50San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Dancer, writer and learner. Love the beaches and warm sun. I believe that life should not be wasted but be full of learning experiences.
What I’m doing with my life
Living in the bayarea as if each moment counts, learning more each day, dancing, and more. I want to make others feel happy, be a role model for others especially to my 20-yr old daugther and make my parents proud. My father once told me that the man for me is one who can travel many mountains just to find me. I like the look and feel at okcupid. I was asked by one member what do i want in this site? I said I am looking for a soulmate so I have to kiss a hundred frogs.
I’m really good at
Teaching dance and writing poems:
Memories (written by Connie )

Lighting up your face as I walk in the corner of a room
Stepping in together and dancing to one tune
Hearts beating as one, in close embrace and eyes closed
Both knows the direction we are both threading

For in creating memories, one has not to stand still
But in motion, create something new and beautiful
For nothing is created from nothing
And so life is spending moments
And creating memories
Memories to last a lifetime

Making each other laugh like children playing in the rain
Living like there is no tomorrow
For regrets is never known
And saying sorry for not trying is a fools game

To create memories is like living and loving and letting go
Of thinking only of happy thoughts
Of what beautiful things can make out when
A kiss is not just a kiss
But a promise to be there when we need each other

Each moment of weaving a beautiful song
Makes life worth living for
And to grow with each other for the rest of our lives
We see our fruit from what we have created
Memories to last a lifetime

Each moment counts
Memories are created by two hearts beating as one
Spending each moment as if they were the last
Knowing that tomorrow is another time
To create more memories to last a lifetime
The first things people usually notice about me
You should message me if
You are real like me. You dress well in the first date and can buy at least a drink if not lunch or dinner. Life should be savored fully with good memories, make yours a special one. At least you can gain a friend upon meeting me if not a partner in your many endeavors in life. I assure you that one hour with me is not a waste of time. You can learn salsa, learn herbs, learn massage or hear stories of other cultures such as the East.
The two of us