38Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
american. born in the southeast, moved to the northeast for uni, and 2 years ago moved to edinburgh for work. i live in the west end, near dean village. i like it here, especially in the summer (though winters aren't so bad, edi's got nothing on boston). people here are more cynical, not so upbeat for no reason at all.. that suits me better. i really like getting into the hills; hillwalking, hiking, biking, camping.. got 19(?) munroes under the belt now (only 263 to go?) and my next trip i want to cycle around arryn. i've been told my voice is comforting and puts people at ease. (though having a voice not unlike white noise means i've got to speak up in crowded pubs..)

basically i'm on this thing because the people i know here are mostly limited to my school within the university. (maybe i should've lived with flatmates to broaden my social circle.. but living sans flatmates has its good points.) ideally i'd want someone to have little travel adventures with, who doesn't mind going to the pub and doesn't roll their eyes at the shows i watch and tolerates the music i'm into, and is female. and thinks i'm funny and/or handsome.

* under "personality", okcupid has decided i am more below the mean in Politeness than any other subject. make of that what you will
What I’m doing with my life
i'm an academic. i moved here because i was offered a lectureship from the university of edinburgh. (i study ice sheet and glaciers and a little bit of maths. i'm into it -- i guess you could say "passionate" -- but it won't seem that way because i don't talk much about what i do w/out prompting for fear of boring people.)

i *used to* enjoy running quite a lot, and edinburgh has the perfect running weather, which is why it's so depressing that my tendons & joints seem to be failing me. but life goes on.
I’m really good at
sending in my meter readings. (actually that's a complete lie.)
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
shows: breaking bad, justified, the wire, game of thrones, the league, arrested development, battlestar, walking dead, everything by joss whedon, the thick of it, peep show, the IT crowd, garth marenghi's
darkplace (ever see it? it's fantastic). and i tend like absurdist animated comedy (if done right) such as squidbillies and rick and morty...

movies: some classic favorites are dune, oldboy, se7en, wet hot american summer, grosse pointe blank

music: though i don't look it, i looove metal. or maybe i should say post-metal. mostly i like doom (electric wizard, yob, high on fire, witch mountain, pelicans, swans, melvins... this list of bands you've never heard of goes on and on!), drone and ambient. but i'll throw a goat (in my head) when i hear emperor. at least the gigs are cheap and don't sell out. i've been to a few gigs at bannermans but usually i have to go to glasgow. eh.. i like other stuff too.

books: haven't been up on my reading lately. some favorites are the dune series; anything by philip roth; cloud atlas; super sad true love story. i also like nonfiction, esp the guns germs and steel-type books. i feel like i learn something.

food: crisps & chips.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
math and glaciers and real ales
On a typical Friday night I am
perhaps at a pub with friends & colleagues, or maybe out of town, or maybe tired out from the gym and watching the crap out of netflix
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
this is not exactly private but I don't like tea. when someone offers it to me i think of the radio version of Hitchhiker's Guide when the ship's computer tries to figure out why someone would want to drink leaves boiled in water and ends up melting down. I know, odd that i would choose to come here... but i do like the beer.
You should message me if
you want to. you like real ales and fun talks in pubs about nothing. you don't use the term "partner in crime" in your profile.
The two of us