24Florissant, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an open mic comic, which means I spend time in front of strangers for fun. I'm awkward and blunt; sort of funny.

I smoke, but I try to do so politely.

To describe me, a friend once said, "At first Danny may seem like an asshole, but if you get to know him he's a really good guy."
I also don't respond well to humorless people, either those that don't get jokes or those that don't tolerate them.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enrolled at UMSL, which is where I will be anchored for the next couple of years or so. I also do stand up comedy, and podcast, and write some things. I want to elicit emotions from audiences, and I've found that there are a lot of ways to have fun with that. I also act, though not so much lately.
I’m really good at
Calling out bullshit, laughing at things you shouldn't and making lists of three without Oxford commas.

I'm decent at filming, and have a little working knowledge of cameras.

I wouldn't say I'm "really good" at the guitar, but I've been playing for a few years as a hobby and I don't annoy my family that much anymore when I play.

I also write poetry, though I don't like people reading it. Unless it's in a book far away from me.
The first things people usually notice about me
My sarcasm, or they think I'm an asshole because they don't understand sarcasm. Sometimes glasses. Actually, the most noticeable think about me is probably the tail.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors: Richard Yates, Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski, George Saunders, Early Palahniuk, David Sedaris, AJ Jacobs, and more.

Movies: I like movies that are so bad they're funny, unique/groundbreaking, or exemplify the elements of story in such a way that they are noteworthy. I like Quentin Tarantino, some Robert Rodriguez, B-Movies (genre), Memento, Inception, Little Miss Sunshine, Goodfellas, Anchorman, Fight Club, No Country for Old Men, American Psycho, Let the Right One In, etc.

Music: Things that have a lot of raw emotion, are unique, very melodic, or a combination of these. I listen to mostly indie music, Mathrock (genre), Ska (genre), The Pomegranates, Animal Collective, Delta Spirit, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, The Antlers, The Maccabees, Man Man, Skybox, The Mae Shi, The Strokes, Harlem Shakes, Peter Bjorn and John, Neutral Milk Hotel, Givers, Vitamin String Quartet (because they cover everything). Weekends, Local Natives, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Lumineers, Modest Mouse, Men Working in Trees (I am friends with the guy and obliged to like it, though it is good) etc.

TV: Breaking Bad, Workaholics, Homeland, It's Always Sunny, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Colbert/Stewart, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Burn Notice, etc. I think TV should ideally be watched in order as to not disrupt the plotlines. I think if utilized correctly, TV can be a story telling device on par with movies or printed materials, which should warrant linear cognizance.
Six things I could never do without
Headphones, the Internet, irony, lip balm, deodorant, and fuck, I forgot things like food and water; I guess the sixth thing is hindsight.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What the perfect combination of words is, or questions that are too big to answer, but worth trying to anyway.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe doing my podcast, "Serious Business with Successful People," if the schedules of my two co-hosts (Mark Becker and Ray Kannenberg) align. And Friday at noon I'm doing an UMSL radio show, but it's not FM so it's mostly me and a friend playing music for ghosts.
If you want to hear me talk, try Sbwsp.org.
I also do open mics at bars and stuff, but normally not on Friday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I made an "Okcupid" account.

I'm also a comedian, which is sort of relevant.

I'm a nerd in almost all aspects of life. I think the most appropriate name for my social habits and traits has been described by some as being a "hipster;" a term which I'm not sure suits me, as I like to think of myself as someone who just really enjoys irony.
You should message me if
If you like sarcasm or B-movies.
If you often find yourself pretending to listen while you're lost in thought.
If you think everything's a joke.
If you use proper grammar in text messages.
If you listen to an episode of Serious Business with Successful People and I sound like someone fun to hang out with.

Or if you are a person of depth who is unique and interesting.
The two of us