38 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
(I live in Chelsea right by the High Line - I'm cool with anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn not too much further south than the park, or Queens to Sunnyside or Astoria)

Quirky and shy intellectual with scholastic and philosophical roots. I spend a lot of time crafting my mental world, and if you do the same I'd like to hear about it. I spend my serious time thinking about programming and science and philosophy and law. I balance that out with gallows humour, bad puns, and absurdism, and sometimes I like to people-watch or sit in the woods (which was much easier before I moved to NYC).

I'm kinda geeky, but I either predate or have outgrown some of the classic geeky things. I still share the interests and hobbies, but not the worldview so much.
What I’m doing with my life
I program as a profession and a hobby. I sometimes teach small classes on this. In the evenings, I often go to events at museums or scientific societies, occasionally to philosophy meetups.

In the past I did neuroscience research (still interested, decided not to make it the focus of my career). I'm also interested in Bioinformatics. If I were starting it all over again, I'd probably be a researcher in mechanisms of cellular differentiation and/or aging. Articles like these make my heart sing:

I sometimes jog or go to a climbing gym, and I'd love to have someone to go hiking/camping with occasionally.

I take a lot of long walks. It's a big part of my way of life - how I think, how I keep my head together, and how I come to understand new places.

I'm not in it for the money (but don't do bad on that front), nor the power or position. I just want a comfortable life, continual exposure to neat ideas and opportunities to learn, and suitable companionship.

Like a lot of people, I try to curate the ideas and positions that seem best to me, and I think about them pretty often.
I’m really good at
Teaching (I hope). Or in general explaining things.

I see myself as a philosopher - I hold words loosely and try to open people up to different ways of thinking about just about everything. I think people tend to be excessively certain of their beliefs. I'll often ask you what definitions you have for words you use (a lot of disagreements come down to people thinking they're using the same terms when they're not), and if you really want to understand me, you'll do the same to me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books (Fiction) - Authors:
Murakami, Kundera, Ken Macleod, Rushdie

Books (Nonfiction)
Theory of Justice, (Neuroscience textbooks), Preconditions of Socialism, Plato's Republic, the Muqadimmah. They're not books, but I also spend a lot of time reading academic journals on select sciences and current events.

Vertigo, Le Dîner de Cons, Direktøren for det hele, Brazil, Naked Lunch, City of Lost Children, Detective Heart of America. And most things Jan Svankmajer has ever made.

QI, House of Cards (the original British one), MST3k, Yes Minister, ST:DS9, Last Week Tonight

Katzenjammer, Fiona Apple, Firewater, VNV Nation, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Danny Elfman, Bad Religion, Vienna Teng, Paramore, Scott Joplin.

Avril Lavigne and the Veronicas are two guilty pleasures. I have an accordion and someday I hope to have a Piano and/or a String Bass again.

Paneer Makhani, Saag Paneer, Samosa, Fondue, Hummus, Red Curry Tofu, Avocado Rolls. I also like Veggie Burritos, and ..
I am a vegetarian, but only by taste. I don't care what you eat unless it smells awful and I need to be around it.

Jim Gaffigan, Sarah Silverman, Frankie Boyle, Iliza Schlesinger, Sasha Baron Cohen, Armstrong and Miller, Leslie Nielsen (movies)

Fallout's a lot of fun. I also like turn-based strategy games like Civ and MOO. Off the computer, I like Illuminati, Ubi, Munchkin, and a lot of the other recently-invented games.
The six things I could never do without
Writing material, a very smart phone to organise my life, a good laptop, comfortable shoes, showers, modern medicine.

Travel I try to do yearly
*DragonCon - Every September
*Camping or Hiking - I hope to fit a trip in every year
*Visit my sisters and my nephews (usually in Cleveland or Boston)

I'd like to travel a bit more often
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cell differentiation and pluripotency. The RNA World Hypothesis. Space. Nature of cognition. Political systems. Philosophy. Also plenty of absolutely absurd things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably heading straight home from work to chill. Sometimes I sit in Union Square for a bit to peoplewatch, or swing by a market to restock my apartment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm using this section to help you tell if I fit into any "dealbreaker" categories, to save us both time and possibly a broken heart.

I'll judge you a little bit if you do yoga. It's great the people are getting some exercise and what people wear for it is sometimes pretty sexy, but yoga's a bit new-agey. And bikram yoga smells awful. Not a disqualifier, just something I'll poke a bit of fun at.

I live with two cats that are both about 15 years old. They don't act particularly old. They do the usual cat things, annoying and cool. I like to tickle their feet.

I'm pretty introverted. I don't make friends easily and I don't have any skill at flirting; there are generally gaps of years between my dating people. If I end up at a party I tend to mostly stand alone and watch people, unless I know some people at the party well. Unless there's dancing, because if I like the music I'll be alternating between high-energy not-touch-the-floor-much dancing, and resting from how exhausting that can be.

I write a lot about everything, in various places on the internet.

My family is racially, religiously, and politically mixed. My mum voted for Trump, my dad likely voted for Hillary. My politics and cultural views have their own consistency but don't fit either liberal or conservative (or libertarian) norms; they're mixed, and I'm outspoken on my views no matter where they sit on the spectrum. I think basically everybody's political philosophy makes sense if you grant them their foundations, and that it's hard to argue about what people's foundations should be. I get annoyed when people don't make the effort to understand political views very different than theirs, or paint their views as inevitable. But I also sometimes am on the other side of that for a bit - I'm not perfect. I think we should be able to understand even views we find really reprehensible and to try to be fair with them, without necessarily signing on to coexisting with them or approving of them. And of course there are plenty of views I think are just silly (or based on false premises) but I'd tolerate them for some suitable notion of tolerate specific to them.

My strongest political conviction is for freedom of speech, both as a legal norm and as a social one. I believe we should try, as much as is possible, to make differences in viewpoints and language and definitions consequenceless. Meaning I stand with Charlie Hebdo and Mad Magazine (my Grandma introduced me to it initially) and I think it's healthy that people are offended whether they're rich and powerful or downtrodden.

I believe in busting political taboos and bubbles, which gets me in trouble with most people who have strong political views. I sometimes read such diverse voices as Jezebel, National Review, Reason, and International Socialist Review. They're all crazy sometimes, insightful at other times. I've read Germaine Greer, Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, and Andrea Dworkin, and think they're all interesting - would be happy to talk about their ideas whether and where I agree with them or not.

Chances are in intellectual discussions, you'll either find me refreshingly different and deep, or incredibly frustrating. I pay a lot of attention to different ways of defining things and how concepts line up (or don't) with terms, and I like to play with ideas and words.

I like my principles more than I like people, although I like people best when they don't make me choose.
You should message me if
I dread the situation of needing to tell someone that I don't find them physically attractive. If you're going to open the conversation (and you probably should as I'm kinda shy and rarely do) please have pics on your profile that show you sufficiently well that I can tell if I'm attracted.

What I want from a relationship:
An equal
Who is very intelligent and reasonably assertive
Whom I find attractive (in decent shape, not fat)
Fitting a few musts (atheist/agnostic, monogamous, you read things)
Who wants to spend a lot of time together
With lots of conversations
Who also wants to explore life together (science! philosophy! other ideas!)
And who appreciates absurd humour and silly puns
And someone who feels that gender is just about genetics and maybe body shape, not about hobbies (I knit) or roles in the workplace or who should lead in a relationship.

And let's get this out of the way too. I'm bisexual. I'm not into the non-straight subculture, and while I'm sexually about equally interested in guys and gals, I'm only romantically into gals. And I'm monogamous. So unless you want to read it as a sign that I'm open to some things in the bedroom that most guys might not be into (which is a fair assumption), or if you're really homophobic or want a very masculine guy (in which case we're probably not a good fit for other reasons), it really shouldn't impact us.

Like you I have a long list of silly-specific things beyond this that "would be nice" (that probably nobody I'll ever meet will match all of), but I really just want a great companion I can get along with and will grow to love, to build a life and maybe a family together.

I have this fantasy of growing old with someone and sitting on a porch on a rainy day watching the storm, heading out into the wet wind to dance with them as it pours down. Maybe that could be you.