49Gerlach, United States
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My self-summary
If you are looking for a walk on the wild side, I could be your man.

I'm looking for a person for non-kink related outdoor (and indoor) activities and/or a steady, long-term play partner.

I'm ordinarily wired for butch/masculine, but a recent encounter piqued my curiosity, so femme has intrigued me of late.

Tattoos/piercings are a plus.

I'm an active member of Seattle's leather community, a past Seattle Leather Daddy and Northwest LeatherSir, a member of the CSPC Center for Sex Positive Culture (#450) and an educator in the leather/fetish community.

I've taught workshops in the US and Canada, at International Ms Leather, International LeatherSir, Folsom Street Fair Weekend (at Femina Potens Gallery), Mister Leather Toronto, The Floating World, Kinkfest, Leather Reign, NW Leather Celebration, Paradise, The Wet Spot, and Seattle Men in Leather's Equinox.

I'm in an open relationship; we've been together for 11 years and an open relationship for 5+ years.

While pickup and casual play are fun, exploring the boundaries of BDSM and the intimacy of BDSM play requires knowing your play partner well. That knowledge and mutual trust takes time to develop.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm somewhat of a foodie - reading the chapter in Kitchen
describing Anthony Bourdain's first year at the
Dreadnaught made me reminisce about my similar experiences during the summer between my senior year in high school and my freshman year in college. I'm thwarted in my efforts at experiencing Le Grand Cuisine - there are so few restaurants that do it any more. The next time I visit California, I'm going to go lunch at The French Laundry.

I've got some Goth cred as well - I spent 2 years as an apprentice embalmer and cemetery caretaker and I'm a founding member of the Rain City Hearse Club. On my first trip to Europe, I rode the Dacia Express overnight train from Budapest into Transylvania and spent 2 days touring Bran, and Curtea de Arges, site of one of Vlad the Impaler's castles.

I speak German badly, which hasn't stopped me from traveling around Europe - England, Scotland, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Monaco, Italy (I prefer northern to southern Italy, though Herculaneum and Pompeii warrant further attention). I've done SCUBA diving in the Great Barrier Reef and the scuttled World War I German Fleet at Scapa Flow.

My personal travel style tends more toward Robert Young Pelton than Rick Steves, but when travelling with friends/family, I opt for John Maxtone Graham. My last trip was a Mexican Riviera cruise with the extended family.

The next trip is either a road trip to Yellowstone or else a bicycle trip down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco.

I've done three half-marathons and two STPs (Seattle to
Portland bike rides). I'm back to running (aiming for 3 miles, three times per week) and I'm trying to get in 20 miles of cycling per week.
I’m really good at
Making Stuff: To contrast my day job in the high tech industry, I
make leather fetish gear as a hobby - I make belts, wrist
bands, bondage cuffs, floggers, harnesses and other gear. One
Sunday afternoon, while pet sitting, I used leftover scraps and
made a spiked black leather collar for a dachshund and the terrier wound up with a studded black leather chest harness. Which is to say, if you keep me company while I'm making gear, I'll undoubtedly make you something out of leather. I'm teaching myself to make latex garments.

Teaching and Writing: I've taught classes in 11 US states and 2
Canadian provinces, plus written a book on Making Leather Gear and a book on Buying and Caring For Leather

Kink Stuff: piercing (both temporary and permanent), bondage, hot wax and fire play, and occasionally cigar play.

After several years of doing temporary (play) piercings, I am
working with a trained piercer to expand my knowledge of permanent piercing - if you want a piercing, let's talk.

What are you into?
The first things people usually notice about me
My red hair, then my blue eyes when I take off my glasses.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read voraciously - one or two books a week. The 6 books on my bedside table right now are: Sons of the Profit$, Bill Speidel - a history of Seattle during the 1800s; The Pacific, Hugh Ambrose - a history of the war in the Pacific during WWII; Medium Raw, Anthony Bourdain - a collection of essays about cooking; Tipping The Velvet, Sarah Waters - an entertaining genderqueer romp through Edwardian era England; The Leather Daddy and the Femme, Carol Queen - an entertaining genderqueer romp through modern-day San Francisco.

When I'm at work, I listen to to drown out the overly-chatty coworker. On my way to/from work, KNHC (C89.5). The last four bands I saw in concert were: Black 47, Reverend Horton Heat, Parliment of Funk and Blue Oyster Cult.

Movies - the last 5 movies that I enjoyed watching from my Netflix queue were (in order) Beau Geste (the Gary Cooper version), Toy Story 3, Micmacs (Jeunet is a brilliant visual storyteller) BAT 21 (Gene Hackmann and Danny Glover did a great job in this one) and Spike Lee's Get On The Bus. I like caper films with snappy dialog (Point Break is one of my favorite bad movies.)

Food - any cuisine with cheese, plus Chinese and I'm developing an appreciation for Korean and Vietnamese. Sushi is creepy/weird for me. I SCUBA dive and fish are curious, friendly animals, so going to a sushi bar is like seeing kittens, puppies and bunnies on ice and being chopped up raw.

Warm Spam Musubi is great after a workout on a cold day.

When I drink, I drink belgian white (Celis white was my favorite) and bourbon or scotch - Scapa single malt is my favorite.
Six things I could never do without
The black leather jacket that I bought at Sax Leather when I visited Sydney, Australia, 20 eye Doc Marten boots, 501 jeans, books, my computer and internet connection.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Database schema, web design, cooking and occasionally working out the plot and cinematography of any number of possible entries into the Hump film festival.
On a typical Friday night I am
At The Cuff with my partner, dancing at their Country/Western dance night while wearing my snakeskin cowboy boots.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can eat popcorn, ice cream, spaghetti and jello with chopsticks.
You should message me if
You identify as poly/queer/goth/leather, you've attended Burning Man, you have (or have had) a mohawk, you're into leather/kink, roller derby, nspp and/or body piercing.

You know what SSC and RACK mean and you prefer RACK.

You're Runner5.

If you're Male and you list your orientation as "Straight" please don't message me until you come out of the closet.
The two of us