcript and degree from my parents back in Canada. Then I only worked for 9 months because of a tragedy in my family. I guess that sort of working thing will have to wait, I'm sure that is no big loss.

Yo vivi con corredores de bicicletas de Argentina. Y, me llamen Picante

Lorsque J'etais jeune et fou. En Ete J'ai course des velos et en hiver J'ai travaille a la station du ski alpin. Cette station du ski etais pres des Etats Unis et Ontario donc des Anglophones viennent souvent. Et Ils veuent ustiliser leur 'francais' Mon boulot etais comme Jai pris des commandes, Ils dissent a moi des choses comme " ze voudraaass un chien chaud et une putaine"... comme vous imaginez ce tellement malcompris. Moi Je reponds "tabarnak, jamais! jamais en mon chalet. si tu veux des chose comme ca il faut que vous allez rue ste Catherine a Montreal. Jamais demande des chose comme ca ici. Mais si vous voulez manger ici j'ai un bon hot dog ici et des poutines viennent tantot.

Une autre historie? Bien sur. Quand j'etais jeune et fou, j'ai travaille comme courier a Toronto. Un jour je suis retourne au bureau et Ali, un courier en auto a faites son priere. Et le patron a demande a moi si je coise en Dieu, Allah, Buddah. J'ai dis non, non, non. Puis il a demande moi a quoi je croise. je me reflechis sur cette problem pour 3 minute et j'ai dis a lui que je croise en moi. Et il a dis 'donc t'es comme ton dieu' et pour le suivant 2 semaines il a m'appelle "dieu, numero 13, j'ai un boulot pour toi..." Donc quand j'avais 19 ans j'etais dieu pour deux semaines et dupuis ce n'est pas si bon.
You should message me if
.... want to join me on my around the world adventure. Or if you want to be a penpal with me on my travels.... and maybe meet me when I arrive in your corner of the world.

Welcome to the end of my written bits. And it's time to play Find the old photo. On my photos of me page I have 8 images. 7 of them are quite recent; say taken no more than 5 years ago and possibly as recently as last week. The remaining one is from November of 2000. If you can tell me which picture is the old one you win.
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