47Ellisville, United States
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My self-summary
I love my kids. I love to spend time with them when I have them, and I miss them like hell when they aren't around.

I like boating and camping, especially when you combine the two, like going on float trips.

As you can tell by looking at my photos, I'm not a skinny guy, but I do enjoy working out even though its been a while since I've had the opportunity.

I like to hang out with friends and do whatever urge strikes us. However, I am equally as happy to just rent a movie and sit at home.

I am Unique, Outgoing, and Intelligent (I hope)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Corrections Officer at a local state facility. Not the most glorious job in the world but I like it, so far.
I’m really good at
Oh, now this is the real question isn't it? I can't mention any of my true specialties here, you'll just have to find out for yourself.

I'll give you one thing, I can blow air out of my eye and make the pie sign with the wrinkles on my forehead. (Wow, talk about random)
The first things people usually notice about me
Gee, I don't really know. I've never asked anyone that question. I think that a lot of people may be intimidated or frightened by me because, lets face it, I'm a big guy with no hair. If you add the fact that I have a few tattoos, that makes it even worse.

People also notice how much I like to talk and joke around. Generally speaking, you had better stay away from me if you don't want me to talk to you. The way I see it, anyone within 10 feet is fair game for a conversation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like to read books by writers like Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koontz, etc. But I've also been known to read some non-fiction and non-horror books, one of my favorites is Moby Dick. Holy Moly that was one hard book to read but I couldn't put it down. BTW, I know Moby Dick is fiction, I just didn't notice how the sentence came out until I read it again.

I like most all movies except for those darn chick flicks. I mean come on, does anyone actually live and act that way? My favorite movies are, well, just about everything else, horror, sci-fi, action, comedy...

I'm not too picky with music, I listen to a wide range. I hit a station on the radio and just leave it there until something I don't like comes on and then I change stations and start again.

And food... Just look at me, do I look like a picky eater?
Six things I could never do without
1) My kids
2) My family
3) My computer
4) Laughter
5) My medicine... Restless Leg Syndrome is a bear and I would go crazy and die without my meds.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I waited so long to get that divorce. But then I realize why, those two beautiful kids.

What the difference is between organized crime and insurance companies.

Why did my hair fall out of my head, then land on my chest and take root?
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, every other Friday night I am hanging with my kids doing whatever it is we feel like doing. On the others, its a wide spectrum, I might stay at home with a movie or go out and party. I use the word party loosely, I'm not some crazy drunk, I just like to have fun. I rarely have more than one or two beers. What it boils down to is just hanging out, talking, people watching and having a good time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well... Hmm... Nope, aint gonna do it. Gotta get to know me first.

Ok, ok, I'll give you a little, I have adult ADD. There are you happy? But if you couldn't tell that by reading to this point then you probably wouldn't notice anyway.

Oh and one more thing... I'm slightly OCD. Wait! Before you think I'm crazy or something, its not as bad as it sounds. The thing is, I count. Yes you saw it right, I count. Don't know why, I just do, and most of the time I do it without even realizing it. I'll count anything, how many stairs when I'm going up steps, the number of paces when I'm walking, hell if there is nothing else I'll just tap my foot and count. You can probably imagine the torture when I go to see fireworks and the finale comes, LOL. No... It's not that bad. I don't mind if I lose count and I very rarely bother to retain the results of anything I count (Not sure if that is old age or the ADD, maybe a combination of the two).
You should message me if
You like older, bald (except for my chest), slightly thick men who like to have a fun. Awe, I'm just joking about the bald part, I'm only bald-ing, I keep it cut close.
The two of us