31Yorkton, Canada
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My self-summary
Hi! Well i'm 6'4 and weigh about 180. I have a mohawk. blue/grey eyes. I'm punk. music kicks royal ass. Im a very quiet person. and then again i can be very loud around those ive got to know well. Im not one to bother anyone. Nor do i even talk to people often unless i think they're worth getting to know. I have my fair share of problems, social is a major, but im learning to coop with others, making friends along the way, as well as losing some. Im also a very creative person, and i have a very large and vivid imagination. occasionally im told i can be intelligent.Im not homophobic, im not racist, im not sexist. i already have a beautiful girlfriend and she is all i need. "I didnt believe in love for quite awile, but I was than proven wrong in the end.I im 50% artificial and 40% real...10% imagined. I live for no one, im younger then you, but it doesnt mean i "cant" be older then you. My eyes are glass..my face is masked, my hair is poisoned, my words are heard but not met. My Mind is my music and my life. it creates for me, and keeps me on a straight path.I can be a friend. Or maybe im your hate. it really depends, how you treat me you'll get back in return. Im no pig, but i can be an asshole when its called for.I am no label, just like your average guy.. or maybe i just want you to think that! I love to write and draw, in fact drawing is better then eating pizza(like thats makes sense).I like hanging out with friends, smoking my dope, and cranking the tunes. drinking is fun to, but to many "accedents" with peoples moms...lol(I still deny it Bri!)Anybody who loves black metal heavy metal, hard rock, death metal, speed metal, punk, hard core punk, goth, rave, industrial, is ok in my books. i love mountain dew (who doesn't) My favorite bands are TCR/Total Control Of Reality-, -Silverchair-, -Velvet Acid Christ-, -Razed In Black-, -NIN-, -Nothingface-, -trust company-, - Apocalyptica-, -Seether-, -Mudvayne-, -Jack Off Jill-, -Scarling-, -Genitorturers-, -Led Zeppelin-, -A Perfect Circle-, -Zeromancer-, -Stabbing Westward-, -Evanescence-, -Hocico-, -Assemblage 23-, -16 Volt-, -Cradle Of Filth-, -Children Of Bodom-, -Rob Zombie-, -Delerium-, -Slipknot-, -Marilyn Manson-, -wumpscut-, -Jimmi Hendrix-, -Rage Against the Machines-, -Chevelle-, -Disturbed-, -Taproot-, -Theatre of Tragedy-, -The Damning Well-, -Skinny Puppy-, -Mushroomhead-, -Suicide Commando-, -The cure-, -Bile-, -babes in toyland-, -Pale 3-, -Staind-, -Alice In Chains-, Type-O-Negative-, -Megadeth-, -Project Pitchfork-, -Ministry-, -godhead-, -Kittie-, -Metallica-, -Adema-, -KMFDM-, -Kidneythieves-, -Cold-, -VNV nation-, -Static-X-, -Coal Chamber-, -Fear Factory-, -AC/DC-, -Front Line Assembly-, -My Ruin-, -Gravity Kills-, -ohGr-, -Moi dix mois-, -Malice Mizer-, -Apoptygma Berzerk-, -Aqua, -Dope-, -Switchblade Symphony-, -Iced Earth-, -Orbital-, -Renholder-, -cruxshadow-, -The haunted-, -Paradise Lost-, -Guns'n'Roses-, -Atari Teenage Riot-, -Miss Kitten-, -Tristania-, -Dope Star Inc.-, -KillSwitch Engage-, -HypoCrisy-, -Hole-, -Dresdon Dolls-, -Queen Adreena-, -submersed-, -40 below summer-, -DDR-, -Collide-, -Faith and the muse-, -Rasputina-, -The Birthday Massacre-

I am new..d, friendless, and insane
What I’m doing with my life
well so far I am finishing school and hope to be a tattooist in the future, i have to do something with my art. I am in a relationship right now. I can only do with life if it bribes me to stay sane.
I’m really good at
Many things. art, poetry, listening to music, sex, standing on one foot, eating, sitting, talking, sex, repeating things twice.
The first things people usually notice about me
Ummm. I dont know, you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Black metal, death, doom, goth, industrial, thrash, rave, punk, hardcore punk, heavy metal, rock, speed metal, tribal, satanic metal My fav bands are MUSHROOMHEAD STATIC-X SEPULTURA, METALLICA, DIVINE EMPIRE, DIABOLIC, SLAYER, MY RUIN, THE EXPLOITED, MISFITS, PANTERA, MAYHEM, GOD FORBID, DISTURBED, OLD MANS CHILD, ARCH ENEMY, IMMORTAL, hell i have too many to name
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Thinking? I would never think of not thinking about doing some more thinking.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drunk, fucked up and crazy. Wanna come?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i sleep with a cookie monster.
You should message me if
You wanna chat, have fun, or just whatever.
The two of us